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Social Inclusion Strategy Survey - Yukon Disability News

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-05-12 (Rev. 2010-06-23) - Government of Yukon survey to ensure Yukoners have voice in developing social inclusion and poverty reduction strategy. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Government of Yukon.
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The Government of Yukon will conduct a survey, starting May 14, to ensure Yukoners have a voice in developing the social inclusion and poverty reduction strategy.

The Yukon Bureau of Statistics will conduct a survey on behalf of Health and Social Services. Eight hundred Yukon residents will be called and an additional 200 without phones are also expected to be surveyed.

"The social inclusion strategy is extremely important to all communities in this territory and we need to ensure that we have all the information possible. This is just the next step to finding out how people deal with things and how we as a government can do things better," Health and Social Services Minister Glenn Hart said.

The survey questions will touch on a number of social issues including asking how people are dealing with issues such as food security, access to health services, community safety, recreation and child care.

"We are encouraging people to work with the statistics staff as it is important that we have this information as we move forward," Hart said.

The householder survey takes place at the same time as departmental representatives will be traveling to Yukon communities to roll out a shortened version of the Bridges and Barriers Symposium presentation, which was held in early April in Whitehorse.

The survey begins May 14 and will run until the end of June. Anyone with questions can visit or call 867-667-5700, or toll-free from communities at 1-800-661-0408, extension 5700.

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