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Author: Noble Titles
Published: 2010/09/13
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Synopsis: Titles for sale - Purchase a Lordship or Ladyship Title or both from Noble Titles to benefit charity.


Lordships For Sale 9/11 Charity By Noble Titles - Donate up to 20% to a Charity of your choosing when purchasing a Lordship of the Manor from Noble Titles.

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Noble Titles is one of the world's largest retailers of genuine Lordships of the Manor (Lord and Lady Titles).

They are offering Lordships for sale with up to 20% donated to a Charity of the customer's choosing.

Any person wishing to purchase a Title from 9/11/ 2010 onwards can ask for up to 20% of the sale price to go to any Charity they choose. A spokesperson from Noble Titles said "Many people are interested in helping families from the 9/11 disaster, this is one way of remembering those who died and helping the families left behind."

Lords of the Manor were renowned for being charitable. In buying a Lordship, which is inheritable, your ancestors will always remember 9/11.

Titles under GBP5,000 = 2%

GBP5,000-GBP10,000 = 5%

GBP10,000-GBP50,000 = 10%

GBP50,000+ = 15%

GBP100,000+ = 20%

Noble Titles even have some rare "Sherwood Forest" Titles famous for Robin Hood who it is said stole from the rich to give to the poor.

A Lord-able donation to Charity - Noble Titles website is www.nobility.co.uk

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