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Disability News: United Kingdom Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World UK Disability News category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-10-18Fear of Hostility Prevents Many Disabled People From Going Out
2017-10-05The 'Human Catastrophe' of British Disability: A False-dawn of Capitalism in Crisis?
2017-08-30UN Criticizes UK for Creating 'Human Catastrophe' Over Disability
2017-04-26Arson Attack On British Special Needs School Causes £23,000 Worth Of Damage
2017-03-19CSW61: RI Global Advocates for Working Women With Disabilities
2017-01-25Manchester United Confirms Stadium Accessibility Upgrade Plans
2017-01-17We Sign Cafe - Starbucks UK Baristas Raise Awareness of Deaf Culture
2017-01-06Kingston Lacy in Dorest Becomes National Trust Site to Secure Off-road Wheelchairs
2017-01-04Mars Chocolate UK Launches Billboard in London for World Braille Day 2017
2016-12-10Groups Urge Theresa May Not to Scrap Human Rights Act
2016-12-05Next Steps for U.K. Equality and Diversity - Comparing Security Industry with Other Industries
2016-11-15Why The UK Work Capability Assessment Must End
2016-11-08UN Concludes Britain Guilty of Human Rights Abuses
2016-11-01Impact of New UK and Scotland Benefit Cap on Children and Families
2016-10-28Report Urges U.K. Government to Consider New Sickness and Disability Insurance Scheme
2016-09-05Transport for London Invisible Disability Badge for Those Less Able to Stand
2016-03-22IDS Resigns, But Is He Also Distancing Himself From the Horrors of Welfare Reform?
2016-03-03Paxman Scalp Cooling Manufacturer Wins Prestigious Award
2015-12-245 Year Council Housing Waiting List for UK Disabled
2015-11-16UK Disability Assessments: Adverse Trends in Mental Health Link
2015-08-02Disabled Ramblers Suffolk Mobility Scooter Expedition
2015-06-19Hijinx Unity Festival Cardiff - Inclusive & Disability Arts from Europe & Africa
2015-04-20The UK General Election 2015: What's in Store for Disability
2015-03-23Atos to Maximus - Redefining Disability: Where Now for British Welfare Reform Protest Movement
2014-09-24Scotland Votes 'No'. What Will this Mean for 'Disability' Within the UK
2014-09-16Why a Yes Vote for Scottish Independence is Important for Disabled Scots
2014-09-05Accessible Britain Challenge - EFDS Guide
2014-07-28Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in a Mountain Trike
2014-06-30The Catastrophe of Disability Welfare Within the UK
2014-05-20Disabled Motor-sport Marshal Achieves World Record on TGA Mobility Scooter
2014-05-07EU Signs Treaty to Enable Access to Books for People with Vision Disability
2014-03-08New European Standard on Accessibility Requirements for Procurement of ICT Products and Services
2013-12-04Gothenburg Announced as Access City Award Winner 2014
2012-12-27UK Benefit Cap Implementation
2012-10-25UK Government Failure to Protect Disabled from Welfare Cuts
2012-09-03AtoS and the U.K. Disabled Protests Regarding Disability Benefit Assessments
2012-09-02Police Fracture Wheelchair User's Shoulder During Peaceful Protest Outside DWP
2012-08-11Russian Federation Ratification of UN Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities
2012-07-13Hereward College and Neuromuscular Center (NMC) Midlands Partner up
2012-06-07Wage Incentive to Employ Young Disabled People
2012-02-15Cold Weather Payments - Help for UK Pensioners on Low Income
2012-01-04Cost of Disability in Spain May Reach 77.2% of Household Income
2011-12-15U.K. Cold Weather Payments - Information and Eligibility
2011-12-10High-Level Meeting on Disability: European Disability Forum
2011-12-01Winner of EU Award for Disabled Friendly Cities is Salzburg
2011-11-15Access Cities Award Competition Advances to December Final
2011-10-08More UK Families to be Paid Childcare Support
2011-09-14City for All Access - UK City Award 2012
2011-07-18Countering Criticism of Negative Attitudes Towards Women in Italy
2011-07-16U.K. Child Maintenance System to Change
2011-07-06Free UK Road Atlas for Blue Badge Drivers
2011-06-30Launch of the Access City Award 2012
2011-05-13UK Government Response to Households Below Average Income Figures
2011-05-10New Measure of UK Pensioner Poverty
2011-03-23Welfare Reform Bill Concerns for U.K. Disabled Vehicle Users
2011-03-23Disabled Hardest Hit in UK Welfare Reform
2011-03-01Cash for Families of Children with Disability - Scotland
2011-02-19Response to Government Welfare Reform Bill
2011-02-09UK Residents Have 2 Months to Boost Their Basic State Pension and Get Backdated Payments
2011-01-26Charities Say Sickness Benefit Assessment Reforms Will Cause Further Misery at Taxpayer's Expense
2011-01-21People with Disabilities Rights Recognized Across The Eu
2011-01-18UK Pensions Bill will Boost Retirement Savings for Millions
2011-01-10Cuts Will Slash Living Standards of 100,000 People with Disabilities in Norfolk by more than 30%
2011-01-03EU: A Commitment to Disability Rights
2011-01-02Over 10 Million People to Live to 100 Years Old
2010-12-23UK Back to Work Program will be Built on Payment by Results
2010-12-15Disabled People Fight Back in Protest - UK Disability News
2010-12-13People with Disabilities Get Right to Control Services
2010-12-07Extra 20,000 to Lose Mobility Component of DLA - UK Disability News
2010-11-30UK Housing Benefit Reforms will Restore Fairness
2010-11-26Jobseeker's Allowance Mandatory Work Activity Public Consultation
2010-11-15Last Chance for Families of Children with Disability to Receive Free IT Equipment
2010-11-10Amputees in Action CEO Joins Panel for 2010 Stelios Award for Disabled Entrepreneurs in the UK
2010-11-07Disability Awareness Program For Clare Students
2010-10-26School in Hampshire to Inspire Dyslexic Students Worldwide to Learn More Independently with ICT
2010-10-13Deaf Teenagers Work with Professional Actor Colin Wells
2010-09-22Trabasack Entrepreneur Shortlisted for Stelios Award for Disabled Entrepreneurs in the UK 2010
2010-09-17Disability Champion Phil Packer Becomes Papworth Trust Envoy
2010-09-14Debenhams Breaks New Ground with National Disabled Model Campaign
2010-09-11Heart Attacks Jump in Young Italian Women
2010-09-09Cornish Law Firm Explains New UK Equality Act
2010-09-09Questions on Accessibility for UK TfL and Rail Operators
2010-09-08Almost 20% of Households Across UK are Jobless
2010-09-07Quarter of a Million UK Carers Missing out on New State Pension Protection
2010-09-07Deaf Teenagers Visit Number 10 Downing Street
2010-08-31Taking it to the Next Level
2010-08-26Norfolks Disability Community Fights Back - UK Disability News
2010-08-26Disability Benefits Survey by Leonard Cheshire Disability UK
2010-08-24U.K. Employers and Workers Back Pension Reforms
2010-08-16Lifeline Set to Land in Staffordshire for Families
2010-07-30Early Intervention: Key to Giving Disadvantaged Children Opportunities they Deserve
2010-07-22Independent Living Training Center for Norfolk Opening
2010-07-21European Social Fund Evaluation of Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities
2010-07-20Mobile Health Center Clinic Wandsworth, London
2010-07-12Britain's Most Dangerous Roads
2010-07-11Energy Rebate Scheme for UK Pensioners
2010-07-10Study of Families with Children in Britain
2010-06-20Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People Scoop First Place at Awards
2010-06-20MHE Calls on EU Leaders to Strengthen Dimension of Disability Policies
2010-06-17Seniors in Europe Face Longer Wait Until Retirement
2010-06-17XMA Awarded Contract to Provide Assistive Technology Packages
2010-06-11The Larches Trust Plants the Seeds for Independent Living
2010-05-26Chrysallia at Final Meeting of ESST Project
2010-04-29Shops and Services Still Failing Customers with Disability
2010-04-02New U.K. Benefit Test will Fail to Spot Disability and Illness
2010-03-19Child Trust Fund Boost for Children with Disability
2010-03-12Autism Employment Campaigners U.K. Victory
2010-02-28The Lord's Taverners and BT - Multi-sensory Rooms for Children with Disabilities
2010-01-27Calls for Salt Intake Legislation in Europe
2009-12-29UKAF Campaign results in increases in DLA, CLA, Child Benefits in Chancellor Darling's PBR
2009-12-22Number of 85-year-olds will Increase by a Third by 2020
2009-12-17British Council and Arts Council England Memorandum of Understanding
2009-12-14Forty Charities Attend Sarah Brown's Downing Street Autism Summit
2009-10-27Government Decides Not to Scrap Disability Living Allowance
2009-09-26Miriam Margolyes Disabled Living Foundation Appeal
2009-08-07Gary McKinnon: Petition and Appeal to President Barack Obama
2009-07-08Persons with Learning Disabilities More Likely to Develop Eyesight Problems
2009-04-23Colleague's Deafness Inspires Marathon Runner
2009-04-17UKAF appeal to Chancellor Alistair Darling
2009-04-12Businesses Join with Grenoble Ecole De Management to Meet Challenges of Disability
2009-04-11Mum's Memory Inspires Bedfordshire Marathon Runner
2009-04-08Disabled Students Achieve Potential with Government's Home Access Pilot
2009-04-02New Law to Strengthen Protection of Vulnerable People UK
2009-04-02World Autism Awareness Day - Stand Up for Autism
2009-03-24RADAR Hopes Obama Apology Sincere and Lesson Learned
2009-03-22U.K. Blind people to Receive Higher Rate of Mobility Component
2009-03-18RFID Tracking to Revolutionize the UK Medical Industry
2009-03-16Limiting Access to Disabled Children's Services is Unlawful
2009-03-11First British Blind Soap Actress as Lizzie Lakely
2009-03-07Charitable Trust Takes Official Receipt of £350k Jumbulance
2009-03-02U.K. Service Creates Opportunities for People with Learning Disability
2009-03-02U.K. Care Charges Risk Leading Older and Disabled into Poverty
2009-02-27U.K. Disability Equality Act Information
2009-02-24UK Winter Fuel Payments
2009-02-24U.K. Ambulance Service National Stroke Campaign
2009-02-23Public say Social Care is as Important as NHS
2009-02-18Hollyoaks Stars Marathon Effort for Charity

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