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U.S. Congress Contemplates Changes to Veterans and Military Benefits

Published: 2012-01-05
Author: Agnes S. Wladyka, LLC

Synopsis: These changes have not been well received by the many powerful veterans groups who are willing to fight any changes to the current health benefits system.

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Congress is contemplating changing the structure of military benefits, which would result in veterans paying more towards their coverage. How might these changes affect you


If you ask someone if America does enough for its veterans, most will likely say no. However, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs does its best to allocate resources to former military personnel in their time of need. For example, the DVA offers disability compensation for injuries sustained while on active duty, survivor benefits for families who have lost their loved one in battle, as well as a unique pension plan for eligible veterans who have limited or no income, or have been totally disabled.

Despite the DVA's good intentions, funding is limited, especially in these tough economic times. As a result, a significant amount of veterans are denied benefits for various reasons, oftentimes wrongly. This can be hard to accept for the men and women who put their lives on the line for our country, only to return home and not receive the help they might need.

Congress Contemplates Increasing Costs to Veterans

The Huffington Post reports that Republicans and Democrats seem willing to have retired veterans contribute more for their own coverage to reduce the national deficit. Currently there are 3.3 million active duty personnel, their dependents and 5.5 million retirees who are receiving health care coverage courtesy of the U.S. government. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, as quoted by the Post, believes that the costs of these benefits (and future increases) have put the Pentagon on an unsustainable course.

These changes have not been well received by the many powerful veterans groups who are willing to fight any changes to the current health benefits system. They have stated on numerous occasions that they will oppose any budget plan that puts an increased burden on beneficiaries and their dependents.

However, the Post reports that the military budget has increased by nearly $350 million since Sept. 11, 2001, and is a ripe target for budget reductions. However, a fine line must be drawn because those who fight for our nation deserve to be taken care of upon their return home.

Wrongfully Denied Benefits

You may feel like giving up if you or a loved one was wrongfully denied veterans benefits, or the task of initially applying may seem too complex. However, in both instances the help of an experienced veterans benefits attorney can often make the difference in achieving success on appeal or on your initial application. Consider speaking with a qualified lawyer to determine what benefits you and your family may be entitled to receive.

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