All purpose Golf Carts for Persons with Disabilities

Author: Custom Golf Carts
Published: 2010/06/19 - Updated: 2017/12/23
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Synopsis: Golf carts as an all purpose vehicle are particularly suited to the elderly and disabled.


A Blyth man who was made redundant after 22 years in the golf car industry, having worked for 2 of the leading suppliers in the UK, Europe and Middle East has proven his business drive is all teed up for success by setting up his own company.

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Shaun Wynne's business, Custom Golf cars on Ferguson's Business Park West in West Sleekburn supplies new and second hand petrol & battery operated golf cars and accessories to individuals and golf courses all over the UK. Shaun presently has numerous golf cars and utility vehicles at his premises ranging from second hand traditional vehicles to new hi tech, battery efficient models and with orders growing every week, he believes that the golf car has a very promising future.

"These vehicles are particularly suited to the elderly and disabled golfer wanting to continue their love of the game and for many, saving time is also a very important factor in our busy world," said Shaun.

Many people are buying golf cars to save time spent on the golf course and with some of our models they can even be used on the public highway saving fuel emissions from their owner's conventional vehicles. One such vehicle is the road legal Tomberlin vehicle which when taxed and insured can reach speeds of up to 30mph on public roads and has a 30 mile range before the batteries need recharging, A single charge costs as little as £0.65 pence and as an added bonus, the car is exempt from road duty tax. Shaun is the only north east distributor for this vehicle which has a pan European status meaning that it can be used legally on roads all over Europe. These vehicles are also being used in 'non golf' applications for commuting to and from work, local shopping trips etc.

Shaun has also discovered another niche in the golfing marketplace in the form of customizing and personalizing golf cars with everything from alloy wheels to unique lighting systems and cargo beds to secure luggage boxes. "It's amazing how personal to a golfer a golf car can be," said Shaun. "Once one person shows another golfer their new accessories, I usually receive many inquiries, leading to new and repeat orders which are great for my business."

Shaun has been helped to get into the swing of things by Go Wansbeck who've assisted him with practical business support and helped him to find the ideal business premises. Luke Dunnett, commercial premises coordinator for Go Wansbeck helped realize Shaun's requirement for a safe, secure building with ample outdoor display space by finding the site at West Sleekburn while Go Wansbeck enterprise coach Billy Webber offered support in marketing, grants and business planning.

"The lads from Go Wansbeck have provided invaluable support to help get my own business up and running," said Shaun." It goes to show that with the right help anything is possible and I am looking forward to developing the business even further knowing I have free support on hand when I need it." More information can be found online at

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