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Disability News: Quebec Canada

  • Synopsis: Last Revised/Updated: 2016-07-17 - Disability statistics information and health related news from Disabled World for the province of Quebec Canada

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If you are disabled, you could be entitled to disability benefits under the Quebec Pension Plan.

To be eligible for a Quebec disability pension by the Regie, you must:

  • Have a severe and permanent disability recognized by the Regie's medical advisers,
  • Have contributed sufficiently to the Quebec Pension Plan,
  • Be under age 65,
  • Not be receiving an unreduced income replacement indemnity from the Commission de la sante et de la securite du travail (CSST) granted after 31 December 1985.

If you have a child with a disability, you could also be eligible for financial assistance from the government.

The fact that an insurance company or other agency or government department considers you to be disabled does not automatically mean that you will be entitled to a disability pension under the Quebec Pension Plan since the eligibility requirements may be different.

The Quebec Back Pain Disability Scale is a 20-item questionnaire designed to assess the level of functional disability in individuals with back pain. The Quebec Back Pain Disability Scale is a reliable and valid measure used for monitoring the progress of individual patients participating in treatment or rehabilitation programs.

Statistics: Quebec Disability

Currently hard to find statistics for disabilities in Quebec, however a 2007 report states; Quebec had the lowest percent of the Canadian Provinces with 10.4% of the population reporting a disability. The report also states that the eastern provinces tend to have higher disability rates than those in the west with Nova Scotia having the highest disability rate at 20%.

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