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Viable Chosen as Communications Provider at Deaflympics

  • Published: 2009-02-05 (Revised/Updated 2013-07-13) : Author: Viable Communications
  • Synopsis: Viable will provide videophones and communications equipment as well as video interpreting services to Deaflympics.

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"This incredible opportunity to give back to the deaf community and to do it in my birth country is very special for me."

The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (CISS), a federation of 98 national deaf sports associations and a recognized organization of the International Olympic Committee, and Viable, a deaf-owned and deaf-operated provider of video relay services (VRS) proudly announce an agreement to bring seamless communications experiences to the deaf and hard of hearing community at the Deaflympics and all other international sports events sanctioned by CISS.

Viable will provide videophones and communications equipment as well as video interpreting services to all athletes, officials and fans at all events governed by CISS, including the quadrennial Summer and Winter Deaflympics, world championships, youth competitions, and Home Office and committee congresses, meetings and activities.

CISS President Dr. Donalda Ammons, who is deaf, said CISS knew Viable was the right partner because "Both CISS and Viable share common values. Viable proudly exhibits a 'can-do' attitude; shows diversity throughout its products, services and employees; and never offers second-best - they will provide only the very best or nothing."

"Viable sees much in common with CISS," said Viable founder and president John T.C. Yeh, who is deaf. "They are deaf-operated from top down. They showcase the very best from the deaf and hard of hearing community. Their events and athletes demonstrate that with dedication and hard work, and by removing communication barriers, we can even the playing field. Our missions are a natural fit."

The provision of Viable's products and services will kick off at the 2009 Summer Deaflympics to be held in Taipei, Taiwan from September 5-15 so athletes and fans from all over the world can communicate with their family and friends at home throughout the Games. Said Yeh, who was born in Tainan, Taiwan, and went to the Tainan School for the Deaf, "This incredible opportunity to give back to the deaf community and to do it in my birth country is very special for me." The Taipei Deaflympics is expected to attract the biggest crowd in Deaflympics history with 4,000 athletes and officials and 10,000 fans.

Reference: International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, Inc. - CISS enjoys the patronage of the International Olympic Committee and has hosted the Deaflympics - the second oldest multi-sport and cultural festival on earth - since the inaugural Games in Paris, France in 1924. CISS has 98 member nations, recognizes four regional organizations and has three international affiliates. CISS also coordinates world championships and international youth competitions.

About Viable, Inc. - Viable develops videophones and provides next-generation video relay services for deaf and hard of hearing persons, opening them to a world of communication possibilities. Founded in 2006, Viable is a private, deaf-owned company, and many employees are deaf and hard of hearing and are personally vested in the innovation and development of the company's products and services.

Telecommunications Relay Services - Mandated by Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, telecommunications relay services (TRS) enables individuals with hearing or speech disabilities to achieve functional equivalence by accessing telephone systems to place or receive calls through an intermediary known as a relay operator or relay interpreter. Emergent IP technology has given rise to video-based solutions, which are known as video relay services (VRS). VRS options include using a webcam or a videophone to connect to a video relay interpreter, and allow deaf and hard of hearing callers for whom sign language is native to fully achieve the ideal of functional equivalence.

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