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GeriCare Finder - Website for Senior Care and Health Resources

Published : 2009-10-11 - Updated : 2010-07-11
Author : Disabled World

Synopsis* : GeriCare Finder is a website where seniors can find a plethora of care and health resources.

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GeriCare Finder is a website where seniors can find a plethora of care and health resources.

The site has a comprehensive listing of resources that give seniors that ability to both understand and plan for their health and quality of living for either themselves or the ones they love.

Using GeriCare's care guide, seniors can obtain detailed information regarding both legal and financial planning or to identify the form of senior health care they desire; they can also choose among senior products and services. The GeriCare website provides seniors with the ability to save the things they find in an online workspace and obtain assistance from others as well.

The Founder of GeriCare, Ron Kustek, created GeriCare Finder in 2007. He drew knowledge from experts in the field, realizing and understanding that people were frustrated with having to do multiple searches in order to first find and then decide on the best care for either themselves or their friends. He built on his own expertise, as well as the expertise of others in regards to website design, using the world's leading Internet design and web-marketing companies in order to create GeriCare Finder. Ron has more than twenty-five years of marketing expertise through both Coca-Cola and the entertainment industry, as well as ten years of entrepreneurial success through Los Angeles' number one Spa. He has organized and created the world's most comprehensive site for geriatric and senior care. Ron's vision of, 'Single Search for Elder Care,' has ensured that anyone has the ability to both quickly and efficiently find any of the care resources they need in regards to planning for their own care or for the ones they love.

The year 2003 found one of GeriCare's closest friends passing on. They learned how to arrange for her care while she was ill, and while they were overwhelmed and uneducated concerning the health care industry, as well as unequipped to find the help needed to best care for her, they learned quickly. The year 2008 found many friends of GeriCare facing the task of finding care and making arrangements for their aging parents, frustrated by the seemingly endless web searches and an industry that is filled with confusing terms and inefficiency where coordination of resources were concerned. The site is now dedicated to their friend, Eva Lengyel, as well as to everyone who needs a fast, easy, and comprehensive resource that will assist them in finding care for their loved one.

The GeriCare Finder advisory board provides online resources to assist seniors in making care decisions, working with experts in the fields of geriatric law, care, financial planning and additional areas to provide them with the tools and resources they need. The board only uses resources that are reliable, credible and as helpful as possible. Cathy Cress, a member of the advisory board, holds an M.S.W. In aging from U.C. Berkeley and is the author of, 'Handbook of Geriatric Care Management,' which is considered to be the, 'bible,' of geriatric care management. Cathy has also authored, 'Care Managers - Working With the Aging Functional and Dysfunctional Family,' which was published in August of 2008. Cathy is the founder of GCM Consult, and a lecturer in Gerontology at the University of Florida.

The advisory board at GeriCare Finder is certainly not lacking in people with sterling skills or accolades. Mr. James R. Rosen is also a member of this same advisory board and has been featured in the 2006-2008 issues of Los Angeles and Super Lawyers magazines, as well as being recognized as one of the premier lawyers in Souther California. James has been recognized among Southern California's, 'Best Lawyers,' by American Lawyer as well, appearing in the Los Angeles Times. James is rated as, 'AV,' by Martindale-Hubble, the national attorney ranking service; the, 'AV,' rating is their highest rating - indicating that an attorney has reached the height of professional skill and excellence. James Rosen's services are available through GeriCare Finder.

The innovative products, services, and technologies of today make living in one's own home easier. Simple things such as home cleaning and repairs are services that are needed, as well as more involved services such as in-home surveillance, transportation to and from appointments and so forth. All of these services can be both arranged and obtained through GeriCare Finder.

There are increasing numbers of baby boomers in America, with an equally growing need for information on the parts of those who love them. GeriCare Finder is the first complete website on the Internet that gives people the ability to locate senior care, advisers, services and products. The number of businesses presenting these forms of services at this time is greater than eleven-thousand; GeriCare Finder is the world's fastest growing senior care website.

People faced with finding care for themselves, an elderly parent or loved one many times, 'do not know what they do not know.' The senior care industry truly does have it's own language, terminology and so forth. The GeriCare Finder website not only defines terms for people right on their website, they also inform people concerning what each type of care is and what it does, how different types of advisers can help, as well as how various products and services can make life easier. The variety of products and services available through GeriCare Finder is truly incredible, it is a tremendous resource. What follows are examples of the many products and services available through the GeriCare Finder website.

Adaptive Clothing
Diabetes Supplies
Disability Equipment & Supplies
Hearing Aids & Supplies
Incontinence & Home Health
Optical Goods & Glasses
Orthopedic Appliances
Wheelchairs & Powered Scooters
Home Alarm & Security Systems
Air Conditioning & Repair
Basement Repair
Carpenters & Handyman
Carpet & Rug Cleaning
Disability Access Retrofitting & Modification Contractors
Heater/Furnace Clean/Repair
Heating Contractors
House Cleaning/Maid Service
Pest Control
Refrigerator/Freezer Repair
Washer/Dryer Repair
Gutter/Downspout Cleaning
Lawn Mowing & Grounds
Roof Maintenance & Repair
Snow Removal
Tree Trimming & Service
Prepared Meal Home Delivery Service
Beds & Mattress
Animal Hospitals
Vet Emergency Services
Pet Sitting, Boarding & Kennels .
Pet Washing & Grooming
Auto Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance
Dialysis Clinics
Dentists: Bridges & Dentures
Dentists: Gum Disease/Periodontics
Dentists: Root Canal/Endodontics
Holistic Practitioners
Pain Management
Physical Therapists
Local Transportation Services
Reverse Mortgage Companies
Real Estate Agents
Estate Sales Services
Moving Supplies

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