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Dignity for Disability Political Party - Australia

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-05-08 (Revised/Updated 2011-09-29) - Dignity for Disability is an Australian political party for those who believe in a fair go for everyone. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Disabled World.

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Dignity for Disability is an Australian political party for those who believe in "a fair go" for everyone.

Dignity for Disability are a human rights based organization that aims at ensuring representation in Parliament for people with disabilities, in particular. Dignity for disability is a not for profit, incorporated organization, and has no paid staff. The party is run completely by volunteers, who give their time and efforts freely and with great commitment.

From Wikipedia - Dignity for Disability or Dignity 4 Disability (known as Dignity for Disabled until 2010) is a minority political party in the Australian state of South Australia. The party currently has one parliamentary member, Kelly Vincent, in the 22-member upper house, the South Australian Legislative Council, elected at the 2010 election for an 8-year term.

Dignity for Disability Press Release - Thursday 8th April 2010

South Australian Makes Parliamentary History

21 year old Dignity for Disability candidate, Kelly Vincent, wins Upper House seat

Kelly Vincent, Dignity for Disability, has earned the 11th and final Legislative Council seat in the South Australian 2010 State election, as announced by the SA Electoral Commission this morning.

The Dignity for Disability candidate has made Australian Parliamentary History:

Youngest elected Upper House Parliamentarian in Australia's history.
Youngest female elected to any Parliament in Australia's history.
First person who uses a wheelchair elected into South Australian Parliament.
First Australian Parliamentarian elected on a disability platform.

"South Australians have shouted their intentions loud and clear" said Ms Vincent. "People with disabilities, and those who love them, will no longer be silenced. I will be a voice for those without a voice".

"Dignity for Disability congratulates Kelly on her election and we look forward to working alongside her and representatives from a broad spectrum of disability related organizations" said Dignity for Disability President Rick Neagle.

"Dignity for Disability aims to provide Dignity through Choice, and Kelly's election is our first step in bringing the often disconnected disability community together to effect real changes for people living with disabilities."

Speaking of her historic win, Kelly gave pause to honor her mentor and lead candidate, Dr Paul Collier, who died just 11 days before the election, and whose name remained on the ballot due to electoral rules.

"When Paul asked me to run second on the d4d ticket, he mentioned that I wouldn't have to do much. I bet he's looking down, laughing right about now. It was Paul's vision and hard work that helped get me here today. I will do my best to honor him and our constituents."

Ms Vincent may face many challenges, but she will be meeting them head-on, and her election has ensured a voice for all South Australians living with disability, and their carers.

With strong leadership, and by bringing the often fractured disability community together, we can bring about real change. Our goal is to ensure Dignity Through Choice.

More information, and the opportunity to join the party can be found on the web at

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