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Disability News: Victoria Australia

  • Synopsis: Disability news and health related information covering the state of Victoria from Disabled World.

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Current affairs, local and breaking news, and items of interest concerning health and disability in Victoria, Australia, from Disabled World.

The Australian Government Disability Services Census was developed to provide comprehensive information on Australian Government funded specialist disability services to assist in the planning, development and management of these services.

Some people may have more than one type of disability.

For example, a person who has a vision impairment may also have an intellectual disability.

People with a disability are representative of the diversity of the Victorian population and may belong to a number of communities. For example, they could come from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or culturally and linguistically diverse background.

Disability Statistics Victoria Australia - No Data Currently to Hand.

The Office for Disability ( was established in the Department for Victorian Communities in 2006 (now the Department for Planning and Community Development) with a mandate to put disability on the agenda across the Victorian Government.

The Office is the first of its kind for Victoria and it's role is to:

The Department of Human Services, Victoria, Australia, Disability Services role is to fund providers across the non-government sector to deliver direct support and care to people with an intellectual, physical, sensory and neurological disability, and acquired brain injury in Victoria. The division also provides some care and support services to people with a range of disabilities. Their vision is to improve the quality of life for Victorians with a disability by encouraging supports that enhance independence, choice and community inclusion -

Latest Victoria Publications

  1. Proposed Homeless Ban in Melbourne Cause for Concern
    Proposed measures include ban on camping in Melbourne and potential for penalties to be imposed on anyone who leaves items unattended in public.
  2. Mornington Peninsula: Abuse & Neglect of Group Home Residents
    Exposure of abuse and neglect of residents in a group home managed by Department of Health and Human Services in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.
  3. Disability Accommodation in Yarram Victoria
    New disabled friendly accommodation opens in Yarram Victoria for persons with disabilities.
  4. Coalition Reaffirms $1M Bairnsdale Election Commitments
    Creating a playground in East Gippsland where all people including those with a disability and their families could play together.
  5. Coalition Government Leads Discussions on Implementation of NDIS
    Implementation of a new NDIS to ensure people living with disability their families and carers have the lifetime support they need.

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