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Increased Remuneration for Official Community Visitors

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-10-14 - Official Community Visitors played a very important role in the delivery of services to people with a disability. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Department of aging, Disability and Home Care.

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Official Community Visitors, people who visit accommodation for people with a disability and provide advice if services need to be improved, have been given an increase in their daily allowance in recognition of the valuable role they play.

The Minister for Disability Services, Peter Primrose, said today that the rate had risen from $207 a day to $239.

"There currently are 30 Official Community Visitors who work under the Official Visitor Program administered by the Office of the NSW Ombudsman."

Mr Primrose said that Official Community Visitors played a very important role in the delivery of services to people with a disability by providing advice to him as Minister for Disability Services and to the Minister for Community Services, Linda Burney.

"They visit accommodation services for children, young people and adults with a disability and also visit people living in licensed boarding houses.

"They have authority to enter and inspect any accommodation service operated by the NSW Government's aging, Disability and Home Care agency and by non-government organizations, speak privately with any resident or staff member and inspect documents relating to the operation of the service."

Mr Primrose said that their visits to disability residential services enabled a fresh perspective to be brought to areas or practices which may have become routine and needed correction.

"The feedback that we get from Official Community Visitors is critical in ensuring isolated problems are resolved and that any ongoing systemic issues are addressed," he said.

"The Official Community Visitors contribute to the improvement of services across the disability sector through looking out for the interests of clients," Mr Primrose said.

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