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Canadian Government Supports Quebec Youth in Skilled Trades

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-05-08 - Government promotes careers in the skilled trades to prepare our youth for the jobs of tomorrow - Government of Canada.

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Government of Canada supports Quebec youth in skilled trades

The Honorable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, speaking at the 11th annual Olympiades quebecoises de la formation professionnelle et technique, took the opportunity to encourage youth to explore career opportunities in the trades and technology sectors, and to make use of the resources designated for them by the Government of Canada.

"Our government is committed to helping young Canadians making the transition to the job market," said Minister Finley. "Our government promotes careers in the skilled trades to prepare our youth for the jobs of tomorrow."

Through the Youth Awareness program, which complements the Youth Employment Strategy, the Government of Canada invested $471,150 in the 11th annual Olympiades quebecoises de la formation professionnelle et technique. The event showcases the talents of young competitors and inspires other young people to explore careers in the trades, technologies and service industries.

The federal government is working with the provinces and territories, community organizations and other stakeholders to provide Canadians with the training, skills and opportunities they need to participate in the workforce and contribute to their communities.

Through the 2010 "Jobs and Growth Budget," the Government of Canada committed an additional $60 million to Skills Link and Career Focus, two programs under the Youth Employment Strategy. This additional one-time investment will enable more young Canadians to gain the experience and skills they need to successfully participate in the labor market while the economy recovers.

Canada's 2010 "Jobs and Growth Budget" invests in youth initiatives such as the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, to support young entrepreneurs, and the Pathways to Education program, which will provide tutoring, mentoring, counseling and financial assistance to disadvantaged youth and their families.

These initiatives further enhance the success of programs and measures launched by the Government in the first year of its Economic Action Plan, including the Apprenticeship Completion Grant for apprentices who successfully complete their apprenticeship training and obtain their journey-person certification in a designated Red Seal trade.

The Youth Employment Strategy is part of the Government of Canada's strategy to create the best educated, most skilled and most flexible workforce in the world. The Government underscored its commitment to this strategy in Canada's Economic Action Plan. A key component of the Plan is to create more and better opportunities for Canadian workers through skills development. The Youth Employment Strategy comprises three programs: Career Focus, Skills Link and Summer Work Experience. Further information can be found at

The Youth Awareness program is an initiative funded under Employment Insurance Part II that complements the Youth Employment Strategy. The program provides financial assistance for projects designed to address labor market issues facing communities, and can be used to develop and implement human resources strategies to meet employers' current and future needs.

To learn more about Canada's Economic Action Plan, visit

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