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Disability News: Northwest Territories Canada

  • Synopsis: Disability news articles stories including recent medical and health updates from the Northwest Territories in Canada.

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Northwest Territories Disability Resources

Autism Society of Canada

The provincial and territorial autism societies and their member groups in each region provide direct support to people with ASDs and their families -

Learning Disabilities Association of NWT

The Learning Disabilities Association of the Northwest Territories (LDA-NWT was incorporated as a registered NWT society in September 1981 -

NWT Council of Persons with Disabilities

The NWT Council of Persons with Disabilities (NWT CPD) strives to fulfill our mission to achieve self-determination and full citizenship for persons with disabilities -

Northwest Territories Human Rights Commission

The NWT Human Rights Act protects and promotes our human rights. It's against the law to discriminate against or harass people -

Northwest Territories Literacy Council

The NWT Literacy Council works with individuals and groups to promote and support literacy and essential skills in all the official languages of the NWT -

Learn about the important work of The Canadian Abilities Foundation (CAF) and Abilities Magazine -

Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority

Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority (YHSSA) provides a full range of Health and Social services to the communities of Dettah, Fort Resolution, Lutsel K'e, Ndilo and Yellowknife -

NWT Seniors' Society

The Society provides information and acts as a resource for seniors and elders across the NWT -

Statistics: Northwest Territories Disability

Disability Statistics Northwest Territories

The year 2009 found an unknown number of males in the Northwest Territories experiencing high blood pressure, while 2,330 females experienced high blood pressure.

In 2009, 6,298 males in the Northwest Territories had a regular doctor, and 6,733 females did. The year 2009 also found 1,757 males experiencing a form of arthritis in this province, while 2,736 females experienced the disability.

Latest Northwest Territories Publications

  1. Yellowknife Primary Care Center Officially Open - Northwest Territories, Canada
    Yellowknife Primary Care Center open to public providing Yellowknife residents with extended care hours and a wide range of services.

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