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Seniors Health & Disability News Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Seniors News category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Seniors Health & Disability News Publications

2017-06-29 : Senate Health Bill Buries Biggest Medicaid Cuts Using Insufficient Inflation Adjustment : The U.S. Senate health care repeal and replace bill, contains significantly deeper Medicaid cuts than those in the House bill.

2017-02-10 : 79% of U.S. Seniors Think Millionaires Need to Start Paying Their Fair Share : Recent survey by The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) reveals 79% of older Americans think millionaires should start paying a fair share.

2017-01-14 : If Senior CPI Used to Calculate 2017 COLA, Benefits Would Be 2.1% Higher : Data confirms if the government used Consumer Price Index for the Elderly to calculate COLA for 2017 instead of the index currently used, Social Security benefits would be 2.1 percent higher.

2016-10-19 : Senior Americans Deserve Fairer 2017 COLA : Consumer price index the U.S. government uses to determine annual COLA is not protecting buying power of older and disabled Americans.

2016-09-27 : Seniors Take Medical Risks Given Enough Benefits : When it comes to the essential domain of health or medical decision making, older adults also focus strongly on the benefits of a given procedure.

2016-06-16 : What Is a Senior Moment? Senior Moments Explained : Elderly people often struggle to remember important details because their brain can not resist irrelevant information they absorb subconsciously.

2016-05-13 : New Tax Credit Would Help Families Age In Place : Senior Citizens League endorses The Credit For Caring Act (H.R. 4708), legislation that would provide a tax credit for caregiving expenses.

2016-05-08 : 50% of Adults Over 50 Wish They Had More Strength and Energy : U.S. health check-up: AARP and Abbott survey finds half of adults 50-plus wish they had more strength and energy to enjoy daily activities.

2016-02-29 : Understanding Ageism - A Form of Discrimination : The concept of ageism needs to be redefined to mirror practical experiences of chronological, social, biological and psychological parts of ageing.

2016-02-18 : Sensory Loss in Seniors : The study found that deficits in multiple senses were strongly associated with age, gender and race.

2015-03-18 : Loneliness: The Risk of Premature Death : Article looks at the health aspect of loneliness and social isolation, particularly among seniors.

2015-02-17 : Nurse Interventions Increase Physical Activity in Seniors : A primary care nurse-delivered intervention can lead to sustained increases in physical activity (PA) among older adults.

2015-01-29 : How Negative Stereotyping Affects Seniors : Research on effect of negative stereotypes on older peoples abilities has concluded these stereotypes create significant problem for that demographic.

2014-10-23 : Disability After 60: New Sitting Risk : For those 60 and older, every additional hour a day you spend sitting is linked to a 50% greater risk of becoming disabled.

2014-08-07 : Senior Citizens League Warns of Low 2015 COLA : Low COLAs affect not only people currently receiving benefits, but also those who have turned age 60 and who have not yet filed a claim.

2012-11-15 : From Capable Consumer to Old Person : Study participants viewed someone as old when a person consumed in ways consistent with society concept of older people and not when they experienced inabilities that come with increased chronological age.

2012-11-02 : Seniors Free Home Visit Service : Home Visit Program arranges an Emeritus expert to go to the home of an elderly loved one to check they are doing well physically and psychologically.

2011-11-19 : Seniors Unable to Recognize Memory Loss - Study Findings : The study asked two hundred elderly patients and their families to rate how well they think and remember.

2011-08-03 : Lifestyles of the Old and Healthy : People who live to 95 or older are no more virtuous than the rest of us in terms of their diet exercise routine or smoking and drinking habits.

2011-06-28 : Seniors Could See Social Security Checks Slashed by More Than $18,000 : Popular deficit reduction proposal would slash Social Security benefits by about $18,000 for seniors with average benefits retiring this year.

2011-05-20 : Seniors Have Lost 32% Buying Power Since 2000 : Seniors have lost almost one third of their buying power since 2000 according to the Annual Survey of Senior Costs.

2011-05-06 : Report on Aging - Make Aging & Caregiving a Priority : How seniors and their caregivers are faring during the current American economic downturn.

2011-05-02 : Older Americans Month - May : May is designated as national Older Americans Month to encourage support for American seniors.

2011-03-01 : Tea and Toast Syndrome in Seniors : The elderly often do not prepare whole meals and tend to dwindle their intake to tea and toast at the expense of vital nutrients and their health.

2011-02-23 : House Approves Cuts Targeting Seniors : Slashing initiatives that help older Americans to sustain their economic independence and health.

2011-02-18 : Baby Boomers See Retirement Delayed At Least 4 Years : Half of Baby Boomer who have postponed retirement due to economic downturn expect to work at least four years longer than originally planned.

2011-02-14 : A Family That Plays Together Stays Together : Study finds leisure time helps grandparents maintain bonds with adult grandchildren.

2011-02-11 : Elder Abuse Found to Occur Frequently : Preliminary results indicate that abuse of seniors occurs 25 times more often than officially reported.

2011-02-03 : Metabolic Syndrome Linked to Memory Loss in Seniors : Elderly with larger waistlines high blood pressure and other risk factors that make up metabolic syndrome may be at a higher risk for memory loss.

2011-02-03 : Nearly 50% of Seniors Receiving Lower Social Security Checks This Year : Seniors receiving lower checks 25% report receiving at least $50 less per month and one in nine receiving at least $100 less.

2011-01-24 : One in Six Seniors Lives in Poverty : At 16% the proportion of seniors living in poverty is also higher than the proportion of all Americans in poverty.

2011-01-17 : Retirement Planning: Tips for Late Bloomers : Americans are entering the age of retirement without enough savings to do so comfortably.

2011-01-09 : Help for People 65 and Older with Incomes at $1360/mo Single, $1820/mo Couple : Unemployment, decreases in investment income and disappearing pensions have left many retirees quietly struggling to make ends meet.

2010-12-20 : Best New Years Resolutions for 2011 - Boomer Guru : Top 10 New Years Resolutions for Boomers in 2011 and for everyone else who wants to be able to retire some day.

2010-12-17 : 2011 Annual Enrollment Period for Seniors : Time is Running Out for Seniors in the 2011 Annual Enrollment Period.

2010-12-16 : Best U.S. Cities for Retirement : Latest U.S. Uncovered study ranking the most popular and desired cities for retirement in America.

2010-12-04 : Where Will Seniors Get Health Care : More Than One in 10 Family Medicine Practices Consider Closing with Continued Threats to Medicare Payment.

2010-11-11 : Deficit Commission Proposal Hurts Middle Class Americans : AARP has responded with concern about how these recommendations would hurt the health and financial security of middle class Americans in particular.

2010-10-28 : Use of Senior Volunteers Shows That WisdomWorks : National Council on Aging Program Uses Self-Directed Teams of Older Americans to Solve Pressing Community Needs.

2010-10-25 : Pre-Retirees Not Prepared for Healthcare Costs in Retirement : Pre-retirees aged 50-64 are not confident they are saving enough money to handle healthcare costs in retirement.

2010-10-22 : 70-year-Olds are Smarter Today : 70-year-olds do far better in intelligence tests than their predecessors.

2010-10-14 : Centenarians Birthday Party of a Century (and more) : Centenarians including some who are 107 and 109 celebrate a unique birthday party in their honor.

2010-10-07 : Civil Justice System Uncovers Abuse and Neglect of Elderly Americans : New AAJ report shows how litigation holds nursing homes insurance companies accountable when they target nations seniors.

2010-10-04 : Boomers Going Broke : Recently more baby boomers are finding themselves in financial difficulty.

2010-09-28 : National Broadcast of Elder Abuse Film Announced for International Day of Older Persons : Link TV will broadcast An Age for Justice Confronting Elder Abuse in America on October 1 at 9:45 pm ET on DIRECTV the DISH Network.

2010-09-24 : Practical Tips to Educate Seniors About Fall Prevention : Falls are currently the leading cause of death from injury in adults over the age of 65.

2010-09-21 : Senior Community Service Employment Program : In Face of Continuing Economic Challenges Program Trains and Provides Job Opportunities for Adults Aged 55 plus.

2010-09-21 : Lower Social Security Payments for Millions of Seniors Next Year : 23 Million Seniors to Receive Lower Social Security Payments Next Year.

2010-09-14 : Recession Impact on Lower-Income Adults : Struggles low income older adults are facing during the current recession and economic times.

2010-08-31 : Seniors Experience Destination Amnesia : Older adults are more likely to have destination memory failures forgetting who they have shared or not shared information with.

2010-08-30 : Seniors Receive Medicare Prescription Drug Checks : Medicare beneficiaries receive one time tax-free checks of $250 to help pay for prescription drug costs.

2010-08-30 : Nutrition for Baby Boomers for Healthy Aging and Maintaining Active Lifestyles : Expert Healthcare Panel Recommends Select Nutritional Support for Baby Boomers for Healthy Aging to Maintain Active Lifestyles.

2010-08-25 : 100 Women Over 60 Years of Age Go Skydiving : More than 100 Women will jump out of planes over Wisconsin to demonstrate that healthy aging means staying strong and energetic.

2010-07-31 : Senior Moments Redefined - Truth About Senior Moments : Nationwide poll of older Americans the Vi Next Chapter study reveals seniors to be redefining senior moments.

2010-07-21 : 45,000 Homeless Seniors in US, Number to Double by 2050 : Population of homeless seniors in the US is expected to increase by at least 33 percent within 10 years.

2010-07-16 : Helping Seniors Avoid Scams : Information for seniors to help avoid financial scams to protect themselves and their money.

2010-07-13 : EBRI Retirement Readiness Rating: What is Your Rating : New Study Shows Wide Variations by Income and Time Eligible to Participate in a Defined Contribution Plan.

2010-06-10 : Elder Care Pros Offered FineThanx Phone Check-In System : FineThanx makes twice daily phone calls to check on the well-being of the aging person or other client.

2010-06-09 : Americans Not Taking Action to Protect Themselves Against Muscle Loss : While 70 percent of Americans are concerned about muscle loss the majority are not taking action to maintain muscle health.

2010-06-03 : Social Security Averages 40% of Seniors Income : Social Security was the largest source of income for those currently age 65 and older.

2010-06-02 : Differences Between US and Canada for Middle Aged : Major Canada US differences in people in middle age as middle aged Americans close to panic about the future.

2010-05-31 : Aging Baby Boomers will have to Innovate : Having fewer children, they will be counting on an extended family and non-traditional networks.

2010-05-26 : Is Sixty-Five the New Forty-Five for Seniors : Nearly all (90 percent) respondents 65 and older said they felt 10 years younger.

2010-05-25 : Medicare Policies Ignore Aging-at-Home Concept : CMS bureaucracy sought to control Medicare costs by adopting policies that harm providers and slow expansion of Medicare mobility benefit.

2010-05-06 : Women in America Prefer Aging at Home But Most do not Have the Financial Resources : American women 45 to 65 years of age report that they are frighteningly unprepared for old age.

2010-04-28 : Phone Check-in Service for Seniors : FineThanx is an affordable and non-technical way to check on an aging relative.

2010-04-21 : Congressional Pay Grows 15 Times Faster Than Social Security Checks : Congress have awarded themselves pay raises totaling $77,400 per year 1,458 percent more than seniors.

2010-04-08 : Seniors Could End Up Stranded Without Right to Repair Act : Seniors could end up forced to go to a dwindling number of car dealers for their vehicle maintenance and repairs.

2010-03-04 : Workers Age 60 Plus Putting Off Retirement Due to Financial Restraints : Workers over the age of 60 are putting off their retirement because they can not afford to retire financially.

2010-02-16 : Over Half of Seniors Getting Smaller Social Security Checks This Year : A majority of seniors are receiving a smaller Social Security check this year than in 2009.

2010-01-21 : Technology to Improve Care for Seniors With Cognitive Impairment : VNSNY Researchers Receive Funding for Test of Innovative Technology to Improve Care for Seniors With Cognitive Impairment.

2010-01-18 : Boomers and Older Volunteers Serving on Their Own : Report from AARP finds that informal service work among baby boomers and others 45 plus is on the rise.

2009-12-23 : Hospitalizations for Pneumonia in Seniors Linked to Air Pollution : Exposure to pollutants found in car exhaust fumes and industrial air pollution can lead to hospitalization for pneumonia.

2009-12-23 : Brain Training Helps Improve Specific Abilities in Seniors : Brain training can lead to an improvement in seniors for a specific ability.

2009-12-16 : Pensioners Send Message to Whitehorse Meeting : Protect orphaned pension plans that offers a win-win situation for companies workers retirees and governments.

2009-11-05 : Preventing Walking Disability in Older People : Determine whether a specific physical activity program can stave off disability in older people.

2009-10-22 : Solutions for Better Care for Pennsylvania Elderly : Fight for quality of life for Pennsylvania consumers assisted living industry pushes for smaller rooms and less space.

2009-10-11 : GeriCare Finder - Website for Senior Care and Health Resources : GeriCare Finder is a website where seniors can find a plethora of care and health resources.

2009-09-29 : Study Links High Heel Shoes to Heel and Ankle Pain : High-heel shoes pumps and sandals may cause future hind-foot heel and ankle pain in women.

2009-09-17 : Older Americans and the Recession : Older Americans are experiencing the financial crisis through the housing troubles of their children than through their own difficulties.

2009-08-28 : Seniors and Health Insurance Reform : How health insurance reform will strengthen Medicare and protect coverage for seniors.

2009-08-05 : Hip and Back Fractures Increase Mortality Rates : 25% of seniors who develop hip fractures and 16% of people who develop spine fractures will die over a five-year period.

2009-07-30 : Risk of Frailty in Older Women : Evidence that frailty is related to the number of abnormal physiological systems rather than a specific system abnormality.

2009-07-30 : Reducing Risk of Hospitalization in the Elderly : Older adults who have less strength poor physical function and low muscle density are at higher risk of being hospitalized.

2009-07-29 : Green Paper Aged Care Reform - UK : To protect older peoples dignity and independence action is needed to fund care and insure quality care is available.

2009-06-18 : Long-term Care Costs Exceed Yearly Income for many California Seniors : In Los Angeles County being disabled can cost years income as annual cost of in-home care services for seniors living alone is now $319 more than median income of $17029.

2009-05-25 : Computers for Seniors - Learning How to Use a Computer : Modern computer technology is wonderful, and it is reassuring to know that seniors have not been left out.

2009-05-02 : Women Live Longer- But Not Better : In a study of people over 65 women suffered up to two and a half times more disabilities than men of the same age.

2009-04-16 : Government of Canada Supports Seniors in Saint John : Mr. Weston highlighted funding for Hospice of Saint John to ensure seniors have opportunity to participate in their community.

2009-04-16 : Senator Isakson Addressed Seniors at Park Springs, Stone Mountain : U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson spoke to seniors last week at Park Springs in Stone Mountain.

2009-04-04 : Personality Traits - Siblings and Offspring of Centenarians : Personality traits associated with healthy aging and longevity amongst the children of centenarians.

2009-03-31 : Octogenarian Muscles don't get Stronger with Exercise : Octogenarian women were unable to increase muscle mass after a 3-month weight lifting program targeted at strengthening the thigh muscle.

2009-03-23 : Things Seniors Can No Longer Manage to Do : As a public service to marketers and others that deal with old people here are some things that old people can not do.

2009-03-04 : Mortality Risk Greater for Elderly Women Who Nap Daily : Study shows older women who reported taking daily naps had a significantly greater risk of dying.

2009-03-03 : Moderate Alcohol Intake Associated with Bone Protection : Regular moderate alcohol intake associated with greater bone mineral density in seniors over 60.

2009-03-01 : CDC Recommends Shingles Vaccine for Seniors : People age 60 and older should be vaccinated against shingles or herpes zoster the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states.

2009-02-24 : California's Single Seniors Lacking Sufficient Income to Pay Bills : Nearly half a million seniors living alone in California lack sufficient income to pay for a minimum level of housing food health care transportation and other basic expenses.

2009-02-23 : Vitamin B and Folic Acid May Reduce Age Related Vision Loss : Taking a combination of vitamins B6 and B12 and folic acid appears to decrease the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

2009-02-17 : Exercising Brain Prevents Memory Loss : Participating in mental activities like reading playing games or crafting in middle age may prevent memory loss.

2009-02-03 : Seniors in Medicare Doughnut Hole Use Less Medication : Beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Part D who reach a gap in health care coverage known as the doughnut hole less likely to use prescription drugs than those with employer based plan.

2009-01-22 : Vitamin D Linked to Cognitive Impairment : Researchers have identified a relationship between Vitamin D and cognitive impairment in a large scale study of older people.

2009-01-22 : Seniors Affected by Hurricane Katrina Show Decline in Health : Following Hurricane Katrina health of survivors 65 and over declined nearly 4 times that of a national sample of older adults not affected by the disaster.

2009-01-21 : Impaired Kidney Function Raises Risk of Heart Problems in Elderly : Elderly people with damaged kidneys are at greater risk of cardiovascular disease heart failure and stroke.

2009-01-15 : Seniors Universal Health Care and Dementia : In spite of universal health care seniors in UK are less willing to undergo dementia screening than their counterparts in the US.

2009-01-15 : Slow Bone Healing in Seniors - New Research : Researchers have unraveled details of how aging causes broken bones to heal slowly in seniors.

2009-01-15 : Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Help Seniors Keep Disabilities Away : Moderate consumption of alcohol may help prevent the development of physical disability in seniors.

2009-01-04 : Interstate Travel Cheaper for Australian Seniors : Australian seniors will pay less to travel on public transport outside their home states.

2009-01-02 : Adult Day Care Centers : Adult day care centers provide a variety of classes from swimming to painting, music and yoga.

2009-01-02 : New Year Resolutions for Grandparents : A list of new year resolutions for seniors and grandparents including starting a blog and joining a community.

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