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100 Women Over 60 Years of Age Go Skydiving

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Published: 2010-08-25 : (Rev. 2016-09-23)

Synopsis and Key Points:

More than 100 Women will jump out of planes over Wisconsin to demonstrate that healthy aging means staying strong and energetic.

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100 Women, All Over 60, Take the Plunge in the Martini Skydiving Event - BeneVia® Sponsors Boomer Adventure Event To Show How Life Can Be full of Vitality & Energy.

This week, more than 100 Women will jump out of planes over Wisconsin to demonstrate that healthy aging means staying strong and energetic and that having fun in life never stops. These Women - all of whom are 60 years plus in age - provide inspirational motivation to all Boomers across America and prove that expanding life experiences and boundaries never ends. Sponsored in part by BeneVia®, the healthy nutrition drink strives to support the active lifestyles and energy levels of boomer women and their families.

Partnering with, BeneVia® supports the mission of providing opportunities to women that promote an active energetic lifestyle and maximizes life experiences. All to prove that women can do anything they put their minds to - and at any age, and collectively tell aging to 'Back-off!' expects more than 100 Women from all walks of life to participate in this event on Saturday, August 28, 2010 in Baldwin, WI. Participants can register at the AgingButDangerous website.

"We are very excited about BeneVia's sponsorship of the's Martini Skydiving Event and the opportunity to support active women and their families with great nutrition for healthy aging and active lifestyles," said John Troup, Ph.D. President of parent company HealthSpan Solutions, makers of BeneVia healthy nutrition drinks.

"BeneVia® has been shown to enhance energy and strength and can lead to improved and more physical activity," he continued. "BeneVia® can give you that extra confidence in staying active and feeling great and thus supports the courage it takes to jump out of planes - or anything else in life you want to keep doing! For those not able to participate in the Martini Jump we've arranged for access to coupons online at '' "

BeneVia® will provide its Strength & Energy beverage to all participants. This healthy juice drink was formulated by clinical experts in aging and designed to deliver fortified and balanced nutrition providing a superior protein energy source supporting active lifestyles. Using a proprietary and clinically proven high leucine/essential amino acid protein blend, BeneVia® Strength & Energy has been shown to support and improve daily levels of activity. Over 15 peer reviewed clinical publications are available demonstrating the important effects that BeneVia® has on overcoming age-resistance of muscles to stay active and thus supporting muscle function and performance - overall improving a healthy aging process and well-being - whether for improved health and activity or participating in exciting lifestyles.

Clinical study results are available online at BeneVia drinks can be found in the adult nutrition aisle and in Minnesota area retailers - Supervalu/Cubs groceries, Dakota Drugs, Fairview Pharmacy, Lewis Drugs and Hy-Vee and via BeneVia's online store.

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