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City for All Access - UK City Award 2012

  • Publish Date : 2011/09/14 - (Rev. 2011/11/15)
  • Author : Access City Award


European Commission calls for entries from across Europe for City for All Access City Award 2012.

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European Commission calls for entries from across Europe for City for All Access - City Award 2012.

In Europe, more than one in five people face difficulties due to old age, disability or reduced mobility.

Due to demographic trends more and more people will need accessible environment.

Giving everyone access to transport, public spaces and services, and technology has become a real challenge. In terms of that creating a barrier-free Europe is our obligation.

Until 20 of September the European Commission waits for applications to the the "Access City Award", annual European Award organized for the second time.

The annual prize aims to showcase and reward cities which take exemplary steps to improve their accessibility for people with disabilities in fundamental aspects of everyday live. It will highlight the most successful initiatives allowing disabled people to participate fully in society and have equal access to their rights.

Accessibility needs to be implemented in a coherent and systematic manner in goods, services and infrastructure.

Initiatives will therefore be assessed for their integrated approach across four key areas:

The built environment and public spaces;

Transportation and related infrastructure;

Information and communication, including new technologies (ICT);

Public facilities and services

The award ceremony will coincide with the European Day of People with Disabilities Conference on 1-2 December 2011. The winner of the competition will be recognized as the "Winner of the Access City Award 2012".

How to apply:

City authorities in all European Union are invited to apply until 20 September 2011 in English, French or German using the entry forms at www.accesscityaward.eu

For more information:

European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 - ec.europa.eu/justice/discrimination/disabilities/disability-strategy/index_en.htm

United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - ec.europa.eu/justice/discrimination/disabilities/convention/index_en.htm

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