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Disability News for United Kingdom and Europe

  • Synopsis: Last Revised/Updated: 2017-12-23 - Health and disability news from England, Scotland, Wales and European countries of interest to senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

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Health and disability news from England, Scotland, Wales and European countries of interest to senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

In the U.K. Directgov offers disabled people information on independent living, financial support, health and social services, employment and travel. The U.K. Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 aims to end the discrimination that many disabled people still face today.

This Act has been significantly extended, including by the Disability Discrimination Act 2005. It now gives disabled people rights in the areas of:

The Act requires public bodies to promote equality of opportunity for disabled people. It also allows the government to set minimum standards so that disabled people can use public transport easily.

U.K. Seniors

Employers in England will no longer be able to force workers to retire before 65, unless they can justify it.

The government has announced that firms will be barred from 2006 from imposing arbitrary retirement ages. Under age discrimination proposals from the Department of Trade and Industry workers are allowed to work on till 70 if they wish.

Many retired people in the U.K. do not claim all the benefits that they are entitled to. Benefit rules are not needlessly generous so if you qualify for any help you should take up your entitlement. There are two main types of benefits: means tested and non means tested.

Statistics: Disability in The U.K.

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4 : Fear of Hostility Prevents Many Disabled People From Going Out : Leonard Cheshire Disability.
5 : The 'Human Catastrophe' of British Disability: A False-dawn of Capitalism in Crisis? : Paul Dodenhoff.
6 : UN Criticizes UK for Creating 'Human Catastrophe' Over Disability : Paul Dodenhoff.
7 : Arson Attack On British Special Needs School Causes £23,000 Worth Of Damage : Paul Dodenhoff.
8 : CSW61: RI Global Advocates for Working Women With Disabilities : RI Global.
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