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Helping People with Disability in Moncton Develop Job Skills

  • Synopsis: Published: 2011-08-08 - People with disabilities will get work experience through the Government of Canada support for employment project in Moncton. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.
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Government of Canada Helps People With Disabilities in Moncton Develop Job Skills.

People with disabilities will get work experience through the Government of Canada's support for an employment project. Mr. Robert Goguen, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Member of Parliament for Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe , made the announcement today on behalf of the Honorable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development.

"In today's environment, it is more important than ever that all Canadians have the skills they need to participate and succeed in the job market," said Mr. Goguen. "By supporting this project, our government is helping Canadians with disabilities maximize their potential and independence."

With assistance from the federal Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities, Moncton Employment and Training Services Inc. will offer eight individuals living with an intellectual disability life skills and employability sessions along with work opportunities in the community. Work placements will allow the individuals to gain hands-on experience leading to ongoing employment.

Moncton Employment and Training Services Inc. will receive more than $77,000 under the Enhanced Employment Assistance Services component of the Opportunities Fund.

The Government of Canada is committed to breaking down barriers that prevent Canadians with disabilities from reaching their full potential with a wide range of effective policies, programs and services.

The Enhanced Employment Assistance Services component of Opportunities Fund is designed to help Canadians with disabilities who have little or no work experience, and who are not eligible for Employment Insurance benefits. The Fund is available to eligible organizations to deliver employment-related programs and services to people with disabilities to help them integrate into the workplace.

The Opportunities Fund is part of the Government of Canada's strategy to create the best educated, most skilled and most flexible workforce in the world. The Government underscored its commitment to this strategy in Canada's Economic Action Plan. A key component of the Plan is to create more and better opportunities for Canadian workers through skills development. To learn more about Canada's Economic Action Plan, visit

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