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Affordable Housing for Persons With Intellectual Disabilities -Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-06-27 - Affordable Housing Project For Persons With Intellectual Disabilities Opens In Saskatoon. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Government of Saskatchewan.

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Affordable Housing Project For Persons With Intellectual Disabilities Opens In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Adults with intellectual disabilities in Saskatoon and area have better access to quality affordable housing following the official opening today of a newly renovated four-unit project. The project consisted of the conversion of basements in four duplexes owned by Elmwood Residences Inc. (Elmwood) to accommodate people with intellectual disabilities who are ready to transition to independent living, but are in need of occasional supports.

The $354,000 capital project was made possible by a $140,000 forgivable loan from the province through Saskatchewan Housing Corporation's Rental Development Program, $35,000 from the City of Saskatoon and the funding balance (approximately $179,000) from Elmwood Residences Inc. The renovations consisted of complete basement finishing, the installation of new windows, and upgraded mechanical systems to accommodate the new basement layouts.

"Elmwood Residences Inc. has provided services to people with disabilities in Saskatoon for more than forty years, and our government is proud to support their work," Social Services Minister and Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Housing Corporation Donna Harpauer said. "It's always rewarding to see the success that results from partnerships between the province and dedicated community-based organizations such as Elmwood. Most importantly, this collaboration will support people with intellectual disabilities so they can achieve the best possible quality of life."

"The City of Saskatoon is pleased to provide financial support to Elmwood Residences Inc. so that people with intellectual disabilities can live independently within our community," Saskatoon Mayor Donald Atchison said. "The City of Saskatoon's Housing Business Plan is intended to address a wide range of housing needs and this could not be accomplished without the dedication of organizations such as Elmwood Residences Inc."

"There was a need for safe, affordable rental housing for individuals with intellectual disabilities who wanted to live independently in Saskatoon," Elmwood's Board of Directors President Jackie Smith said. "Elmwood saw the need and, with the support of the Ministry of Social Services and the City of Saskatoon, developed four beautiful, bright, safe, affordable rental suites. Individuals have been pleased to move in and we are happy to provide them with this opportunity. This year Elmwood has also been pleased to provide seven individuals from Social Service's wait list of 440 an opportunity to choose to enjoy life at one of Elmwood's community homes."

Elmwood, which operates 12 group homes and the Kinsmen Manor for people with intellectual disabilities in Saskatoon, will also receive more than $213,000 in additional funding for the following projects:

$107,500 for roof repairs at Kinsmen Manor;

$49,000 to upgrade the kitchen, washrooms, and entry areas of a six-space home on Russell Road to accommodate three people from the wait list and provide three respite spaces;

nearly $33,000 for furnace replacements; and

more than $24,000 for window replacements at three homes.

This $213,000 in funding is part of the province's commitment to eliminate the wait list of 440 Saskatchewan people with intellectual disabilities who require residential, day and specialized programs that meet their assessed needs.

Information from our Disability News: Saskatchewan Canada section - (Full List).

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