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Disability News: Canada & Providences Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Canada Disability News category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-04-30MS Society of Canada Urges Members of Parliament to Act to Improve #LifeWithMS
2017-02-13The Health Price You Pay for Consuming Sugary Drinks
2016-10-16Raising Awareness of the Canadian Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)
2016-10-10Greater Access to Copyrighted Print Materials for Canadians With Visual Impairments and Print Disabilities
2016-09-29New Canadian Video Relay Service For People with Hearing Disability
2016-09-24Canadian Government Calls for Proposals to Support Social Inclusion of People with Disability
2016-06-04Canada: Workplace Accessibility and Community Accessibility Funding
2015-12-04Massive Gaps in Accessibility for Canadians with Disabilities
2015-11-12Open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau
2014-12-19Accessible Travel Kiosks Will Remove Barriers and Increase Independence
2014-12-03Canadian Access 2 Program - International Day of Persons with Disabilities
2014-11-28Improving Canadian Veterans Access to Mental Health Care
2014-11-06Canadians with Disabilities: New Online Financial Planning Initiative
2014-11-05Canadians with Disabilities Concerned About Privatizing Mail Delivery
2014-08-06Enabling Accessibility Fund for Small Businesses in Canada
2014-05-22Innovative Health Projects Funded by Canada Help Save Women and Children
2012-08-23Call for Proposals to Improve Accessibility - Government of Canada
2012-06-24Government Proposals to Support People with Disabilities in Canada
2012-05-02Canadian Veterans Advocacy Urges Government to Accept Court's Ruling on SISIP LTD Claw Back Class Action Law Suit
2012-02-22Cutting Red Tape for Canadian Veterans
2011-12-13Increased Awareness of Technologies Used by Canadians with Disability
2011-11-21Global Child Health Curriculum
2011-10-11Mental Health Crisis in Canada Must be Addressed
2011-07-24World Vision Urges Canadians to Reach out to Africa's Most Needy
2011-07-10Enhancements for Canadian Veterans
2011-06-29Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and Multiple Sclerosis - Statement by Minister Aglukkaq
2011-06-28Disability Management Training - Morneau Shepell Partners with University of Fredericton
2011-06-10Budget Commitment for Research and Treatment of Brain Disorders - Brain Canada
2011-06-04Disability, Old Age and Social Security Checks in Event of Postal Strike in Canada
2011-05-22Pizza Pizza - Convenience with eSSENTIAL Accessibility
2011-05-10Canadians Traveling to Europe Now Require Proof of Health Insurance
2011-02-24Government Supports Canadian National Institute for the Blind's Library
2011-02-22Removing Barriers for People with Disability - Government of Canada
2011-02-21Nortel Workers with Disability Seek $80M Relief Fund
2011-01-18Phthalates - Reducing Children's Exposure
2011-01-13Claiming the Canada Disability Tax Credit
2010-12-05New Safety Requirements for Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets - Canada
2010-12-02Rick Hansen Signs Spinal Cord Injury Registry Agreement
2010-12-01New Funding for Research to Examine Population Interventions and Their Health Impacts
2010-11-30Test Your Home for Radon to Help Prevent Lung Cancer
2010-11-29Protecting Children from Lead Exposure - Canadian Government
2010-11-02Support for People with Disabilities - Minister Finley
2010-10-28Accessibility for All Canadians - Government of Canada
2010-10-19Stopping the Use of Cadmium in Children's Jewellery
2010-10-18Helping Canadians with Disabilities Maximize Potential and Independence - Government of Canada
2010-10-16Government of Canada Supports Microbiome Research
2010-10-01Government of Canada Supports Youth With Tourette Syndrome
2010-09-29UBC Press Becomes First Canadian Publisher to Partner with Bookshare
2010-09-27Government of Canada Supports Children and Families in Minority Francophone Communities
2010-09-14Future Shop Awards Canadian Schools with $250,000 State-of-the-art Technology
2010-09-14Securing a Financial Future for Canadians with Lifetime Disability
2010-09-10Mental Health Leave - Costly Disability to Canadian Employers
2010-08-24Canada -Canadian Government to Match Pakistan Relief Funding
2010-08-09Short Screenplay Festival Founder Cormican Jumps for Easter Seals Charity
2010-07-28Government of Canada Supports Accessibility for All Canadians
2010-07-27Harper Government Makes Direct Attack on Canada's Disabled
2010-07-18IndigenACTION Aimed at Supporting Healthy Lifestyles, Fitness and Sport
2010-06-20New National Seniors Day Canada
2010-06-16Deadly Compassion - Council of Canadians with Disabilities
2010-06-08Canadian Centers Awarded Stroke Distinction
2010-06-05Canada's LOTTO MAX Draw Reaches $70 Million Friday, June 11
2010-05-31Gov. of Canada Urges Pregnant Mothers to Quit Smoking
2010-05-27Class Action Filed In Detroit Against Sun Life of Canada Over Disability Insurance
2010-05-17New Horizons for Seniors Program - Canada Seniors News
2010-05-17Ninth National Child Benefit Progress Report - Canada News
2010-05-10Dr. Paul Lasko Appointed Scientific Director of Cihr's Institute of Genetics
2010-04-28Canada Joins International Network Providing Free Access to Health Research
2010-04-28Cross-Canada Food Drive
2010-04-26Government of Canada Helps Remove Barriers for People With Disabilities
2010-03-21Abilities of Canadians with Disabilities at Vancouver Paralympics
2010-03-21Taking Action for Canadians With Disabilities - Government of Canada
2010-01-08Nut Free Zone Ruling for Air Canada
2009-12-03International Day of Persons With Disabilities - Minister Finley
2009-10-05Keeping Children Safe: Rethinking Design
2009-10-04$26.5 Million Raised for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
2009-10-01Bill C-384 and Persons with Disabilities
2009-09-22Canadians Rate Doctors and Pharmacists Highest
2009-09-14Terry Fox Honored by Government of Canada
2009-09-01Disabled Artists Support Themselves Despite Tough Economic Conditions
2009-06-25Ratification of United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities
2009-06-03Brain Train Ride Across Canada Kicks off Brain Injury Awareness Month
2009-05-04Increased Anxiety in the Canadian Workplace
2009-04-29Stroke Recovery Canada Program of March of Dimes
2009-04-22Healthy Schools Awareness Events
2009-04-16Red Cross Workers in St. Thomas will Strike Today
2009-04-08When Money gets Tight Prescriptions Don't get Filled
2009-03-2124 Years Ago Rick Hansen Man in Motion World Tour Began
2009-03-18KIA Offers Customers Certainty in Uncertain Times
2009-03-17Stun Guns May Cause Seizures
2009-03-06Canada's First Occupational Cancer Research Center Launched
2009-03-03Vaccination Associated with Decreased Canadian Cases of Meningitis Strain
2009-02-24Canada Opens Door to Learning Disorder Drug
2009-02-24Government of Canada Calls for Proposals That Remove Barriers for People With Disabilities


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