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Yellowknife Primary Care Center Officially Open - Northwest Territories, Canada

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-06-24 - Yellowknife Primary Care Center open to public providing Yellowknife residents with extended care hours and a wide range of services. For further information pertaining to this article contact: NWT Health and Social Services.

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The new Yellowknife Primary Care Center has officially opened to the public, providing Yellowknife residents with extended care hours and a broader range of services.

Created to combine existing downtown clinics in one location, the new Center is the latest initiative from the Government of the Northwest Territories aimed at improving care services for NWT residents.

"As a government, we're always looking for ways in which to improve the care that we offer to NWT residents," said Minister of Health and Social Services Sandy Lee. "By combining the clinics, we can provide more services to our residents while ensuring that our system continues to run affordably and efficiently."

The Primary Care Center is a key component of Yellowknife Health and Social Services' new system of One Clinic, Two Sites. Consisting of the Primary Care Center and the Frame Lake Family Health Clinic, the system is aimed at providing expanded services for Northerners, including increased accessibility for people with disabilities, decreased wait times to see a practitioner, and extended hours.

This move, along with other new Health and Social Services initiatives like electronic health records, are part of the Government of the Northwest Territories' efforts to realize the 16th Legislative Assembly's goal of healthy, educated Northerners. One of the priorities of the department's A Foundation for Change action plan is providing the right services, through the right providers, in the right places.

For more information on the Center, including its hours of operation, available health care professionals and services, please visit

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