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Stem Cell Research Pushing Forward - MSers Look To Mice For Cure

  • Published: 2009-04-27 (Revised/Updated 2011-01-25) : Author: Daryl Clayton Kennedy
  • Synopsis: Stem Cells have not been popular topic for many Americans although White House administration has given go ahead to push stem cell research to next level.

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Stem Cells and human testing have not been popular topic for many Americans although as of March 9th 2009 White House administration has given go ahead to push stem cell research to next level.

To this day, pro life advocates argue stem cell advancements are not worth the life of fetal cells. With this perception in consideration, researches where able to circumvent human testing and derive valuable information from lab mice specifically chosen for these crucial trials.

In 2004 the (RSNA) Radiological Society of North America created experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis or (EAE) as a test model for these unsuspecting rodents. (EAE) is a laboratory creation crafted for the sole purpose of testing lab mice for efficacy of stem cells in the elusive pursuit of myelin repair.

The deterioration of myelin around nerve axons is known to be the culprit in causing MSers their debilitating symptoms:


Cognitive confusion,

Ambulatory difficulty,

Uncontrollable muscle Spasms,

Other neurological symptoms related to nerve conduction.

The Manifestations Listed Above are Caused by an All Out Attack on the Myelin Sheath by Immune Cells.

Once "T" cells enter the Blood Brain Barrier they become trapped and begin to do what they do best... DESTROY foreign cells.

In healthy individuals these cells would never have access to the central nervous system. It's assessed that some how the Blood Brain Barrier is compromised by "T" cells. These protective cells are forced to linger in an unfamiliar territory of our bodies.

It's believed this penetration is caused by some unforeseen infection or possibly some other outside sources. Once inside white matter auto immune cells react instinctively by bombarding and scaring myelin until it's ability to conduct electricity is reduced severely effecting neural transfer.

The perqisition for Multiple Sclerosis catalyst is ongoing and perhaps one day in the very near future researchers will determine the cause and eradicate this MS-monster.

For decades scientist have searched for the antigen that causes this assault with zero success. The alternative is stem cell therapy which since 2001 has been compromised severely.

Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007 Marked First Step in Preparing for Human Trials

This act states embryonic stem cells smaller than the head of a pin may be used as long as their original purpose is for fertility treatments. These cells must also be donated by in-vitro fertilization clinics as they provide the most practical and accountable source for these valued building blocks.

Before March 9th 2009, research was limited to vermin a little lower on the food chain then we humans. These fury 4 legged test subjects proved in 2004 stem cells are the real deal and are with out question capable of producing some relief from chronic symptoms.

With 2001 band on human stem cell research lifted and consequent 2009 White House announcement that Research is to continue, scientist have dove deep and far into research.

Myelin Repair a Reality - Mice injected with (EAE) Show Vast Improvement in Nerve Conduction

As stated earlier in 2004 the (RSNA) Radiological Society of North America found great success after injecting laboratory mice with (EAE), an animal version of Multiple Sclerosis. The injected mice where closely observed through MRI scans. Once trial mice where found to posses (EAE) they where then injected with (non-human) neural stem cells. After much anticipation and great relief the tested mice actually displayed sings of symptom alleviation!

This knowledge has turbo charged the need for human trials and leading the way is a team of scientist from the United Kingdom. The team lead by Professor Neil Scolding, a clinical neuroscientest states, and I quote...

"We believe that bone marrow cells have the capability to repair precisely the type of damage that we see in the brain and spinal cord in MS. So by giving patients very large numbers of their own bone marrow cells we hope that this will help stabilize the disease and bring about some repair."(Neil Scolding, clinical neuroscientest)

Professor Scoldings team performed trials on 6 individuals between the ages of 30 and 60. These volunteers, all suffering from MS where injected with their own marrow. Bone marrow originates from stem cells in early fetal development. Studies have shown that marrow has potential as proven in previous studies of mice to have the capacity to travel through spinal cord, into brain and rectify... to some degree, lost nerve conduction in myelin sheath.

This study is unique for many reasons, the foremost being these cells require no extraction of fetal stem cells as tested volunteers receive marrow cells from their own bodies. This alone lifts unwanted pressures from the shoulders of scientist, physicians and pro life advocates alike.

Additional Studies Spear Headed by the UK Have Proven Remyelinization Through Stem Cell Injection WORKS!

In addition to professor Scoldings trials 21 other UK MSers suffering from (RRMS) Relapsing Remitting MS where also injected with their marrow and all are happy to report No further deterioration in their conditions. Their episodes have not worsened or become more frequent over a three year window and all have reported a lifting of symptoms such as fatigue and focus.

This is "OUTSTANDING" news and warrants celebration in moderation as their are years of clinical trials and observation ahead for all involved.

Thanks to handful of brave, fury lab mice the MS community can find relief that pursuit of a cure is closing in on resolution!

Many years of observation are required to determine possible side effects of marrow injections. The entire MS community is standing on it's toes in anticipation. Once trials are observed, refined, and procedures are predictable and safe we may see a great many nimble MSers traveling the globe!

About the Author: - Daryl Clayton Kennedy is the editor of disabled mobility and a regular contributor to health related blogs and websites throughout the net. Daryl's mobility scooter reviews and three wheel scooter recommendations are perfect for choosing mobility scooters that support your ambulatory needs.

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