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Regenerative Medicine Publications
Title of
Making Stem Cells Behave Like Human Embryos2022/12/182023/01/03
Organoids: Fitting a Mini Brain with a Tiny Cap2022/08/172023/01/04
Mouse Embryo Created from Stem Cells: No Sperm, Egg, Uterus NeededResearch Study Analysis2022/08/032023/10/09
Progress on Stem Cell Therapy to Restore Sight2022/08/022023/01/04
BafA Stimulates Production of New Blood VesselsResearch Study Analysis2020/07/222023/10/05
Spinal Cord Neural Stem Cells Show Diverse Promise for SCI2018/08/142018/08/16
Smart Cells Releases 1st Sample to Treat Autism2018/03/28
Discovery May Result in Medication to Build Stronger Muscles Even in Old AgeStudy2018/02/272023/09/17
Sensory Interneurons from Stem Cells Enable the Sense of Touch2018/01/14
COPD Patients See Improvement from Stem Cell TherapyResearch Study Analysis2016/10/132023/10/03
Stem Cell Therapy to Relieve Joint Pain2016/06/132021/05/23
Stem Cells Show Reversal of Disability in Multiple Sclerosis2016/04/152016/05/07
Wisdom Teeth Stem Cells Could Treat Corneal Scarring2015/02/232020/10/06
Astrocytes: Treating ALS and Spinal Cord Injury2015/02/022021/09/09
Inducing Human Hair Growth Using Pluripotent Stem Cells2015/01/282020/10/17
NFL Athletes and Stem Cell Treatments2014/12/092021/08/09
Growing Blood Vessels in a Week from Stem Cells2014/10/272021/04/21
Neuralstem Spinal Cord Injury Stem Cell Trial2014/10/102020/12/11
Scientists Find Rare Stem Cells in Bone Marrow2014/10/08
A Step Closer to Cell Therapy for MS Patients2014/07/242016/04/15
Limb Injury Recovery - Enzyme and Stem Cells2014/05/15
Restoring Function to Paralyzed Muscles with Stem Cell Light Activated Neurons2014/04/042021/08/12
New Type of Spinal Cord Stem Cell Discovered2011/09/152022/10/08
Stem Cells Could Prevent Need for Joint Replacements2011/06/022018/12/04
Family Cord Blood Banking Act Introduced2011/04/182022/04/19
Medical Value of Storing Cord Blood is Disputed2011/04/07
Age Related Macular Degeneration Stem Cell Therapy2011/03/29
New Treatments for Parkinson's and other Neurological Disorders2011/03/26
Stem Cell Discovery Could Lead to Improved Bone Marrow Transplants2011/01/06
Cord Blood Stem Cells for Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Study2011/01/05
States Fund Majority of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research2010/12/09
Developing Treatments for Parkinson's, Huntington's Diseases and Spinal Cord Injury2010/12/07
Stem Cells Repair Damaged Spinal Cord Tissue2010/10/08
New Efficient Method for Generating Human Stem Cells2010/10/01
First US Trial of Bone-marrow Stem Cells for Heart Attack Patients Proves Safe2010/09/142018/05/29
Research!America Asks Congress to Support Embryonic Stem Cell Research2010/09/112021/08/19
Stem Cells from Wisdom Teeth2010/09/10
Action to Reverse Judicial Embryonic Stem Cell Research Ban2010/08/282021/06/08
Better Way to Grow Stem Cells2010/08/22
Adult Stem Cells Repair Hearts2010/08/17
Synthetic Bone Graft Recruits Stem Cells for Faster Healing2010/08/02
New Method to Grow Adult Stem Cells in Culture2010/07/15
Adult Stem Cells Research Leads the way to Fight Disease2010/07/02
Brain Stem Cells Need Rest Too2010/07/01
Private Storage of Stem Cells From Umbilical Cord Blood2010/06/05
Support Marrow and Cord Blood Transplantation, Marrow Donors and Recipients Ask Congress2010/05/29
Nutritional Supplement Increases Body's Stem Cells2010/04/12
China Leads the Way in Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Despite Skepticism2010/01/08
Eye Disease Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy2009/12/10
Stem Cell Technology for Complicated Bone Fractures2009/11/30
How Stem Cells Make Skin2009/09/142016/06/13
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Repair Heart2009/07/212010/07/11
Bioethicists Lead Call for Public Debates on Future Uses of Stem Cells2009/07/02
Enhancing Stem Cells to Stimulate Muscle Regeneration2009/06/07
Stem Cell Research Pushing Forward - MSers Look To Mice For Cure2009/04/272011/01/25
Stem Cell Research and the Disability Community2009/04/272021/08/09
Stem Cells Offer Hope for MS Treatment2009/04/232016/04/15
Proposed NIH Stem Cell Guidelines Dismay - Stanford Researcher2009/04/212010/07/11
Stem Cells Promote Healing of Diabetic Ulcers2009/04/20
How Stem Cells Form2009/04/17
Stroke Patient uses Own Stem Cells2009/04/15
Stem Cell Therapy has Enormous Potential for Bone Injuries2009/04/14
Stem Cells Help People with Diabetes become Insulin Free2009/04/14
UCSF Closer to Creating Safe Embryonic like Stem Cells2009/04/13
Stem cell Therapy Makes Cloudy Corneas Clear2009/04/092015/02/23
Stem Cell Therapy Grows New Blood Vessels2009/04/06
Human Embryonic Stem Cells Source of Oral Mucosal Tissues2009/04/04
Cancer Stem Cells Generated by Cancer Outgrowth2009/04/02
Amniotic Fluid May Provide Stem Cells for Future Therapies2009/03/31
Blood Stem Cell Attachment Communication Deciphered2009/03/252010/06/27
Stem Cell Therapy May Lead to Treatment for Deafness2009/03/23
Stem Cells Crucial to Diabetes Cure2009/03/17
Stem Cells Could Halt Osteoporosis and Promote Bone Growth2009/03/042021/05/29
From Stem Cells to New Organs2009/02/26
Stem Cells Provide New Model for Lou Gehrig's Disease2009/02/23
Stem cells Awakened by Interferon2009/02/122016/06/13
Leukemia Stem Cells more like Embryonic Stem cells than Adult stem cells2009/02/05
Adult Stem Cells Convert into Embryonic-like Stem Cells2009/02/05
Cancer Stem Cells Resistance to Radiation2009/02/042015/11/18
Accelerated Bone Growth Method Uses Stem Cells and Nanotubes2009/01/31
Stem Cell Transplant Reverses Early Multiple Sclerosis2009/01/292018/03/15
Embryonic Stem Cell Trials Approved by FDA2009/01/262010/01/17
Engineered Virus Targets and Kills Cancer Stem Cells in Neuroblastoma2009/01/212016/11/05
StemEnhance Facts2009/01/162009/05/06
Bone Marrow Stem Cells Regenerate Skin2009/01/142009/01/21
Testes Stem Cells can Change into Other Body Tissues2009/01/142010/07/11
New Stem Cell Research for Hearing Impairment2009/01/11
International Stem Cell Summit - India2009/01/11
Stem Cell Panakea provides treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer2009/01/11
Stem Cell Treatment for Degenerative Diseases2009/01/11
Cord Blood and Stem Cell Research2009/01/11
Stem Cells Could Make Paralyzed Walk Again2009/01/112016/11/22
Doctor is Patient for Stem Cell Treatment2009/01/11
New Guidelines for Stem Cell Research2009/01/11
Advantages and Disadvantages of Cord Blood Treatment2009/01/11
How Important is Umbilical Cord Blood2009/01/112009/02/27
Cord Blood Stem Cells - Diabetes2009/01/11
Cord Blood Stem Cells: Lung Disease Kidney and Lupus2009/01/11
Researchers Unlock Molecular Origin of Blood Stem Cells2009/01/11

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