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Disability News: Canada and Canadian Providences Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Canada Disability News category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Disability News: Canada and Canadian Providences Publications

2017-04-30 : MS Society of Canada Urges Members of Parliament to Act to Improve #LifeWithMS : Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada and members of MS community to launch MS Awareness Month in Ottawa with focus on getting government to take action to improve Life With MS.

2017-02-13 : The Health Price You Pay for Consuming Sugary Drinks : Research reveals consequences to health and the healthcare system will be devastating if people continue to consume high amounts of sugary drinks.

2016-10-16 : Raising Awareness of the Canadian Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) : Canadian Governments help people with disabilities plan for the future by raising awareness of the Registered Disability Savings Plan.

2016-10-10 : Greater Access to Copyrighted Print Materials for Canadians With Visual Impairments and Print Disabilities : Canadians who are visually impaired or print-disabled will benefit from a wider availability of books and other copyrighted print materials.

2016-09-29 : New Canadian Video Relay Service For People with Hearing Disability : Video relay service (VRS) service launched in Canada to empower Deaf and Hard of Hearing community with tools to communicate and provide greater independence.

2016-09-24 : Canadian Government Calls for Proposals to Support Social Inclusion of People with Disability : Government of Canada launches call for proposals to support the social inclusion of Canadians with disabilities.

2016-06-04 : Canada: Workplace Accessibility and Community Accessibility Funding : Businesses with up to 99 full‑time equivalent employees and community organizations can receive government grant project funding of up to $50,000.

2015-12-04 : Massive Gaps in Accessibility for Canadians with Disabilities : Report reveals Canadians see gaps in accessibility within their own communities and believe Canada should be a leader in removing barriers.

2015-11-12 : Open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau : Open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau written by Diane Kreuger, National Chair of Independent Living Canada.

2014-12-19 : Accessible Travel Kiosks Will Remove Barriers and Increase Independence : Removing Communication Barriers for Travelers with Disabilities introduces automated self-service travel kiosks for people with disabilities at airports, railway and ferry terminals.

2014-12-03 : Canadian Access 2 Program - International Day of Persons with Disabilities : Access 2 Program offers Canadians with disabilities free admission and discounts at participating movie theaters and attractions across Canada.

2014-11-28 : Improving Canadian Veterans Access to Mental Health Care : Report examines whether Veterans Affairs Canada provides veterans with identified mental health care needs with timely access to services and benefits.

2014-11-06 : Canadians with Disabilities: New Online Financial Planning Initiative : Future Planning Tool for Persons with Disabilities will provide financial information to Canadians with disabilities, their families and caregivers.

2014-11-05 : Canadians with Disabilities Concerned About Privatizing Mail Delivery : Government of Canada has charged Canada Post with responsibility of delivering mail to Canadians, including people with disabilities.

2014-08-06 : Enabling Accessibility Fund for Small Businesses in Canada : Minister Bergen launches new call for proposals for the Enabling Accessibility Fund for small Canadian businesses.

2014-05-22 : Innovative Health Projects Funded by Canada Help Save Women and Children : $12 million in scale-up projects and seed grants announced as Canada prepares to host world summit on maternal, newborn and child health on May 28-30.

2012-08-23 : Call for Proposals to Improve Accessibility - Government of Canada : Canadian organizations can apply for project funding that will create or enhance accessibility for people with disabilities in Canada.

2012-06-24 : Government Proposals to Support People with Disabilities in Canada : Applying for funding for projects that support Government commitments under United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

2012-05-02 : Canadian Veterans Advocacy Urges Government to Accept Court's Ruling on SISIP LTD Claw Back Class Action Law Suit : Canadian Veterans Advocacy encouraging Canadians to write Minister of National Defense regarding accepting ruling on SISIP LTD claw back class action law suit.

2012-02-22 : Cutting Red Tape for Canadian Veterans : Providing Veterans with a better understanding of benefits and services available to them while cutting cumbersome red tape.

2011-12-13 : Increased Awareness of Technologies Used by Canadians with Disability : Employers across Canada to have greater access to information about disability issues and new adaptive technologies for persons with disabilities.

2011-11-21 : Global Child Health Curriculum : Experts working through Canadian Paediatric Society created series of evidence based educational modules to address foundational learning gap for residents pediatricians and health care institutions.

2011-10-11 : Mental Health Crisis in Canada Must be Addressed : Public Service Alliance of Canada PSAC is calling on the government to address the growing mental health crisis in Canada.

2011-07-24 : World Vision Urges Canadians to Reach out to Africa's Most Needy : Call to Canadians to donate to humanitarian organizations providing hope to those battling drought disease and despair in the Horn of Africa.

2011-07-10 : Enhancements for Canadian Veterans : The New Veterans Charter represents a more modern effective and compassionate way to help Veterans and CF members injured in the line of duty.

2011-06-29 : Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and Multiple Sclerosis - Statement by Minister Aglukkaq : Patients and their families have been calling for the funding of a clinical trial on a treatment to unblock veins.

2011-06-28 : Disability Management Training - Morneau Shepell Partners with University of Fredericton : Advanced online training in the fundamentals of Disability Management effective June 15 2011.

2011-06-10 : Budget Commitment for Research and Treatment of Brain Disorders - Brain Canada : Federal Commitment of $100 million will match private funds to address brain disorder diseases affecting 1 in 3 Canadians.

2011-06-04 : Disability, Old Age and Social Security Checks in Event of Postal Strike in Canada : In the case of rotating postal strikes in Canada there could be delays in mail service but deliveries will continue.

2011-05-22 : Pizza Pizza - Convenience with eSSENTIAL Accessibility : Partnership with eSSENTIAL Accessibility to help extend service to Canadians with physical disabilities.

2011-05-10 : Canadians Traveling to Europe Now Require Proof of Health Insurance : Canadians traveling to Europe urged to carry proof of supplemental health insurance as various governments now require visitors to have adequate medical coverage.

2011-02-24 : Government Supports Canadian National Institute for the Blind's Library : Canadians who are blind or partially sighted will continue to have access to a unique library as a result of support from the Government of Canada.

2011-02-22 : Removing Barriers for People with Disability - Government of Canada : Funding to improve the accessibility of conferences and key events for people with disabilities.

2011-02-21 : Nortel Workers with Disability Seek $80M Relief Fund : Hundreds of former Nortel workers on disability are asking the Canadian federal and provincial governments to set up relief package.

2011-01-18 : Phthalates - Reducing Children's Exposure : New regulations will restrict use of six phthalates in toys and child care articles in order to limit exposure to children and infants.

2011-01-13 : Claiming the Canada Disability Tax Credit : Advice for Canadians who may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit.

2010-12-05 : New Safety Requirements for Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets - Canada : Changes to the Hazardous Products Act (HPA) that will make cribs cradles and bassinets safer for infants and young children.

2010-12-02 : Rick Hansen Signs Spinal Cord Injury Registry Agreement : The Rick Hansen Spinal Cord Injury Registry (RHSCIR) was made official today.

2010-12-01 : New Funding for Research to Examine Population Interventions and Their Health Impacts : CIHR recognizes the importance of supporting researchers who evaluate the effectiveness of population interventions aimed at improving the health of Canadians.

2010-11-30 : Test Your Home for Radon to Help Prevent Lung Cancer : It is estimated that about 10 per cent of lung cancer deaths are related to long-term exposure to residential radon.

2010-11-29 : Protecting Children from Lead Exposure - Canadian Government : New regulations and amendments to the Hazardous Products Act will restrict amount of lead in consumer products including childrens toys.

2010-11-02 : Support for People with Disabilities - Minister Finley : Government of Canada initiatives that are helping Canadians with disabilities overcome barriers to income security.

2010-10-28 : Accessibility for All Canadians - Government of Canada : Organizations can now apply for funding for projects that will create or enhance accessibility for people with disabilities.

2010-10-19 : Stopping the Use of Cadmium in Children's Jewellery : Government of Canada Calls on Industry to Voluntarily Stop the Use of Cadmium in Childrens Jewellery.

2010-10-18 : Helping Canadians with Disabilities Maximize Potential and Independence - Government of Canada : Government of Canada initiatives that are helping Canadians with disabilities get into the workforce.

2010-10-16 : Government of Canada Supports Microbiome Research : Strategic investment will lead to new treatments and effective health care programs for Canadians.

2010-10-01 : Government of Canada Supports Youth With Tourette Syndrome : Help and support for youth with Tourette Syndrome making the transition from school to work in Canada.

2010-09-29 : UBC Press Becomes First Canadian Publisher to Partner with Bookshare : The University of British Columbia Press (UBC Press) has entered into an agreement with Bookshare granting world rights to its collection.

2010-09-27 : Government of Canada Supports Children and Families in Minority Francophone Communities : Helping families and children in minority francophone communities across Canada by helping organizations work together on health and early childhood issues.

2010-09-14 : Future Shop Awards Canadian Schools with $250,000 State-of-the-art Technology : Access to latest technology becomes a reality for high schools across Canada as Future Shop opens doors to 5 new Future Generation Tech Lab classrooms.

2010-09-14 : Securing a Financial Future for Canadians with Lifetime Disability : Financial solution to help over 1.5 million Canadians with lifetime disabilities.

2010-09-10 : Mental Health Leave - Costly Disability to Canadian Employers : Mental illness is associated with more lost work days than any other chronic condition.

2010-08-24 : Canada -Canadian Government to Match Pakistan Relief Funding : Donations for flood aid in Pakistan through cbm Canada will be matched dollar for dollar by the federal government until September 12.

2010-08-09 : Short Screenplay Festival Founder Cormican Jumps for Easter Seals Charity : Canadian Short Screenplay Competition founder David Cormican issues challenge as part of Easter Seals 2010 Drop Zone challenge.

2010-07-28 : Government of Canada Supports Accessibility for All Canadians : Canadian grants for projects that will improve accessibility for people with disabilities and enable them to participate fully in their communities.

2010-07-27 : Harper Government Makes Direct Attack on Canada's Disabled : Cancellation of PALS 2011 from Statistics Canada will set back the process of providing human rights to 4 million Canadians with disabilities.

2010-07-18 : IndigenACTION Aimed at Supporting Healthy Lifestyles, Fitness and Sport : Assembly of First Nations launch initiative to support and enhance opportunities for Indigenous peoples and communities through active lifestyles sport and fitness.

2010-06-20 : New National Seniors Day Canada : National Seniors Day would be celebrated every year on October 1 in Canada coinciding with International Day of Older Persons.

2010-06-16 : Deadly Compassion - Council of Canadians with Disabilities : People with disabilities are not strangers to the fact that non-disabled people cannot imagine life with a disability.

2010-06-08 : Canadian Centers Awarded Stroke Distinction : The Canadian Stroke Network is a national research network headquartered at the University of Ottawa.

2010-05-31 : Gov. of Canada Urges Pregnant Mothers to Quit Smoking : Health Canada providing Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami with $350,000 to help expectant moms and new mothers make healthy living choices.

2010-05-27 : Class Action Filed In Detroit Against Sun Life of Canada Over Disability Insurance : Lawsuit seeks class action status for persons covered under short and long-term disability contracts issued by Sun Life after June 1, 2007 which contained so-called discretionary proof clauses and had their claims denied by Sun Life.

2010-05-17 : New Horizons for Seniors Program - Canada Seniors News : New Horizons for Seniors Program helps non-profit organizations upgrade facilities or equipment required for seniors programs and activities.

2010-05-17 : Ninth National Child Benefit Progress Report - Canada News : Ministers Responsible for Social Services Release the Ninth National Child Benefit Progress Report.

2010-05-10 : Dr. Paul Lasko Appointed Scientific Director of Cihr's Institute of Genetics : Appointment of Dr. Paul Lasko as Scientific Director of CIHRs Institute of Genetics.

2010-04-28 : Canada Joins International Network Providing Free Access to Health Research : PubMed Central Canada puts latest Canadian health research at fingertips of researchers.

2010-04-28 : Cross-Canada Food Drive : 2010 Nationwide Food Drive against hunger in Canada from June 1st - 11th - 2010.

2010-04-26 : Government of Canada Helps Remove Barriers for People With Disabilities : The Government of Canada is committed to providing all Canadians with opportunities to reach their potential.

2010-03-21 : Abilities of Canadians with Disabilities at Vancouver Paralympics : ALACD provides schools and communities across Canada with a better understanding of the needs of people with disabilities.

2010-03-21 : Taking Action for Canadians With Disabilities - Government of Canada : Funding for projects that highlight contributions people with disabilities make to Canada and communities.

2010-01-08 : Nut Free Zone Ruling for Air Canada : Canadian Transportation Agency has ruled that Air Canada must provide a buffer zone on flights for people with nut allergies.

2009-12-03 : International Day of Persons With Disabilities - Minister Finley : Independent Living Canada hosted annual event for United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

2009-10-05 : Keeping Children Safe: Rethinking Design : Injury is the leading cause of death for children over the age of 1 in industrialized countries.

2009-10-04 : $26.5 Million Raised for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation : The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure raised $26.5 million.

2009-10-01 : Bill C-384 and Persons with Disabilities : Bill C-384 would legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide representing a threat to persons with disabilities.

2009-09-22 : Canadians Rate Doctors and Pharmacists Highest : Canadians rate physicians and pharmacists highest among 18 professions for honesty and ethics.

2009-09-14 : Terry Fox Honored by Government of Canada : Terry Fox captivated Canadians gave a new meaning to personal courage and revolutionized fundraising.

2009-09-01 : Disabled Artists Support Themselves Despite Tough Economic Conditions : Mouth and Foot painting Artists of Canada (MFPA) have been fortunate to be able to work within an organization that provides them with independence.

2009-06-25 : Ratification of United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities : Canadians to provide their views on the ratification and implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

2009-06-03 : Brain Train Ride Across Canada Kicks off Brain Injury Awareness Month : Campaign to raise awareness of those living with ABI and of Canadas need for a National Injury Prevention Strategy as a way to reduce brain injuries.

2009-05-04 : Increased Anxiety in the Canadian Workplace : Workers in Canada feel they have lost control of their lives as the economic recession grinds on.

2009-04-29 : Stroke Recovery Canada Program of March of Dimes : Stroke Recovery Canada program of March of Dimes Canada helps stroke survivors across the country to more easily re-engage in their communities.

2009-04-22 : Healthy Schools Awareness Events : Events to build awareness of the importance of Healthy Indoor Environments in schools.

2009-04-16 : Red Cross Workers in St. Thomas will Strike Today : Red Cross workers from St. Thomas who provide home care services will strike action today in St. Thomas Canada.

2009-04-08 : When Money gets Tight Prescriptions Don't get Filled : New study points to connection between out of pocket expenses for people with physical illnesses and depression affecting access to antidepressant treatment.

2009-03-21 : 24 Years Ago Rick Hansen Man in Motion World Tour Began : Hansen changed perceptions about people with a disability and set the course for improving lives of people with spinal cord injury and the search for a cure.

2009-03-18 : KIA Offers Customers Certainty in Uncertain Times : The KIA Integrity Advantage Program allows customers to return financed or leased vehicles within first year of ownership in event of unforeseen life circumstances.

2009-03-17 : Stun Guns May Cause Seizures : Report shows that a taser shot to the head may result in brain-specific complications.

2009-03-06 : Canada's First Occupational Cancer Research Center Launched : Canadas first occupational cancer research center dedicated solely to research in occupational cancers officially launched.

2009-03-03 : Vaccination Associated with Decreased Canadian Cases of Meningitis Strain : Universal childhood vaccination against meningococcal C appears to reduce Canadian incidence of the most deadly strain of bacterial meningitis.

2009-02-24 : Canada Opens Door to Learning Disorder Drug : Canadian scientists have connected crucial brain protein with power to learn creating possibility that learning disabilities could be corrected with a drug.

2009-02-24 : Government of Canada Calls for Proposals That Remove Barriers for People With Disabilities : Canadian Government calls for proposals focusing on projects that will improve services or accessibility for people with disabilities to fully participate in society.

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