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Strange Offbeat News: Stories, Images, Comedy & Odd Stuff

  • Synopsis: Offbeat news including comedy videos plus odd and strange information from the United States and around the world.

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Offbeat news and entertainment information about people places and things from the United States and around the world mainly dealing with health and disability topics.

Stories are sourced from various sources around the Internet that feature offbeat, odd, and strange news stories.

Latest Strange Offbeat News Publications

  1. Trumpertension: The New National Health Problem
    Book by Dr. Calm Titled - Seven Keys to Surviving the Trump Presidency - helps manage Trumpertension worries over what Trump presidency may mean for America.
  2. Obese Americans a Threat to National Security Says Health Fitness Revolution Founder
    34% of obese Americans are a threat to National Security says Health Fitness Revolution founder.
  3. Predicting Happiness - There's an Equation for That
    The happiness of people worldwide has been predicted by equation with results showing moment-to-moment happiness reflects not just how well things are going, but whether things are going better.
  4. Seeing Jesus in Toast is Perfectly Normal
    Researchers studied brain scans and behavioral responses to individuals seeing faces and letters in different patterns.
  5. Why are Male Noses Larger than the Female Nose
    A new study explains why the human male nose is about 10% larger than the female nose.

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