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Offbeat News Publications
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Updated / Revised
Americans Struggle to Identify Conspiracy Theories They Embrace as TruthResearch, Study, Analysis2024/04/08
Lower Jersey Numbers Make U.S. Football Players Appear ThinnerStudy2023/09/07
Adults and Kids Experience Time Differently2023/02/03
Unrelated Look-alike People Share CharacteristicsStudy2022/08/232023/09/21
There Goes the Neighborhood - Map Predicts How Neighborhoods Racial Makeup Will Change2022/07/142023/01/04
Hangry is a Real Thing: Hunger Can Make Us Angry and Irritable2022/07/062023/06/23
Tiangong-1 Space Station Re-Entry and InformationInformative2018/04/012024/03/29
Trumpertension: The New National Health Problem2017/01/242017/01/31
Obese Americans Threat to U.S. National Security2016/01/112020/11/21
Stop Blaming the Moon for Everything2015/04/012019/11/12
Predicting Happiness - There's an Equation for That2014/08/04
Pareidolia: Seeing Jesus in Toast is Perfectly Normal2014/05/072021/01/15
Why Male Noses Are Larger than Female Noses2013/11/192021/10/03
e-Nose App Helps Identify Food Freshness2013/10/312022/01/13
Hard to Sleep with Full Moon2013/07/272021/04/04
Research Confirms Humans Are Part Neanderthal2012/02/282022/08/23
Santa Should get off his Sleigh and Walk2011/12/202011/12/27
Sarah White Therapy: Naked Therapist2011/07/072022/02/17
Resveratrol in Red Wine - Exercise in a Bottle2011/07/01
Diabetes: Dog Eats Toe as Woman Sleeps2011/06/232022/02/28
Steven Seagal Asks For Immortality Research Support from Russian PM Vladimir Putin2011/05/17
Pink Slime: Ammonia Infused Meat Additive2011/04/172022/04/20
10 Strange Dental Requests to Dentists2011/02/21
Travel Company Launches UFO Tours2011/01/06
You Are What Your Father AteResearch Study Analysis2010/12/252024/01/29
Wireless Humans May be Backbone of New Mobile Networks2010/10/28
Money, Drugs and Chicken Feet2010/09/20
Horse in Retroviral Research to be Destroyed2010/09/20
Lordship and Ladyship Titles for Sale2010/09/13
First Production Electric Vehicle Drives Cross Canada - Mitsubishi i-MiEV2010/09/11
The Black Widow Food Eating Champion - Times and Records2010/09/092019/05/03
Marriage and Life Expectancy Span2010/05/122022/08/03
Defining Wisdom: Compassion, Self-understanding, Morality and Emotional Stability2010/05/082018/01/25
Charles Darwin's Family Health Blamed on Inbreeding2010/05/03
Kissing Bug Causes Chagas Disease2010/04/292019/03/05
Sniffer Phones - Cell Phones that Detect Deadly Chemicals2010/04/09
Clean TV Remotes Keep Health-care Costs Down2010/04/072010/07/14
Pooper Scooper Week Starts Today2010/04/01
Few Americans Practice Conservation2010/02/16
Blocking a Frown May Stop Bad Feelings2010/01/30
Mental Health Professionals Should Not Participate in Torture2010/01/29
Mozart Music Induces Weight Gain and Strength in Premature Babies2010/01/07
Babies with an Accent: Infants Cry in Different Ways2009/11/062015/09/30
Curry - A Potential Disease Fighter2009/11/04
Music Makes People Smarter - Offbeat News2009/10/26

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