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Disability News: New Brunswick Canada

  • Synopsis: Latest disability news stories for New Brunswick Canada including health related information and updates.

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Persons with disabilities participate as full citizens in all aspects of Canadian Society.

The full participation of persons with disabilities requires the commitment of all segments of society. The realization of the vision will allow adults with disabilities to maximize their independence and enhance their well-being through access to required supports and the elimination of barriers that prevent their full participation.

The Government of New Brunswick implements inclusive policies as an on-going objective in all aspects of their activities to enable all citizens with disabilities regardless of the nature of their disability to reach their potential and to fully participate in the social and economic life of New Brunswick.

The Disability Support Program (DSP) provides personalized, flexible disability supports for persons with disabilities in the development of their personal disability support plans. It allows for the provision of independent facilitation and the use of person centered approaches to planning and designing disability supports.

The DSP is currently available in region 2 (Saint John, St. Stephen, Sussex, Hampton and St. George), region 3 (Fredericton, Woodstock, Perth Andover), region 4 (Edmundston, Grand Falls) and region 6 (Bathurst).

Further plans to expand the program in the province will continue in 2010.

Adults with long term disabilities in other areas of the province will continue to receive services under the current long term care program -

ALACD New Brunswick

The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability is a national network that was created in 1989 to motivate and assist Canadians with a disability to become more physically active. While an active lifestyle is important for all Canadians, it is particularly important for those with a disability. Research has demonstrated that active individuals can enjoy better overall health, improved quality of life, elevated self-esteem, prolonged independent living in later life and increased mobility. For individuals with a disability, these benefits help make coping with the everyday challenges of life easier, and can even prevent relapses of certain disabilities or health problems -

Easter Seals National Council and its members and/or affiliates are authorized to approve reduced fare tickets allowing persons with permanent disabilities in New Brunswick to travel with an attendant on the lines of Motor Coach Companies that participate in the reduced fare plan,and Via Rail -

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