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Australian Businesses Urged to Join NSW Seniors Card Program

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-08-19 - Business owners are being urged to join the NSW Government Seniors Card scheme because of benefits it offers. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Department of aging, Disability and Home Care.

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Business owners are being urged to join the NSW Government's Seniors Card scheme because of the considerable benefits it offers.

The Minister for aging, Peter Primrose, said that a Seniors Card Discount Directory for Sydney and four regional areas would be sent to Seniors Card holders in January, reaching 970,000 potential customers.

"The card offers a range of discounts at retailers, entertainment venues, such as cinemas and events, as well as huge range of other cut-price offers," Mr Primrose said.

"Seniors are happy to support businesses that offer them discounts on goods and services and for businesses there's the obvious reward of increased business."

Mr Primrose said 2,500 Seniors Card Business Partners and more than 5,000 business outlets across NSW were participating in the Seniors Card program.

"All of these businesses are participating because not only does it make good business sense to join the scheme, it also generates considerable goodwill for each business."

Mr Primrose said that the number of businesses participating in the program was growing steadily each year.

"New businesses can join the program at any time and get their business into the homes of nearly one million members."

The Minister for Small Business, Frank Terenzini, said the Seniors Card was a great idea and encouraged businesses to get involved.

"This is a great way of achieving repeat business and in these uncertain economic times, the retail sector in particular should embrace this positive initiative."

Existing business partners that renew their partnership with NSW Seniors for 2011 will receive a free line listing in the 2011 Discount Directory.

Businesses that offer a discount of 10% or more receive a free line listing in the NSW Seniors Card Discount Directory as well as a listing on the NSW Seniors Card website.

The deadline for advertising and renewals in the 2011 Discount Directory is August 31.

Business owners can contact NSW Seniors Card to find out more information or obtain a media kit by emailing

Information from our Disability News: NSW Australia section - (Full List).

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