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Disability News: British Columbia Canada

  • Synopsis: Latest health and disability news from the province of British Columbia Canada.

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The British Columbia government has recently changed the name of their Department/Ministry responsible for welfare - Housing and Social Development replaced Employment and Income Assistance, which had replaced Human Resources not that long ago.

British Columbia Disability Statistics

A recent survey showed that in BC more than one out of 10 persons (11.2%) in the working age population, defined as those age 15 to 64, had a disability.

The conditions most prevalent were mobility and agility (over 6 per cent of the population are affected) and psychological problems (just less than 3 per cent noted the disability).

The severity of the disability increases with age. Less than half the young age group (age 15-24) had more than a mild disability compared to two-thirds of those aged 25 to 64.

British Columbia Disability Resources

For over 30 years, the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities (BCCPD) has been a provincial, cross-disability voice in British Columbia. Their mission is to raise awareness around issues that affect the lives of people who live with a disability. They also work to secure the necessary income supports for people with disabilities to live with dignity, and increase their ability to participate and contribute in their communities.

The Disability Resource Network (DRN) is a provincial organization committed to providing programs and services, professional development, resources and news events that effect individuals who have a disability(disabilities), in the British Columbia Post Secondary Education system -

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