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Extra $16.1 million for Home and Community Care in NSW

  • Synopsis: Published: 2011-01-31 - As people age they want to remain independent in their own homes and communities and close to friends and family for as long as they can. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Department of aging, Disability and Home Care.

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An additional $16.1 million has been provided for Home and Community Care (HACC) services across NSW.

The Federal Minister for Mental Health and aging, Mark Butler, and the NSW Minister for aging and Disability Services, Peter Primrose, said support for the program in the state will now total more than $625 million, an increase of $38.5 million or more than 6.5% over 2009-10.

HACC is a joint Australian Government and state government initiative that delivers affordable and accessible care to help meet the individual needs of older people, people with a disability and their carers.

Mr Butler said as people age they want to remain independent, in their own homes and communities, and close to friends and family for as long as they can.

"By providing the practical assistance that many older Australians need to complete day-to-day tasks, HACC services help many people stay at home rather than move prematurely into residential care," he said.

"The program helps seniors, people with a disability and their carers by providing services such as help with home maintenance and modification, transport, meals, personal care and allied health and nursing care."

The Gillard Labor Government contributed more than $9.6 million and the Keneally Government more than $6.5 million to the funding boost.

Mr Primrose said that almost 240,000 people in NSW had benefited from HACC services over the last financial year.

"This package includes $187,500 for existing services in each of the 16 Local Planning Areas in the state, at a total cost of $3 million," he said.

"This funding can be used for identified needs - such as expanding community transport, or meals on wheel - and will enable local communities to benefit directly from the program.

"The HACC program is one of the key ways in which both the State and Federal Governments are responding to the challenges of an aging population.

"And while it's good news that people are living longer and healthier lives, we also need to plan services to help the frail aged, people with disabilities and their carers."

Mr Primrose said the increased allocation will include:

$1.6 million for the expansion of day care services;

$1.5 million to expand social support services;

$1.4 million for additional specialized community transport services; and

$859,000 for home modification services.

Information from our Disability News: NSW Australia section - (Full List).

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