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Seniors Health & Disability News Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Seniors News category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-06-29Senate Health Bill Buries Biggest Medicaid Cuts Using Insufficient Inflation Adjustment
2017-02-1079% of U.S. Seniors Think Millionaires Need to Start Paying Their Fair Share
2017-01-14If Senior CPI Used to Calculate 2017 COLA, Benefits Would Be 2.1% Higher
2016-10-19Senior Americans Deserve Fairer 2017 COLA
2016-09-27Seniors Take Medical Risks Given Enough Benefits
2016-06-16What Is a Senior Moment? Senior Moments Explained
2016-05-13New Tax Credit Would Help Families Age In Place
2016-05-0850% of Adults Over 50 Wish They Had More Strength and Energy
2016-02-29Understanding Ageism - A Form of Discrimination
2016-02-18Sensory Loss in Seniors
2015-03-18Loneliness: The Risk of Premature Death
2015-02-17Nurse Interventions Increase Physical Activity in Seniors
2015-01-29How Negative Stereotyping Affects Seniors
2014-10-23Disability After 60: New Sitting Risk
2014-08-07Senior Citizens League Warns of Low 2015 COLA
2012-11-15From Capable Consumer to Old Person
2012-11-02Seniors Free Home Visit Service
2011-11-19Seniors Unable to Recognize Memory Loss - Study Findings
2011-08-03Lifestyles of the Old and Healthy
2011-06-28Seniors Could See Social Security Checks Slashed by More Than $18,000
2011-05-20Seniors Have Lost 32% Buying Power Since 2000
2011-05-06Report on Aging - Make Aging & Caregiving a Priority
2011-05-02Older Americans Month - May
2011-03-01Tea and Toast Syndrome in Seniors
2011-02-23House Approves Cuts Targeting Seniors
2011-02-18Baby Boomers See Retirement Delayed At Least 4 Years
2011-02-14A Family That Plays Together Stays Together
2011-02-11Elder Abuse Found to Occur Frequently
2011-02-03Metabolic Syndrome Linked to Memory Loss in Seniors
2011-02-03Nearly 50% of Seniors Receiving Lower Social Security Checks This Year
2011-01-24One in Six Seniors Lives in Poverty
2011-01-17Retirement Planning: Tips for Late Bloomers
2011-01-09Help for People 65 and Older with Incomes at $1360/mo Single, $1820/mo Couple
2010-12-20Best New Years Resolutions for 2011 - Boomer Guru
2010-12-172011 Annual Enrollment Period for Seniors
2010-12-16Best U.S. Cities for Retirement
2010-12-04Where Will Seniors Get Health Care
2010-11-11Deficit Commission Proposal Hurts Middle Class Americans
2010-10-28Use of Senior Volunteers Shows That WisdomWorks
2010-10-25Pre-Retirees Not Prepared for Healthcare Costs in Retirement
2010-10-2270-year-Olds are Smarter Today
2010-10-14Centenarians Birthday Party of a Century (and more)
2010-10-07Civil Justice System Uncovers Abuse and Neglect of Elderly Americans
2010-10-04Boomers Going Broke
2010-09-28National Broadcast of Elder Abuse Film Announced for International Day of Older Persons
2010-09-24Practical Tips to Educate Seniors About Fall Prevention
2010-09-21Senior Community Service Employment Program
2010-09-21Lower Social Security Payments for Millions of Seniors Next Year
2010-09-14Recession Impact on Lower-Income Adults
2010-08-31Seniors Experience Destination Amnesia
2010-08-30Seniors Receive Medicare Prescription Drug Checks
2010-08-30Nutrition for Baby Boomers for Healthy Aging and Maintaining Active Lifestyles
2010-08-25100 Women Over 60 Years of Age Go Skydiving
2010-07-31Senior Moments Redefined - Truth About Senior Moments
2010-07-2145,000 Homeless Seniors in US, Number to Double by 2050
2010-07-16Helping Seniors Avoid Scams
2010-07-13EBRI Retirement Readiness Rating: What is Your Rating
2010-06-10Elder Care Pros Offered FineThanx Phone Check-In System
2010-06-09Americans Not Taking Action to Protect Themselves Against Muscle Loss
2010-06-03Social Security Averages 40% of Seniors Income
2010-06-02Differences Between US and Canada for Middle Aged
2010-05-31Aging Baby Boomers will have to Innovate
2010-05-26Is Sixty-Five the New Forty-Five for Seniors
2010-05-25Medicare Policies Ignore Aging-at-Home Concept
2010-05-06Women in America Prefer Aging at Home But Most do not Have the Financial Resources
2010-04-28Phone Check-in Service for Seniors
2010-04-21Congressional Pay Grows 15 Times Faster Than Social Security Checks
2010-04-08Seniors Could End Up Stranded Without Right to Repair Act
2010-03-04Workers Age 60 Plus Putting Off Retirement Due to Financial Restraints
2010-02-16Over Half of Seniors Getting Smaller Social Security Checks This Year
2010-01-21Technology to Improve Care for Seniors With Cognitive Impairment
2010-01-18Boomers and Older Volunteers Serving on Their Own
2009-12-23Hospitalizations for Pneumonia in Seniors Linked to Air Pollution
2009-12-23Brain Training Helps Improve Specific Abilities in Seniors
2009-12-16Pensioners Send Message to Whitehorse Meeting
2009-11-05Preventing Walking Disability in Older People
2009-10-22Solutions for Better Care for Pennsylvania Elderly
2009-10-11GeriCare Finder - Website for Senior Care and Health Resources
2009-09-29Study Links High Heel Shoes to Heel and Ankle Pain
2009-09-17Older Americans and the Recession
2009-08-28Seniors and Health Insurance Reform
2009-08-05Hip and Back Fractures Increase Mortality Rates
2009-07-30Risk of Frailty in Older Women
2009-07-30Reducing Risk of Hospitalization in the Elderly
2009-07-29Green Paper Aged Care Reform - UK
2009-06-18Long-term Care Costs Exceed Yearly Income for many California Seniors
2009-05-25Computers for Seniors - Learning How to Use a Computer
2009-05-02Women Live Longer- But Not Better
2009-04-16Government of Canada Supports Seniors in Saint John
2009-04-16Senator Isakson Addressed Seniors at Park Springs, Stone Mountain
2009-04-04Personality Traits - Siblings and Offspring of Centenarians
2009-03-31Octogenarian Muscles don't get Stronger with Exercise
2009-03-23Things Seniors Can No Longer Manage to Do
2009-03-04Mortality Risk Greater for Elderly Women Who Nap Daily
2009-03-03Moderate Alcohol Intake Associated with Bone Protection
2009-03-01CDC Recommends Shingles Vaccine for Seniors
2009-02-24California's Single Seniors Lacking Sufficient Income to Pay Bills
2009-02-23Vitamin B and Folic Acid May Reduce Age Related Vision Loss
2009-02-17Exercising Brain Prevents Memory Loss
2009-02-03Seniors in Medicare Doughnut Hole Use Less Medication
2009-01-22Vitamin D Linked to Cognitive Impairment
2009-01-22Seniors Affected by Hurricane Katrina Show Decline in Health
2009-01-21Impaired Kidney Function Raises Risk of Heart Problems in Elderly
2009-01-15Seniors Universal Health Care and Dementia
2009-01-15Slow Bone Healing in Seniors - New Research
2009-01-15Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Help Seniors Keep Disabilities Away
2009-01-04Interstate Travel Cheaper for Australian Seniors
2009-01-02Adult Day Care Centers
2009-01-02New Year Resolutions for Grandparents

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