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Disability Sports: News Updates & Information

  • Synopsis: A round up of disability sports news and events from around the world concerning persons with disabilities.

Definition: Adaptive Sports

Adaptive sports also known as disability sports or parasports, are sports played by persons with a disability, including physical and intellectual disabilities. As many disabled sports are based on existing able bodied sports, modified to meet the needs of persons with a disability, they are sometimes referred to as adapted sports. Organized sport for athletes with a disability is generally divided into three broad disability groups: the deaf, people with physical disabilities, and people with intellectual disabilities. Each group has a distinct history, organization, competition program, and approach to sport.

Main Document

Disability sporting events around the world are becoming more and more common everyday.

Around the globe there are numerous organizations working towards improved accessibility of sports for disabled people at every level.

This section features a round up of disability sports news and events from around the world concerning persons with disabilities.

Read about all the action as it happens with news concerning disability in sports including, results, breaking news, videos, sporting events, audio and feature stories and articles.

Disabled World wants to make sure that the number of disabled people in sport increases across the board - whether as a participant, trainer or administrator. The aim being to ensure that people with physical, sensory and learning difficulties have equal access to sport and physical activity worldwide.

Learn more about the increasing broad aspects of disability sport and get practical tips on inclusion.

Latest Disability Sports News Publications

  1. Kilimanjaro Climb Brought Together Athletes - Ten-Year Anniversary Recalls the Exceptional Achievement
    Return to Kilimanjaro demonstrates athletes with disabilities can accomplish exceptional achievements.
  2. Paralympic Sports Names Rebranded by IPC
    The new identities for each Para sport clearly depict the sport as well as impairments in the logos and competition emblems.
  3. 2017 World Para Nordic Skiing Championships Schedule
    2017 World Para Nordic Skiing Championships taking place in Finsterau, Germany, from 10-19 February.
  4. Quadriplegic Racecar Driver Takes on Pikes Peak in Semi-Autonomous Motorcar
    Quadriplegic racecar driver tackles the hairpin turns of Pikes Peak race in the Arrow Electronics SAM car.
  5. 2017 IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships Tarvisio, Italy
    IPC Alpine Skiing announces 2017 Para Alpine Skiing World Championships will take place in Tarvisio, Italy, from 22-31 January.

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