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Retirement: Seniors & Persons with Disability Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Retirement Planning category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Retirement: Seniors & Persons with Disability Publications

2018-05-17 : 50% of Retirees Saw Little or No COLA Increase in Net 2018 Social Security Benefits : Nearly 27 million U.S. Social Security recipients are going through a 3rd consecutive year of no net increase in their Social Security benefits.

2017-02-27 : Unexpected Costs, Health Issues and Higher Taxes Are Biggest Retirement Surprises : Nearly half of retired Canadians over 50 years old stopped working earlier than expected and many regret not planning for retirement sooner.

2016-09-27 : Americans with Disabilities Financially Insecure and Their Caregivers Unprepared for Retirement : American College research finds 82% of caregivers concerned about not having enough money to last for their special needs relative's entire lifetime - Two thirds of children with disabilities risk losing health benefits as they age.

2016-02-25 : Retirement Survey Shows Medicare Can Take 30 - 50% of Your Social Security Benefit : Recent survey by The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) concludes Medicare often takes one-third to one-half of your Social Security Benefit.

2015-01-24 : Best Senior Living Communities in America : announces The 55 Best 55+ Active Adult Communities in America for 2015.

2014-12-12 : Hopes, Fears and Reality of Retirement : New MassMutual study finds pre-retiree fears unfounded and most retirees well adjusted both emotionally and financially.

2014-07-03 : Will Your Money Last Your Retirement : Report reveals low retirement savings in American households with 4 in 10 families having no retirement savings at all.

2012-11-26 : Lack of Awareness Costing Retirees Thousands of Retirement Dollars : Report reveals retirees are taking their benefits too early and are not aware of options and strategies that may result in higher benefits.

2012-11-07 : Retiring Without a Mortgage to Worry About : Information and helpful tips on paying off your mortgage and being debt free in retirement.

2012-09-05 : Guide to Senior Finances: Information for Those Over 50 : Comprehensive guide to senior finances including Budgeting and Saving, Social Security benefits, taxes, and retirement income.

2011-10-05 : Life Insurance Helps Provide Critical Retirement Safety Net : Life insurance can work for retirees from providing tax benefits to protecting their estates to providing financial security.

2011-08-24 : Longevity Insurance - Income Supplement for Old Age : Information on longevity insurance a type of policy for seniors that issues payments when you hit an advanced age generally 85.

2011-07-25 : Workers Compensation Disability - When Does Retirement Begin : If someone is receiving workers compensation disability then how does one decide if they have retired.

2011-07-22 : Best Places To Live and Retire Affordably in the U.S. : Top 10 retirement destinations in America that offer a fabulous lifestyle without outrageous cost of living expenses.

2011-06-30 : Turning Retirement Savings Into Income : People are dangerously underestimating how much money they will actually need when they retire.

2011-06-23 : Planning is Key to Happy Healthy Retirement : In addition to planning for retirement it is important to prepare for health problems that may occur later in life.

2011-06-22 : Have Retirement Nest Eggs Cracked : Americans ongoing uneasiness about their finances is putting some cracks in how they feel about their retirement nest eggs.

2011-06-07 : Already Enacted Changes will Cut Social Security Benefits by 19% for Future Retirees : New Study Finds Changes Already Enacted Will Cut Social Security Benefits By 19 Percent for Future Retirees.

2011-05-24 : The Great Recession - Older Workers May Never Recover Financially : Older Americans worried about their financial future and taking actions to rebuild some measure of retirement security.

2011-05-18 : Popular Retirement Top-Up Plans - Standard Life : Standard Life research has revealed the most popular retirement top-up plans for people who have saved into a pension.

2011-03-29 : Health and Financial Concerns Threaten Retirement Dreams : AARP survey shows a measurable gap between importance placed on health and financial security and confidence in meeting those needs.

2011-03-24 : Housing Challenges with Retirement Planning : Only 16% retirees and one in five pre-retirees have already used or plan to use equity in their home to help finance their retirement.

2011-03-24 : Retirement Confidence Sinks to All-Time Low : New survey finds a record number of Americans have lost confidence in their ability to afford retirement.

2011-03-24 : Planning for Your Retirement : The right retirement plan should take into account your individual circumstances needs and long-term goals.

2010-11-21 : Tips for Retirement Income Distribution Plan : Consortium of Securities America Advisers Offer Tips for a Retirement Income Distribution Plan.

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