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British Columbia Community Groups Call on to Raise the Rates, Leave the Bus Pass Alone

  • Synopsis: Published: 2016-05-25 - Open letter to Premier from 150 BC community groups call on clark to raise the rates and leave the bus pass alone. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Inclusion BC at

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Quote: "In BC over 100,000 people are challenged to live on low income rates while living in one of the most expensive jurisdictions in the world."

In an incredible show of solidarity and commitment to addressing poverty for some of BC's most vulnerable citizens, Inclusion BC, and a growing number of anti-poverty, human rights, faith groups, immigrant and refugee organizations and disability organizations have banded together in a joint Open Letter calling on Premier Clark to Raise the Rates, Leave our Bus Pass Alone.

The Open Letter is an urgent call to action by more than 150 provincial and local community groups across BC who strongly oppose the changes to the BC Bus Pass Program and Special Transportation Subsidy and believe its long past time for the BC Government to raise Persons with Disability Rates (PWD). This has also garnered the support of more than 15,000 people who signed the online petition (

It has been almost a decade since the government has increased income assistance and disability rates.

In BC over 100,000 people are challenged to live on low income rates while living in one of the most expensive jurisdictions in the world.

Those living on PWD, their families and thousands of other BC citizens are once again calling for real increases to PWD, with no claw backs.

Raise The Rates, Leave Our Bus Pass Alone - Inclusion BC
About This Image: Raise The Rates, Leave Our Bus Pass Alone - Inclusion BC
The announcement in the most recent BC Budget of a $77/month rate increase and the accompanying $52/month or $66/month claw backs is a clear indication that BC needs a serious plan to increase our PWD Rates.

From the "Raise the rates, leave our bus pass alone" petition page:

On February 16, 2016, the Province of BC tabled its budget.

People with disabilities received a small increase to their disability benefits but there was a catch. The $77 per month increase was tied to the cost of a person's transportation. These are the changes, effective September 1st, 2016:

  • People with disabilities will receive a $77 per month increase to their benefits.
  • People receiving PWD benefits will no longer be able to purchase an annual bus pass for a $45 annual fee.
  • The cost of the bus pass will go up from $0 to $52 per month, plus an annual $45 administration fee.
  • For people with a bus pass, the new change means a $25/month PWD benefit rate increase. After a nine-year rate freeze, this is an insult.

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