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Canada Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
1 in 3 People in Quebec Do Not Have a Primary Care ClinicianSurvey, Analysis2024/05/21
Wait Times for Canadian Patients Cost Over $2B in Lost Wages Before COVID-19Data/Statistical Analysis2021/04/142023/09/28
Federal Accessibility Legislation in Canada Now Operational2019/07/122019/07/13
Accessible Canada Act: Canadian Federal Accessibility Legislation2019/06/222020/12/03
MS Society of Canada Urges Members of Parliament to Act to Improve #LifeWithMSAwareness / Appreciation2017/04/302023/09/27
The Health Price You Pay for Consuming Sugary Drinks2017/02/13
Raising Awareness of the Canadian Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)2016/10/16
Greater Access to Copyrighted Print Materials for Canadians With Visual Impairments and Print Disabilities2016/10/102016/11/05
Canadian Government Calls for Proposals to Support Social Inclusion of People with Disability2016/09/242016/11/05
Canada: Workplace Accessibility and Community Accessibility Funding2016/06/04
Massive Gaps in Accessibility for Canadians with Disabilities2015/12/042020/12/02
Open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau2015/11/12
Accessible Travel Kiosks Will Remove Barriers and Increase Independence2014/12/192016/06/11
Canadian Access 2 Program - International Day of Persons with Disabilities2014/12/03
Improving Canadian Veterans Access to Mental Health Care2014/11/28
Canadians with Disabilities: New Online Financial Planning Initiative2014/11/06
Canadians with Disabilities Concerned About Privatizing Mail Delivery2014/11/05
Lucky Iron Fish Project Aids Women and Children2014/05/222021/12/03
Call for Proposals to Improve Accessibility - Government of Canada2012/08/232014/03/14
Government Proposals to Support People with Disabilities in Canada2012/06/242022/03/11
Canadian Veterans Advocacy Urges Government to Accept Court's Ruling on SISIP LTD Claw Back Class Action Law Suit2012/05/02
Increased Awareness of Technologies Used by Canadians with Disability2011/12/132013/06/05
Global Child Health Curriculum2011/11/21
World Vision Urges Canadians to Reach out to Africa's Most Needy2011/07/24
Enhancements for Canadian Veterans2011/07/10
Disability Management Training - Morneau Shepell Partners with University of Fredericton2011/06/28
Brain Canada: Research and Treatment of Brain Disorders2011/06/102022/03/11
Disability, Old Age and Social Security Checks in Event of Postal Strike in Canada2011/06/042016/06/13
Canadians Traveling to Europe Now Require Proof of Health Insurance2011/05/102016/06/13
Government Supports Canadian National Institute for the Blind's Library2011/02/24
Removing Barriers for People with Disability - Government of Canada2011/02/222014/03/14
Nortel Workers with Disability Seek Relief Fund2011/02/212020/12/09
Phthalates - Reducing Children's Exposure2011/01/18
Claiming the Canada Disability Tax Credit2011/01/13
New Safety Requirements for Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets - Canada2010/12/05
Rick Hansen Signs Spinal Cord Injury Registry Agreement2010/12/02
New Funding for Research to Examine Population Interventions and Their Health Impacts2010/12/01
Test Your Home for Radon to Help Prevent Lung Cancer2010/11/30
Protecting Children from Lead Exposure - Canadian Government2010/11/29
Support for People with Disabilities - Minister Finley2010/11/02
Accessibility for All Canadians - Government of Canada2010/10/28
Cadmium in Children's Jewellery Hazard2010/10/192020/12/09
Helping Canadians with Disabilities Maximize Potential and Independence - Government of Canada2010/10/18
Government of Canada Supports Microbiome ResearchAnnouncement2010/10/162024/05/13
Government of Canada Supports Youth With Tourette Syndrome2010/10/012021/12/21
UBC Press Becomes First Canadian Publisher to Partner with Bookshare2010/09/29
Government of Canada Supports Children and Families in Minority Francophone Communities2010/09/27
Future Shop Awards Canadian Schools with $250,000 State-of-the-art Technology2010/09/14
Securing a Financial Future for Canadians with Lifetime Disability2010/09/14
Mental Health Leave - Costly Disability to Canadian Employers2010/09/10
Short Screenplay Festival Founder Cormican Jumps for Easter Seals Charity2010/08/09
Government of Canada Supports Accessibility for All Canadians2010/07/282013/11/25
Harper Government Makes Direct Attack on Canada's Disabled2010/07/27
IndigenACTION Aimed at Supporting Healthy Lifestyles, Fitness and Sport2010/07/18
New National Seniors Day Canada2010/06/20
Deadly Compassion - Council of Canadians with Disabilities2010/06/16
Canadian Centers Awarded Stroke Distinction2010/06/08
Gov. of Canada Urges Pregnant Mothers to Quit Smoking2010/05/31
Class Action Filed In Detroit Against Sun Life of Canada Over Disability Insurance2010/05/27
New Horizons for Seniors Program - Canada Seniors News2010/05/17
Ninth National Child Benefit Progress Report - Canada News2010/05/17
Dr. Paul Lasko Appointed Scientific Director of Cihr's Institute of Genetics2010/05/102010/07/08
Canada Joins International Network Providing Free Access to Health Research2010/04/282010/07/11
Cross-Canada Food Drive2010/04/28
Government of Canada Helps Remove Barriers for People With Disabilities2010/04/26
Abilities of Canadians with Disabilities at Vancouver Paralympics2010/03/21
Taking Action for Canadians With Disabilities - Government of Canada2010/03/21
Nut Free Zone Ruling for Air Canada2010/01/082010/06/25
International Day of Persons With Disabilities - Minister Finley2009/12/032013/08/01
Keeping Children Safe: Rethinking Design2009/10/05
$26.5 Million Raised for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation2009/10/042010/10/03
Bill C-384 and Persons with Disabilities2009/10/01
Canadians Rate Doctors and Pharmacists Highest2009/09/22
Terry Fox Honored by Government of Canada2009/09/14
Disabled Artists Support Themselves Despite Tough Economic Conditions2009/09/01
Ratification of United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities2009/06/252009/07/07
Brain Train Ride Across Canada Kicks off Brain Injury Awareness Month2009/06/032015/03/18
Increased Anxiety in the Canadian Workplace2009/05/04
Stroke Recovery Canada Program of March of Dimes2009/04/29
Healthy Schools Awareness Events2009/04/22
Red Cross Workers in St. Thomas will Strike Today2009/04/16
When Money gets Tight Prescriptions Don't get Filled2009/04/08
24 Years Ago Rick Hansen Man in Motion World Tour Began2009/03/212015/03/18
KIA Offers Customers Certainty in Uncertain Times2009/03/18
Stun Guns May Cause Seizures2009/03/17
Canada's First Occupational Cancer Research Center Launched2009/03/06
Vaccination Associated with Decreased Canadian Cases of Meningitis Strain2009/03/032009/04/18
Canada Opens Door to Learning Disorder Drug2009/02/24
Government of Canada Calls for Proposals That Remove Barriers for People With Disabilities2009/02/242010/06/25

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