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CES 2017: Videos of Disability Accessible Technology Products

  • Published: 2017-01-05 (Rev. 2017-01-07) - Contact: Ian Langtree at Disabled World
  • Synopsis: Video clips of new assistive technology and products for persons with disabilities unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show.

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"HTC Vive at CES 2017 unveils new headstrap with rigid body and adjustable earphones. As well as a tracking puck tracker accessory."

Video clips of new assistive technology and products for persons with disabilities unveiled at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017

Disabled World has assembled a list of interesting video clips showcasing accessible technology devices from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As further innovative ideas and assistive product videos become available from the convention we will add them to this page over the next few days.

CES 2017 is Open to the Public on:

  • Thur, Jan. 5: 10 AM-6 PM
  • Fri, Jan. 6: 9 AM-6 PM
  • Sat, Jan. 7: 9 AM-6 PM
  • Sun, Jan. 8: 9 AM-4 PM

CES 2017: Disability Video Clips

Assistive tech aids for blind, elderly, and wheelchair users

This video highlights some of the best disability accessible technology featured at CES 2017.


3dRudder - Foot Powered VR and Gaming Controller

For gamers, designers, architects, and professionals who want to do more in their 360° environments, 3DRudder is the only product that makes VR movement easy -- keeping your hands totally free. 3dRudder also works as a foot-operated 3D mouse for drones in the air and under water, and for CAD software and design. More Information: 3dRudder - Foot Powered Virtual Reality and Gaming Controller.


Hyundai's Medical Exoskeleton

At CES 2017, carmaker Hyundai reveals the company's foray into robotics with an exoskeleton robotic suit design to help people with disabilities become more mobile.


Leka - A smart toy for children with autism and special needs.

The Leka features various learning activities to help kids with learning disabilities improve fine motor and social skills.


HTC Vive at CES 2017

HTC Vive at CES 2017 unveils new headstrap with rigid body and adjustable earphones. As well as a tracking puck tracker accessory. More Information on VR for Disabled: Disability and Virtual Reality Technology.


Aira Visual Interpreter for Blind

Aira's high-tech approach uses a real-time interactive cloud-based dashboard, built to create for the blind an augmented reality context with live data streams from cameras, GPS, and other sensor systems from wearable platforms such as Google Glass and Pivothead. More Information: Aira Visual Interpreter for the Blind and Visually Impaired.


Accessible Transportation

The Era of Accessible Transportation at CES 2017


Intelligent Vision System for Companion Robots

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) introduces and demonstrates its Intelligent Vision System for Companion Robots at CES 2017. ITRI invites potential partners and attendees to booth #2015 Tech East, Westgate, to play chess and have coffee with a robot commanded by ITRI's Intelligent Vision System. More information: CES 2017: Intelligent Vision System for Companion Robots

Read about other disability products at CES 2017 including the latest ideas, inventions and devices for people with disabilities.


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