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Golfers Blind Handicap

  • Publish Date : 2009/01/14 - (Rev. 2018/03/30)
  • Author : Dave Mark


With all the great players and the seemingly insurmountable problems they have overcome, I believe golfers who are blind are the most miraculous of them all..

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Watching Tiger Woods hit amazing golf shots and then draining undulating putts of 30 feet is surreal to all us mortals and to do it on the largest stage of all is most entertaining drama. Certainly no one can take anything away from his many incredible feats.

We can never forget the unstoppable Bantam Ben Hogan either.

Almost losing his life in that disastrous accident when his light weight station wagon collided with a bus. No doubt who is going to come out better after that collision. Ben had his legs crushed among other internal injuries. How he ever walked again is a miracle in it self, how he won again, including The US Open is what stories of greatness are written about. They defy our imagination and stir our cravings for super normal events.

Now, everyone who has been able to witness the recent Open and if you were old enough, you could have seen the great Hogan too.

Interestingly in The Open of 2008, you have read or watched some other golfers who have overcome some threatening illnesses, including Jarrod Lyle, the 26 year old who was diagnosed with acute Myeloid leukemia and was bedridden for nine months while undergoing chemotherapy treatments at the Royal Children's Hospital. It took another full year just to gain enough strength to walk a golf course again, never mind playing. Yes, the young man from Victoria, Australia has certainly got respect for overcoming most difficult odds.

With all the great players and the seemingly insurmountable problems they have overcome, I believe golfers who are blind are the most miraculous of them all.

Perhaps the greatest of all the blind golfers was the late Frank D'Ottavi. Frank was a most unbelievable player winning and holding most of the tournaments and records in the MABGA, which stands for Middle Atlantic Blind Golfers Association (www.mabga.org).

Unless you have watched a blind golfer or known one or even know a person who does know one, you have no conception how truly remarkable they are. When I was younger I remember hearing about the Frank D'Ottavi accomplishments.

Tiny Pedone was a professional who was credited with helping put this most worth while program together. When Tiny passed on, he left a real tribute for blind golfers to have a place to go and play the great game of golf.

I'm fortunate to have good eyesight but I know how difficult just hitting a golf ball is when you can't see it. You have to rely of a friend or relative "setting" you to the ball. Of course they have to tell you where to hit and how far to hit it but the rest is totally in the dark to that golfer.

It is really satisfying to know that this greatest game of ours is bringing pleasure and excitement to those who can not see.

The MABGA is a non profit organization that will benefit those players and also women and juniors.

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