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Wheelchair Back Flip Video - Aaron Fotheringham

  • Published: 2008-08-31 (Revised/Updated 2016-09-23) : Author: RehaDesign
  • Synopsis: Video of Aaron Fotheringham the first person in history to do a backflip somersault in a wheelchair.

Aaron Fotheringham is the First person to peform a backflip in a
wheelchair. Read an interview with Aaron and see the video of his
amazing backflip.

Aaron Fotheringham is one of a small, but growing group of elite wheelchair athletes. Aaron is a "wheelchair skateboarder', or as he prefers to call himself, a "Hardcore Sitter".

Wheelchair skateboarders do with their wheelchairs, what other athletes do with their skateboards. They make spectacular leaps and jumps from amazing heights and try not to injure themselves in the process. But Aaron has accomplished feats in his wheelchair, which no person has ever done before. Last year, he astonished the community with a mid-air 180 degree turn.

Then last month, at the age of 14, Aaron became the first person in history to do a back flip somersault in a wheelchair.

In a recent interview, Aaron discussed his record breaking backflip with Dr. Gene Emmer of NewDisability.Com.

Aaron told New-Disability that it took about 50 or 60 jumps into cushions, before he attempted a jump onto a ramp. Then after another 15 further attempts, sometimes resulting in getting knocked out, he managed to make a successful landing. Since then he has accomplished about 20 to 25 successful backflips.

Others have tried to make the jump but, according to Aaron, have not gotten the full rotation even into the foam cushions.

Aaron's jumps have been costly.

He has broken his elbow and gotten more than a few bumps and bruises, as can be seen in a video which documents some of his extreme wheelchair tricks.

John Box, of Colors Wheelchairs Aaron's sponsor, said, "Everyone at Colors is proud of Aaron. We are his biggest fans. Aaron works very hard to be the best. We are working closely with Aaron to further develop the Boing! suspension wheelchair so Aaron can keep pushing the limits."

Aaron Fotheringham to Perform at RehaCare Dusseldorf 2008

In 2007 he inspired the visitors of the German Disability Event "Rolliday" with his unique ability. Now Aaron Fotheringham will demonstrate for the German public at RehaCare 2008, why he calls his sport "Hardcore Sitting ".

The young American is the only wheelchair user who can perform a perfect Wheelchair Backflip. Aaron will perform his spectacular show "Born to Fly" on 15 and 16 October three times daily live in the sport arena (Hall 7a).

The organizers of the "Born to Fly" event at RehaCare are the Disabled Athlete's Federation North-Rhine/Westphalia as well as Schwalbe and Colors Wheelchairs. "Our common goal is to move Disabled Sports into the public consciousness and to advance the integration of people with handicaps," said Manuela Zahn, Sales and Marketing Manager of the company Schwalbe. "With an exceptional sportsman such as Aaron we will certainly succeed in awakening a broad public interest and enthusiasm."

John Box of Colors Wheelchairs said,

"We are so proud of sponsoring Aaron. Aaron personifies Colors' philosophy that there is life with disability. Aaron and Colors love to break barriers and do things that others would consider to be impossible. We look forward to accompanying Aaron while he amazes the crowds at RehaCare."

Apart from his appearances at the sports arena Aaron is available to his fans for autographs at the Schwalbe exhibition booth (Hall 6 C/63).

The times of the "Born to Fly" performances as well as the autograph hours are not yet known, however they will be published at the RehaCare exhibition.

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