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Nomads Sadga Provincial Disabled Golf Challenge

  • Synopsis: Published: 2013-02-02 (Revised/Updated 2015-03-07) - The South African Disabled Golf Association (SADGA) will host the NOMADS SADGA Provincial Challenge at Zebula Golf Estate from 8-10 February 2013. - Disabled World.

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The South African Disabled Golf Association (SADGA) will host the NOMADS SADGA Provincial Challenge at Zebula Golf Estate from 8-10 February 2013 - This will be the first time that SADGA will be awarding Provincial colors to all the golfers and captains taking part.

NOMADS in South Africa is sponsoring this event for the 3rd year. "NOMADS is proud to be associated with the South African Disabled Golf Association and is delighted to continue to support the Provincial Challenge and the First Swing Program on an annual basis. We tip our hats to the teams, wishing them all the very best for the planning and execution of this, the 2013 NOMADS SADGA Provincial Challenge," said National Chairman Mark Philp.

TaylorMade Adidas Ashworth and Adams Golf are proud sponsors of the South African Disabled Golf Association. "To watch and experience the way golf lights up the lives of these golfers and the way the South African Disabled Golf Association has facilitated this process is incredibly inspiring," said Andrew Kalis, Marketing & Product Manager Sponsorship and Support. "TaylorMade Adidas Ashworth and Adams Golf are committed to supporting the South African Disabled Golf Association and will continue helping these inspirational golfers who have the opportunity to get so much more out of their lives using golf as a vehicle."

Zebula Golf Estate and Spa are proud to host the Nomads SADGA Provincial Challenge. This is the first official SADGA Tournament ever to be played at Zebula. The course is ideally laid out for the event with relatively wide fairways, excellent bunkering, large, fast greens and excellent practice facilities. Zebula is willing and able to host tournaments of this nature and is proud to have been chosen as the venue for this Provincial Challenge. "We look forward to hosting this high profile event and to building a long and mutually beneficial relationship with SADGA," said Alan Young, the Managing Director of Zebula.

Pieter Verwey, the Western Province captain since the inception of the Provincial Challenge and who now lives in Europe, will be coming to South Africa to captain the team. Western Province won the trophy in 2010 and 2012.

"It is an absolute pleasure to be part of the 2013 event. Team Western Province will again not only play an exciting and competitive format, but will also focus on enjoying the beautiful game we all love. Participating as defending champions will add some additional pressure, but as always I am confident that the guys will rise to the challenge. Remember to enjoy every moment and good luck to all the 2013 participants," he said.

"The most important shot in golf is the next one." Ben Hogan

Eugene Vorster, SADGA CEO said: "If you consider the fact that this is only our fourth provincial challenge and we have already succeeded in bringing down the average golf handicap to below 10 for all the teams. The defending team is the Western Province, but they will have to be at their best as the other three teams are very well balanced. We are looking forward to good golf played by real good golfers."


There are 4 teams taking part: Central Gauteng, Gauteng, Western Province and the Rest of the Country. Each team has 5 physically disabled golfers and 1 deaf golfer together with a non-playing captain. Physical disabilities include Leg and Arm Amputees and Les Autres, a French word for "all others" which covers disabilities like Cerebral Palsy and Hemi-Plegics.


ROC - Captain - Derek VD Linde

  • Andrew Boltman - Les Autres
  • Ben van Zyl - Leg Amputee
  • Chris Wood - Arm Amputee
  • Daniel Slabbert - Leg Amputee
  • Given Holose - Deaf
  • Nicolaas Wentzel - Leg Amputee

Central Gauteng - Captain David Smulders

  • Basil Mann - Les Autres
  • Cecil Price - Leg Amputee
  • Duane Janse Van Rensburg - Leg Amputee
  • Herman Bear - Deaf
  • Reinard Schuhknecht - Arm Amputee
  • Wimpie Lindes - Leg Amputee

Gauteng - Captain Danie Jordaan

  • Conrad Stoltz - Leg Amputee
  • Gerrit Ferreira - Les Autres
  • Johan Jonker - Arm Amputee
  • Raymond Graaff - Deaf
  • Shadrack Molefe - Leg Amputee
  • Virgil Foster - Les Autres

Western Province - Captain Pieter Verwey

  • Arthur Katts - Leg Amputee
  • Cedric Touzard - Deaf
  • Charl Theron - Les Autres
  • Morne Cronje - Leg Amputee
  • Riaan Spreeth - Leg Amputee
  • Trevor Reich - Leg Amputee
  • Deaf- Manager Casper Geyer


Match play is essentially a "knock-out" event.

The Rules of match play are as follows: In match play the game is played by holes.

Basically, a hole is won by the player that holes out his ball in the fewest number of strokes. A hole is halved if each player holes out in the same number of strokes. A player may concede his opponent's next stroke at any time, as long as the opponent's ball is at rest. A concession may not be declined or withdrawn. The state of the match is referred to in terms of how many "holes" a player is "up" or "down" or "all square", and how many holes are left "to play". The match is won when a player leads by a number of holes greater than the number of holes left to be played.

One player from each team will be represented in each fourball.


Saturday 9th February - First Tee off 11:42am

Sunday 10th February - First Tee off 06:06am


Please visit the SADGA website (, Facebook, Twitter and golf link for updated daily information on this event.


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