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Securing a Financial Future for Canadians with Lifetime Disability

  • Date : 2010-09-14
  • Global Prosperata Funds Inc.
  • Synopsis : Financial solution to help over 1.5 million Canadians with lifetime disabilities.

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Helping secure a financial future for Canadians with lifetime disabilities - Global Prosperata Funds Inc. offers independent advisers a new financial solution to help over 1.5 million Canadians with lifetime disabilities.

Caring for a child with a disability can be a challenge. The amount of emotional and physical stress can be difficult for some parents to cope. Add to that, the financial burden means that parents have to work even harder to provide for the future.

Until recently, the only means for planning for the future of a child with a lifetime disability was a testamentary trust. The trust is designed to provide steady income for a child long after the parents are gone without the disruption of government benefits.

The latest Federal Government program, Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), opens a whole new area for parents to plan for their child's future. It's designed to enhance the long-term financial security for people with disabilities, allowing eligible beneficiaries to take advantage of matching federal grant and bond incentive programs.

At a time when only the major Canadian banks offer RDSPs, Global Prosperata Funds Inc. is the first and only independent financial institution to offer the program and make it available through a network of independent financial advisers across Canada.

Independent financial advisers are free from any pressure to sell any specific proprietary product. This freedom allows an investment adviser to recommend solutions that's appropriate to their clients' investment needs and goals.

"We're delighted to support and offer a program that finally meets the needs of over 1.5 million Canadians with lifetime disabilities," says Glenn Moore, Vice-President, Global Prosperata Funds Inc.

"By offering the Capital Preservation Fund through independent financial advisers, we can help more Canadians."

Global Prosperata Inc.'s newest mutual fund offering, the Capital Preservation Fund, is well suited for a RDSP because of its low-volatility, consistent returns and regular stream of income. The Capital Preservation Fund is also suitable as a retirement income account, and is available for RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs, TFSAs and investment accounts.

"We look forward to working with advisers and their clients' families and assisting them in understanding how they can effectively build their savings and maximize benefits of the RDSP."

Canadian families who wish to receive professional advice or to open a Global RDSP can contact their independent financial adviser or visit www.prosperata.com.

About Global Prosperata Funds Inc. -Global Prosperata Funds Inc. understands that every investor is unique with different goals and expectations. Our investment approach is simple-offer specialized investments that meet the individualized needs of Canadian investors for long-term success.

As a member of the Global family of companies, we believe in providing the best possible client service and superior portfolio management. Along with our seasoned Fund Managers, we want our clients to be confident that their investments needs are being met.

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