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Children in Guatemala Receive Free Wheelchairs

  • Synopsis: Published: 2011-07-08 - Children with disability in Guatemala look forward to living more independently after receiving free wheelchairs from Free Wheelchair Mission through Children International. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Children International.

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Disabled children in Guatemala supported by Children International can now look forward to living more independently after receiving free wheelchairs from Free Wheelchair Mission through Children International.

Free Wheelchair Mission donated 550 wheelchairs to children with disabilities supported by the U.S.-based humanitarian organization. These children suffer from a multitude of physical conditions, such as muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. Without a wheelchair, many of these children would be left bedridden or would have to be carried wherever they go.

For Laura, the mother of a Children International-sponsored child who received a wheelchair from a recent distribution in Ecuador said losing the use of her legs in an accident forced her family to carry her on a board to the hospital to receive therapy.

"They used to put a blanket and a pillow on the board, and they used to cover me with a poncho to take me to the hospital every day. They did this for a year. Now I feel proud for having this wheelchair because I will be able to move by myself," said Laura.

With the help of her new wheelchair, Laura can move about more independently, not needing to rely on her family and friends for assistance.

"We are pleased to partner with Children International to support the people of Guatemala in this capacity," said Don Schoendorfer, president and founder of Free Wheelchair Mission ( "Children International has a long history of global humanitarian work, and we appreciate the opportunity to team with them to address suffering and disability in Latin America and around the world."

Free Wheelchair Mission is contributing another 550 wheelchairs to Children International-sponsored children in the Philippines. Many of the families receiving free wheelchairs live on less than $1 a day, leaving little or no money to purchase a medical necessity such as a wheelchair.

Children International's President and CEO Jim Cook said, "Children International is grateful for the longstanding relationship we have with Free Wheelchair Mission. Their support has made a difference for thousands of impoverished children and their families." About Children International:

Established in 1936, Children International is a humanitarian organization with its headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. Children International's programs help more than 340,000 children and their families in 11 countries around the world including Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Zambia, Honduras, India, the Philippines and the United States. For more information about Children International or to sponsor a child, visit

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