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Veteran News: Information and Assistance Programs Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Veterans News category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-01-17U.S. Air Force Disability Evaluation - New Notification System
2017-01-17Camp Lejeune Water Supply - VA to Provide Disability Benefits for Related Diseases Associated with Exposure to Contaminants
2016-09-09From Alaska to Argentina - Veteran's Motorcycle Ride for PTSD Awareness
2016-07-11VA Employees Advocate Says Trump Dead Wrong on Privatizing VA Healthcare System
2016-06-15Hankook Launches Hankook Heroes Recognition Program for American Veterans
2016-05-09AT&T Hiring 20,000 Veterans by 2020
2016-05-02Correcting Bad Paper Discharges for Combat Veterans with PTSD
2016-03-11Wounded Warrior Project CEO and COO Fired
2016-02-13Institute of Medicine Gulf War Illness Report
2016-02-04Veterans with Disabilities - 2016 Warriors to Summits Expeditions
2015-10-22U.S. Veteran Affairs Officials Skirt Congressional Hearing
2015-02-25Senior Veterans and Their Spouses Benefits for Assisted Living or Home Care Costs
2015-01-18Sailor Flips 250lb Tire 13 Miles for Wounded Veterans
2015-01-11Agent Orange Contaminated C-123 Planes May Have Affected Reservists Health
2014-12-16Primary 2015 Goals for Disabled Veterans National Foundation
2014-11-08Finding Help and Hope in Special Michigan Court - Justice-Involved Veterans
2014-11-07Retaining Military Veteran Employees
2014-11-04CoQ10 Helps Veterans Relieve Symptoms of Gulf War Illness
2014-09-25U.S. Not Fully Equipped to Support Female Veterans
2014-07-16Lack of Accountability Systemic in Veterans Affairs
2014-06-06Restoring Trust in Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System
2014-06-01Legislative Action Plan for Veterans: Chairman Sanders
2014-02-19Expedited Social Security Disability Process for Veterans
2013-12-06U.S. Veterans 2014 COLA Increase
2013-06-23Veteran Disability Claims: eBenefits Online Application
2013-05-24Important Initiatives for US Disabled Veterans
2013-03-13Widespread Delays in Disability Benefits According to VA Internal Documents
2013-01-01Disabled Veterans Federal Employment Protection
2012-10-29Disabled Veterans Battle Endless Red Tape for Benefits
2012-06-27Billions Spent on Duplicate Care Costs for Veterans
2012-06-26Wounded Service-members Disability Benefits
2012-06-25PTSD and Violence in Returning Veterans Study
2012-06-19The Veterans Retraining Assistance Program - Vocational Rehabilitation and Employers
2012-04-15Enhancements to Benefits Offered to Ill and Injured - Minister of National Defense Announcement
2012-02-16Homelessness Among Women Veterans in America
2012-01-05U.S. Congress Contemplates Changes to Veterans and Military Benefits
2011-12-31New Battle at Home for Troops Returning From Iraq
2011-11-29How to Improve Access to Health Care, Special Education and Services for USMC Family Members with Disabilities - NCD Report
2011-11-10Pay It Forward for Veterans
2011-11-05VA Must Help Veterans Apply for SSD and Benefits
2011-10-28Injured Veterans - Barriers to Disability Benefits Still Persist
2011-09-12List of Ships Associated with Presumptive Agent Orange Exposure
2011-08-16U.S Army Suicide Data Including Assistance, Counseling and Prevention Information
2011-08-09Elder Veterans Rights to Assist US Service Veterans
2011-08-06Physical Evaluation Board for Injured Service Members
2011-07-20No More Agent Orange Claims - Sen. Coburn to Vietnam Veterans
2011-07-15How The American Legion Reaches Out to Military Families
2011-06-27Veterans Suffering From PTSD Should Apply For Benefits
2011-06-05Disabled Veterans Bill To Improve Claims and Appeals Process
2011-05-27Wounded Warrior Project Declines $3.2 Million in State Funding
2011-05-26New Veterans Program for Family Caregivers Fills Major Need
2011-05-25War Vet Helps Military Families
2011-05-23Tribute to 3 Million Disabled American Veterans
2011-05-18Career Opportunities for Paralyzed Veterans
2011-05-05Legion Testifies on GI Bill Inequities
2011-03-03Supreme Court Decisions Affecting Service Members and Veterans
2011-03-02Veterans Affairs Needs to Treat the Root of Claims Backlog
2011-02-18Funding Needs of America's Veterans - Wrong Direction
2011-02-14Independent Budget Recommendations to Be Released Next Week
2011-02-13Leave and Earnings Statement - Information for Military Couples
2011-02-11American Cold War Veterans Call for Repeal of Disabled Veterans Tax
2011-02-10Homeless Veterans in Ohio and Michigan to Benefit From $11M in Housing Development
2011-02-09Rep. Bachmann Drops Veterans Budget Cut Proposal Amid DAV Pressure
2011-02-04Fight for Veterans Penalized for Their Wounds - American Legion
2011-01-29American Legion Opposes Proposal to Cut VA Spending
2011-01-28Disabled Veterans Decry Wrongheaded, Heartless Budget Cuts
2011-01-27Critical Troop, Family Health Care Needs
2011-01-27Final Regulation to Aid Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange in Korea
2011-01-24Returning Vets to Use Mobile Devices to Receive Care
2010-12-22New Law May Bring New Benefits to Veterans
2010-12-21VA Officials Process First Claims for New Agent Orange Presumptives
2010-11-10Veterans Day 2010 - Empower Veterans with Disabilities
2010-11-10Helping Veterans and Their Families Receive VA Benefits
2010-11-08112th Congress Must Continue in Right Direction for Veterans
2010-11-08Dream Machine Recycling Initiative Makes Donation to Entrepreneurship Boot-camp for Veterans with Disabilities
2010-11-08Attorney Michael Fox Charges Wisconsin Veteran Affairs for Refusing to Hire a Veteran Because He Was an Old White Man
2010-11-06Colorado Veterans Have Options for Health Care Coverage
2010-11-04How to Show Appreciation and Thank Veterans for Their Service
2010-11-03Veterans Have Options for Health Care Coverage
2010-11-02VA Begins Paying Benefits for New Agent Orange Claims
2010-11-01Aid and Attendance Benefits for Veterans and Spouses Caring for a Veteran
2010-10-28National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped Provides Free Talking Books to US Veterans
2010-10-26Veterans Share Life Lessons Learned in Service
2010-10-18New Veterans Affairs Regulation Improves PTSD Claims Process
2010-10-17Government Programs Help Veterans Get the Home Care They Need
2010-10-05Paralyzed Veterans Celebrates National Disability Employment Awareness Month
2010-10-02VA Extends Coverage for Gulf War Veterans
2010-10-01Veterans Benefits Act of 2010 Sent to President's Desk
2010-09-28Paralyzed Veterans Launches Wall of Heroes Website
2010-09-25$1.75M Grant for Pinellas County Veterans Program
2010-09-24Small Business Financing Bill May Shortchange Veterans
2010-09-21Canadian Veterans with ALS - A Change is Coming
2010-09-20Returning Troops Face Physical and Mental Challenges
2010-09-17VA Needs More Consistent Training for Inexperienced Work Force
2010-08-31VA Final Regulation to Aid Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange
2010-08-04Harley-Davidson Foundation Presents $1M Grant to Disabled Veterans
2010-08-03Veterans Organizations Win Victory For Vietnam Vets Suffering From Agent Orange Diseases
2010-08-02US Iraq Combat Operations Ending Soon
2010-07-26Obama to Speak at Disabled American Veterans Convention
2010-07-22U.S. Congressional Candidate Greg Rabidoux Releases Calls to Action on Veteran Issues
2010-07-21Representatives of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association Testify Before House Veterans Affairs Committee
2010-07-12Helping Veterans with PTSD - Pelosi Statement
2010-07-08New VA Regulations Simplify PTSD Claims for Veterans
2010-07-01American Legion Outraged by Latest VA Negligence in St. Louis
2010-06-28Agent Orange Linked to Graves' Disease
2010-06-24Disabled for Life Silver Dollar Coin to Support Veterans
2010-06-23VA, Congress Need to Grant New Agent Orange Claims Without Delay
2010-06-21Disability Award Preferred Option for Majority of Veteran Beneficiaries
2010-06-17Benefits for Veterans
2010-06-16American Legion Presses VBA to Improve Work Quality and Timeliness
2010-05-21Senior Veterans Use Sports and Recreation to Combat Disability Blues
2010-05-21Injured Vets to go Fishing with Bass Angler Mark Shepard
2010-05-13Operation Hand Salute Helps Disabled Veteran Businesses
2010-05-10DAV Appreciates Joint Chiefs Chairman's Response
2010-05-08VA Must Use Quality Component to Reduce Claims Backlog
2010-05-04Government Responsible to Disabled Veterans DAV Tells Joint Chiefs Chairman
2010-04-22Omnibus Health Care Bill Aims to Expand VA Care to Veterans and Families
2010-04-08Fairness for Veterans With Disabilities
2010-03-10Services for Female and Veterans With Disabilities
2010-02-10Veterans Not Getting Enough Treatment for PTSD
2010-02-05Military and VA Health Care and Disability Systems Red Tape
2010-02-02Veteran Affairs 2010 Benefits and Programs
2010-01-05More Research Needed on Extremity War Injuries
2009-12-17EBV Expands to Include Coast Guard Veterans
2009-12-10The Wounded Warrior Project - Empowering Wounded Warriors
2009-11-20Study of Vietnam-Era Women Veterans
2009-11-11Veterans Hearing and Aging Disorders
2009-11-09Alcohol Bracelets Help Keep U.S. Veterans Sober
2009-11-05Segways for Wounded Warriors
2009-11-05Craigslist Founder Joins Veterans Affairs Search Panel
2009-11-03Plan to End Homelessness for Veterans
2009-10-29VetsFirst Full Membership to All Disabled Veterans, Dependents and Survivors
2009-10-28Groundbreaking Court Decision for Vets With PTSD
2009-10-27Laptops for Wounded Troops
2009-10-22Obama Signs Historic Legislation for Veterans Health Care
2009-10-22VA and Olympic Committee Launch Paralympic Community for Disabled Veterans
2009-10-20Crane Learning and Employment Center for Disabled Veterans
2009-10-19Bariatric Surgery Risk for Super Obese Veterans
2009-10-16Locating Veterans Gravesites
2009-10-16Female Troops and Veterans - Week of the Women Warriors
2009-10-14State of Veterans Affairs Message
2009-10-13Agent Orange Benefits for More Veterans - VA
2009-10-03Integrated Treatment for Veterans with Chronic Pain and PTSD
2009-09-30Treatment for Veterans with Chronic Pain and Post Traumatic Stress
2009-09-24Post 9/11 GI Bill Participation Grows
2009-09-24Veterans Affairs Health System Top Employer for AARP
2009-09-22Veterans Affairs $1.4 Billion in Recovery Act Spending
2009-09-15New Efforts to Explore Health Consequences of Service in Vietnam
2009-09-07Veterans National Golf Tournament Iowa City
2009-09-03Event Helps Rehabilitate Injured Veterans through Adaptive Sports
2009-08-27VA Pledge to Women Veterans on Women's Equality Day
2009-08-25Simplify Veterans PTSD Compensation Rules
2009-08-19The Blinded Veterans Association (BVA)
2009-08-16Expansion of Community Counseling Centers for Combat Veterans
2009-08-13VA Secretary Announces Over $153 Million for Biloxi
2009-07-24VA Medical Imaging Reaches Record Level
2009-07-24Possible Association Between Agent Orange Exposure
2009-07-17V.A. Announces Steps to Reduce Wasteful Spending and Increase Accountability
2009-07-13Colleges and Universities Partner with VA to Improve GI Bill Benefits
2009-07-0629th Annual Veterans Wheelchair Games Scheduled for Spokane
2009-07-02VA Assistant Secretary Raises Awareness About Post-9/11 GI Bill
2009-06-26Eliminating Tobacco Use in Military Populations
2009-06-26VA Stimulus Payments for Veterans
2009-06-24VA Launches 10-Year Health Study of 60,000 New Veterans
2009-06-20VA Reopening Health Care Enrollment to Thousands of Veterans
2009-06-09Deputy Secretary Gould Congratulates VA Employees
2009-06-04Wounded Warrior Honored for Disability Advocacy
2009-05-29VA Web Site Helps College Counselors Aid Veterans
2009-05-25VA Recognizes Military Sacrifices on Memorial Day
2009-05-08President Obama's 2010 Spending Plan Initiates Transformation for VA Services
2009-05-01VA Applications for Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits
2009-04-21Queensland Online Register of War Memorials
2009-04-21National Veterans Golden Age Games - Birmingham
2009-04-20New Web Site and Blog for Returning Veterans
2009-04-13Universities Partner with VA in Nursing Initiative
2009-04-06Medical Journal Praises VA Electronic Health Record
2009-04-04VA Notification for Veterans Affected by Reprocessing Issues
2009-04-03VA Announces $1.4 Billion Recovery Spending
2009-03-20VA to Build Stand Alone Replacement Hospital in Denver
2009-03-17American Legion Opposed to President's Plan to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment
2009-03-13Open Letter to Veterans From Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki
2009-03-13Over 400 Disabled Veterans Register to Ski at National Event
2009-03-05Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury - National Council on Disability
2009-03-022010 Budget Request Strongly Supports VA Programs
2009-02-26Obama Proposes Expansion of VA Health care
2009-02-25VA Reforms Evaluation System for Seriously Injured Vets
2009-02-24Applying for Veterans Disability and Pension
2009-02-24VA Refinance Loans Help During Tough Economic Times
2009-02-24U.S. Border Patrol Looking to Recruit Veterans
2009-02-20U.S. Congress Recognizes Filipino Veterans World War II Service
2008-12-01Benefits for Survivors of Deceased Veterans
2008-11-21Service Dogs for Disabled Vets
2008-11-08Veterans Affairs Announces Expansion of Disability Evaluation System
2008-11-04VA Stalling Disability Payments
2008-09-23VA Changes to the Disability Rating Schedule
2008-09-07VA Compensation Schedule for Rating Disabilities
2008-01-10Schedule of Disability Rating for Vietnam Veterans
2008-01-01VA Disability Claims Process
2008-01-01Veterans Disability Compensation Payments

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