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Mpower Disability Sports and Recreation Website

  • Synopsis: Published: 2013-02-12 (Revised/Updated 2013-06-13) - Mpower launches new website designed to educate and promote disability sport and recreation. For further information pertaining to this article contact:

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Mpower Sports and Recreation launches new website to promote and educate about disability sport and recreation - Online resource features multi-media, news articles, competition results, blog, newsletter and more.

For individuals with disabilities, a parent who has a child with a disability or a wounded warrior, one might question if their active lives in sport are over. These questions and many more can be answered by visiting Mpower Sports and Recreation as their mission is to educate and promote about the limitless amount of activities that can be adapted to all abilities.

Mpower Sports and Recreation focuses on collecting the best adaptive sports and recreation news and information from the web and engaging visitors through an exciting website.

Hundreds of videos and news articles showcasing different adaptive sport and recreational opportunities are featured on the site.

The site also features competition results, international news, blog and weekly newsletter.

"The website is focused on taking the chance out of discovering your ability through sport" said Rob Mueller, Founder and CEO of Mpower Sports and Recreation. "Sports and recreation is a catalyst for so many positive aspects in life and we hope to inspire everyone to get active".

Mpower Sports and Recreation appeals to a wide audience including adaptive sports providers, educators and the general public looking to learn about adaptive sports and recreation.

Visitors are welcome to submit their videos for review and publication on the site.

To learn more about this movement, sign up for the newsletter and follow the social media campaign visit:

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