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Disability News: NSW Australia Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World New South Wales category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2016-12-02Strategy for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in NSW
2012-04-30TV Ad Launched As Care Sector Jobs Boom
2011-03-05Updated NSW Standards for Disability Services
2011-02-22Free Smoke Alarms for NSW Deaf
2011-02-21North Ryde Accommodation for People with Disability
2011-02-20$167M Increase in Disability Funding for North Sydney Area
2011-02-19$171M in Disability Support for Cumberland-Prospect Area in NSW
2011-02-18$116M for Disability Services in Monaro Region
2011-02-11New Housing at Argenton NSW for Young People with Disabilities
2011-02-10New Accommodation in Warnervale NSW for People with a Disability
2011-02-03New $42m Village for Persons with a Disability Opens in NSW, Australia
2011-01-31Extra $16.1 million for Home and Community Care in NSW
2010-12-23$2.5 Million For Spinal Cord Injury Research - NSW, Australia
2010-12-10Funds for NSW Aboriginal Disability Network
2010-12-07Stronger Together Stage 2 - NSW Disability News
2010-11-27Members of Inaugural Carers Advisory Council Announced - Australia
2010-11-11NSW Minister Addresses aging Summit
2010-11-02Rally in Support of Disability Services - NSW Australia
2010-10-26Don't DIS my ABILITY
2010-10-14Increased Remuneration for Official Community Visitors
2010-10-14Stronger Focus on Disability and Information - NSW, Australia
2010-10-07New Adult Respite Service Opens in Loftus, NSW
2010-10-07Grandparent-headed Families Continue to Grow
2010-09-22More Dementia Day Care Centers for NSW
2010-09-20National Disability Parking Scheme Starts in NSW
2010-09-07Families of Children with Disability Get Help to Make School Transitions - NSW Disability News
2010-09-06I-voting for Blind and Visually Impaired - NSW, Australia
2010-09-02Funding Boost for Parkinson's NSW
2010-08-30$2M for Early Intervention Services in Aboriginal Communities
2010-08-26$1M Boost in Services for Children with Disabilities - NSW, Australia
2010-08-24NSW Premier leads consultation on "Stronger Together"
2010-08-19Australian Businesses Urged to Join NSW Seniors Card Program
2010-08-17$17m Fund to Reform NSW Disability Sector
2010-08-12Seniors Week Achievement Awards Nominations Open
2010-07-15Statewide Consultations for Stronger Together II Underway - Tamworth, NSW
2010-06-30Dementia Day Care and HACC Center - Cooma, NSW
2010-06-22Lismore Hosts Meeting on NSW Government 10-year Initiative to Improve Disability Services
2010-06-21British Man Receiving Disability Benefits Jailed After Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge
2010-06-16Strategy for Employment in Disability Sector Proves its Worth - NSW Government
2010-06-10Major Redevelopment of Riverside Center in Orange, NSW
2010-06-09$2.4 Billion for aging and Disability Services - NSW Australia
2010-05-21NSW aging and Disability Services Commitment
2010-05-10Cultural Diversity Celebrated in aging Population


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