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Medical Research News Publications
Title of
Scientists Suggest Novel Method to Determine Onset of Infant ConsciousnessExperimental Study2024/03/222024/03/23
Bilirubin Reductase Enzyme Makes Urine YellowInformative2024/01/03
Predicting Cognitive Scores by Utilizing Movie Watching FMRI and Eye TrackingAnnouncement / Notification2023/09/16
America Unprepared for Zoonotic Disease ThreatsReports and Proceedings2023/07/06
I Can Not See, I Can Not Hear, But Somehow I Know2023/01/16
Light Source Producing Two Entangled Light Beams Developed2023/01/032023/01/17
Don't Look at Me Like That - Gazes and Facial Expressions2022/09/21
Belief Change: A New Predictive Network Model2022/08/212023/01/04
Scientists Restore Cell and Organ Function After Death2022/08/062023/01/04
Bear Blood Protects Against Human Muscle Breakdown2022/07/162023/01/04
Mother's Empathy and Epigenetic Changes to Oxytocin Gene Link2020/12/092021/02/27
New Bone Bandage Accelerates Repair of a Break2019/12/13
New Urine Test Detects Onchocerciasis a Disease that Causes BlindnessAnnouncement / Notification2018/09/022023/09/20
Mobile Phone Radiation May Affect Adolescent MemoryResearch Study Analysis2018/07/282023/10/01
Tungsten: Concern Over Possible Health Risk by Human Exposure to Tungsten2018/04/17
Cancer Genome Atlas: Identifying Genetic Roots of Cancer2018/04/052018/04/06
Metabolomics - Promising Tool for Advancing in Treatment Personalization of Oncological Patients2018/02/15
Effects of Genetic Engineering by Changing DNA2017/12/202021/02/10
Majority in Favor of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Screening2017/12/092017/12/15
Studying Chromosomes Centers May Reveal Link to Down Syndrome2017/11/202020/06/02
Drinking Glasses Can Contain Potentially Harmful Levels of Lead and Cadmium2017/11/072018/03/15
Brain Games or Training Have No Effect On Decision Making or Cognitive Function2017/07/102020/07/19
Hope for Patients with Friedreich's Ataxia and Related Diseases2017/06/082020/02/16
Left-handed? Slender Face Identified as Marker for Left-Handedness2017/04/27
Paralyzed Man Moves Legs Using Electrical Stimulation of Spinal Cord2017/04/03
Unexpected Link Between Cancer and Autism2017/03/162021/03/27
Potential New Causes for TMAU - A Fishy Smelling Body Odor Disorder2017/02/152020/05/12
Gene Discovery Helps Children with Dystonia and Movement Disorder Walk Again2016/12/202021/04/15
Brain Scans of Children with Tourette's Provides Clues2016/11/09
Focused Ultrasound for Treatment of Essential Tremor Proves Safe and Effective2016/08/252021/05/11
WellSpringboard - Crowdfunding Medical Breakthroughs2016/06/102019/05/08
Everyone Wants to Help the Ill - But Not the Unemployed2016/06/06
Candida Yeast Infection and Mental Illness Link2016/05/052020/06/05
Course of Human Evolution Could Change With Gene Editing TechnologyObservational Study2016/04/072023/06/28
Social Media: Study of Patient Experience Sharing2016/03/242023/06/08
Genetic Cause of Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) Identified2016/03/142022/08/17
Short or Overweight? Socioeconomic Factors Link2016/03/092020/11/05
Brain Waves May Spread by Electrical Fields2016/02/262021/06/20
MicroRNA: A General Overview2016/01/292021/06/30
Hope for Huntington's Disease Patients2016/01/24
Gene Editing - A Future Disease Cure?2015/11/242017/09/22
New ResearchKit Studies for Autism, Epilepsy & Melanoma - Apple2015/10/16
Schistosomiasis Japonica: Skin Hyperthermia Treatment2015/10/142021/06/27
DNA Sequencing for Urinary Tract Infection Treatment2015/09/212017/06/26
Detecting Klinefelter Syndrome Disorder in Boys2015/09/022021/08/01
Epigenetic Inheritance: Facts and General Information2015/08/262020/12/23
Predicting if Children with DiGeorge Syndrome will Develop Autism or Psychosis2015/07/312017/06/26
The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI)2015/07/202017/06/25
Can You Hear Inaudible Sound Such as Wind Turbines2015/07/132020/09/15
Google Maps for Human Body at Cellular Level2015/03/302021/08/24
The Personal Genome Project (PGP) at Harvard2015/03/272020/09/29
Growing Muscle from Cells to Produce a Graft2015/02/262020/10/05
Synthetic Triheptanoin Oil May Help Huntington's Disease2015/01/102021/09/21
Tobacco Smoke Toxins Can Increase SCI Pain and Worsen MS2014/12/042020/11/13
Converting Skin Cells into Sensory Neurons that Detect Body SensationsStudy2014/11/242023/09/12
New Approach for Treating Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)2014/11/232020/11/19
Breast Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Combination Therapy for Ewing Sarcoma2014/10/28
ALS is a Protein Aggregation Disease2014/10/272020/12/08
Over 400 Genes Linked to Height Determination2014/10/112020/12/11
Copper Compound May Help Lou Gehrig's Disease Patients2014/06/132021/11/29
Daily Tomato Pill Improves Blood Vessels in Cardiovascular Disease Patients2014/06/132014/09/02
New Delhi Metallo-Beta Lactamase (NDM-1)2014/04/302021/08/30
Bariatric Surgery Linked to Major Health Benefits2014/04/232016/04/06
Mutant Protein in Muscle Linked to Kennedy's Disease or Spinal and Bulbar Muscular Atrophy2014/04/172015/04/19
Using Google Glass During Medical Surgery2014/04/172016/09/23
Neural Prosthetics: New Hope for Medically Disabled2014/03/232021/08/19
How Emotions are Mapped in the Human BodyInformative2013/12/312024/01/21
LASIK Eye Surgery Came from Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner2013/12/222021/02/27
Advances in Genetic Sequencing Diagnose Paralympic Hopeful's Rare Condition2013/06/162021/12/02
Executioner Protein Provides New Options for Stroke ALS and SCI2013/03/062021/05/19
Omalizumab Effective in Treating Severe Hives and ItchResearch / Study Analysis2013/02/242024/02/19
Sunken Chest Syndrome - Non-surgical Treatment2012/11/22
Stem Cell Agency Funds Huntington's Disease Research2012/07/302021/08/17
How Our Hearing Sense Works2012/05/122021/09/11
Possible New Treatment for Fabry Disease2011/12/222021/11/12
Lyme Disease Research - More Aggressive Treatments2011/08/07
Controlling Movements with Light2011/07/20
Chloroquine Treatment for Arthritis, MS, Cancer, Other Diseases2011/07/192022/02/07
Myelofibrosis - New Potential Treatment2011/06/23
Spinal Muscular Atrophy - New Approaches2011/06/11
Huntington's, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease Research Shows Promise2011/06/022018/01/26
Discovery May Block ALS Disease Process2011/04/19
Fanconi Anemia: New Advances in Genetic Studies2011/03/032022/05/19
Converting Skin Cells to Beating Heart Cells2011/01/31
Onconase a Cure for Human Papillomavirus (HPV)?2010/11/292022/04/22
Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases is Feasible2010/10/182018/01/04
Why People Who are Deaf Have Enhanced Vision2010/10/102010/10/11
Physicians Unfamiliar with Chagas Disease Survey Shows2010/10/102019/03/05
Genes that Influence Human Height2010/09/302016/04/07
World's First Transcontinental Anesthesia2010/09/10
Leap Forward in Early Detection for Alzheimer's and Cancer2010/09/08
Vaccine Has Cut Child Cases of Bacterial Pneumonia2010/08/272015/03/15
Scientists Unlock the Secrets of Fused Chromosomes by Making a Human Model2010/08/16
Chagas Disease T. cruzi and Dogs2010/07/122020/05/30
Surgery Linked to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease2010/07/08
Non-Stick Cookware and Carpet Coating Linked to Thyroid Disease2010/01/212016/06/13
Too much Television Wastes Lives and Causes Premature Death2010/01/152013/07/12
Ongoing Human Evolution Could Explain Rise in Certain Medical Disorders2010/01/112018/03/15
Regenerating the Nerves - Combat Injuries2009/12/242010/06/27
New Therapy Targets for Amyloid Disease2009/12/04
Microchip Detects Type and Severity of Cancer2009/09/272010/07/14
Obesity Causes Over 124,000 New Cancers a Year in Europe2009/09/24
Using Magnetism to Turn Drugs On and Off2009/09/182010/06/29
Lasers Promise Better Artificial Joints and Arterial Stents2009/09/15
Artificial Intelligence Helps Diagnose Cardiac Infections2009/09/142023/02/15
Study Rejects Cancer Fear of Most Common Heartburn Treatments2009/09/09
Lead in Bone Associated with Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease2009/09/092010/07/03
Red Wine Health Benefits2009/07/302010/06/25
Stressing Out Paying Bills Causes Weight Gain2009/07/07
Mayo Clinic Proceedings Reviews Deep Brain Stimulation to Treat Psychiatric Diseases2009/07/012010/07/11
Risk of Transmission of Huntington's Disease to Children2009/06/092021/08/19
Obesity and Diabetes Double Risk of Heart Failure2009/05/31
Caffeine Beneficial for Males with Lou Gehrig's Disease2009/04/172018/03/15
Vaccine for E. coli Diarrheal Diseases Discovered2009/04/14
Rare Eye Retinal Disorder Treatment Success2009/04/142018/03/15
Hospital Infections - Research may Lead to New Non-antibiotic Drugs2009/04/08
Mayo Clinic and IBM Host Medical Language Initiative2009/04/052010/07/11
1,000 Kidney Transplant Milestone by Arizona Mayo Clinic2009/04/03
Waking up During Surgery Prevention2009/04/022010/06/30
Point Genetic Disease Develops in Humans2009/03/272016/04/07
Redefining DNA: Darwin from the Atom Up2009/03/23
Garden Pea Fights High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease2009/03/222011/11/01
New TB Test Will Cut Diagnosis Time2009/03/192010/10/05
Shellfish and Inkjet Printers May Hold Key to Faster Healing2009/03/19
Spinal Taps Carry Higher Risks for Infants and Elderly2009/03/18
Potential Pathway for Drug Intervention2009/03/132016/06/13
Biomarkers Detected for Chikungunya fever2009/03/042016/03/07
Drug Improves Mobility For Some Multiple Sclerosis Patients2009/02/27
Arthritis Hinders Vital Physical Activity for Adults with Heart Disease2009/02/26
Dark Cells of Eye Retina Imaged for the First Time2009/02/26
When Parents Seek Siblings of their Donor Conceived Children2009/02/23
Researchers See Brain Memory2009/02/202010/07/03
NASA Study Predicted Rift Valley Fever Outbreak2009/02/172014/10/16
New Drug may Prevent Colon Cancer2009/02/122010/10/16
Angiogenesis Poor Survival in patients with Ovarian Cancer2009/02/05
Climate Change and Disease Spread2009/02/052018/10/10
Vaccines and Autism No Correlation2009/02/012016/06/13
Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases Drug Combination is Key2009/01/31
Rheumatoid Arthritis - New Treatment Possible2009/01/292009/02/03
Omega 3 oils Ease Menopause Depression Symptoms2009/01/28
Spinal Fluid Proteins Can Show Lou Gehrig's Disease2009/01/28
I Feel Your Pain: Neural Mechanisms of Empathy2009/01/282015/09/09
Acupuncture Pain Relieving Effects Limited2009/01/282016/05/20
Rasagiline Hope for Parkinson's Patients2009/01/262010/07/11
Immune System has Ability to Learn2009/01/262018/03/16
New Way to Stop Autoimmune Diseases and Transplant Rejection2009/01/222009/03/29
Dynamical Theory and 4-D Colorimetric Reveals Function of Living Brain2009/01/21
Impaired Kidney Function Raises Risk of Heart Problems in Elderly2009/01/212022/08/18
Antibiotic Resistant Disease ESBL Killing PeopleOpinion Piece / Editorial2009/01/182023/06/29
Researchers Assess the State of Stroke Telemedicine2009/01/172015/01/21
Slow Bone Healing in Seniors - New Research2009/01/15
Abnormal DNA Repair Genes may Predict Risk of Pancreatic Cancer2009/01/15
Traumatic Brain Injury Severity Reduced with Contraceptive Pill2009/01/142009/01/22
Liver Disease Marked by Cell Stress2009/01/142011/10/28
New Drug Holds Promise of Normal Diet for Sufferers of Phenylketonuria2009/01/142009/01/22
Surgery Provides Good Outcome for Gastrointestinal Cancers2009/01/142010/07/11
Researchers Identify Protein Trigger of Breast Cancer2009/01/142009/01/21
Treadmill Exercise Improves Endurance for Patients with PAD2009/01/132013/12/22
Epidurals and Spinal Anesthetics Safer than Previously Reported2009/01/12
Tiny Capsules May Provide Drug Delivery that Targets Diseased Cells2009/01/122010/06/30
Mustard Gas Studies on U.S. Soldiers Race-Based2009/01/112013/07/12
Researchers Unlock Molecular Origin of Blood Stem Cells2009/01/11
Synthetic HDL Fights Cholesterol2009/01/09
Unique Skeletal Muscle Design Contributes to Spine Stability2009/01/072009/01/22
Avian Flu Becoming More Resistant to Antiviral Drugs2009/01/072010/07/08
New Therapy may Ease Spinal Muscular Atrophy Symptoms - MU Researchers2009/01/072010/09/28
Fragile X Syndrome Fenobam Drug Evaluation2009/01/072022/07/13
Smoking During Pregnancy Fosters Aggression in Children2009/01/062010/01/17
Proteins Role in Repairing Damaged Cells Revealed2009/01/062010/06/27
Folic Acid and Iodine in Australian and New Zealand BreadInformative2009/01/032024/03/29
Leukaemia Drug Alemtuzumab Treats Multiple Sclerosis2009/01/032009/03/13
Research Shows ACTEMRA Improves Rheumatoid Arthritis2009/01/032022/06/10
Medication Overuse Headache (MOH) Research2009/01/032020/12/03
Unlocking Immune System Mysteries May Be Key in Curing Inflammatory DiseasesInformative2009/01/032024/01/04

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