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Disability News: NSW Australia

  • Synopsis: Disability news stories and articles from New South Wales Australia includes medical press releases and coming events.

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Disability Statistics NSW

The population of NSW is aging and this trend is expected to continue. By 2016, the older population (people aged 65 years and over) is expected to outnumber the younger population (people aged 0-14 years) for the first time in the history of NSW.

The paper Accounting for Change in Disability and Severe Restriction is now available on the ABS web site,, It provides an overview of disability across the surveys, by age and particular restricting impairment; then focuses on the population with severe restriction.

The Disability Council of NSW is the official advisory body to the State Government on disability matters and provide advice to the Commonwealth of Australia on the effect of national policy at a State level.

The Disability Council of NSW seeks to provide best quality advice to Government and promote a positive vision of the future for all people with disability, which means working with others to achieve a socially just community in which Government policy and practice reflect the lives and experiences of people with disability as individuals, family members and participants with many roles in a broad range of diverse settings -

If you reside in NSW and you believe your child has special learning needs that require additional assistance please contact the principal at your child's school. The principal will consider your child's needs in consultation with the school's Learning Support Team. The Learning Support Team assists classroom teachers to address the educational needs of students with a disability, learning difficulty or behavior disorder.

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