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IOC Visits Sochi Before 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games

  • Published: 2009-01-31 : Author:
  • Synopsis: A delegation from the International Olympic Committee visited Sochi for the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

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A delegation from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was today in the Black Sea coastal resort of Sochi for a working visit with organizers of the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

A delegation from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was today in the Black Sea coastal resort of Sochi for a working visit with organizers of the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

The scheduled Project Review visit on 30 and 31 January 2009 is taking place just before Sochi 2014 begins its 'five-years-to-go' countdown on 7 February 2009. The IOC delegation in Sochi included Jean-Claude Killy, Olympic skiing legend and Chairman of the IOC's Coordination Commission for Sochi 2014, and Gilbert Felli, the IOC's Olympic Games Executive Director.

In Sochi, the IOC team has been hearing that progress for Russia's first Winter Games is firmly on track, as part of a series of meetings to showcase progress on all 'functional' aspects of preparations for both the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games.

Particular attention was paid to the progress made on the governance structure for the 2014 Winter Games, including collaboration with private investors and contractors.

During the visit, Sochi 2014 experts presented their environmental strategic construction plan, which will not only ensure that Olympic construction protects the unique natural environment of the region around Sochi, but also leaves a positive environmental legacy.

The environmental plan outlines a series of tangible actions for all stages of Games preparations. In the lead up to the Winter Games, power engineering and transport infrastructure will be modernized. During the Winter Games, alternative energy sources and low emission transportation facilities will be used. Following Sochi 2014, it is planned to integrate these alternative energy sources into Sochi's energy supply system: a clear, long-term positive benefit for the people of Sochi.

During the IOC meeting, Sochi 2014 organizers confirmed that their specialist experience has been enhanced thanks to their observation of international sport events, including major competitions in Moscow and other Russian cities. During the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, a large team of Sochi 2014 will be in Vancouver to closely observe the whole process of holding the world's greatest sports event.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, President and CEO of Sochi 2014, said:

"During the Project Review meeting, which is part of a regular schedule of IOC visits to Sochi, we have been able to update the IOC on the progress we've been making across a full range of areas important to the Sochi 2014 Winter Games. Due to the unique nature of our Olympic project, we need to consistently make rapid progress, and this means that every time the IOC visits, we have a lot of good news to share with them.

We have also committed to design highly innovative management systems, which will factor in changing economic conditions into the preparation process, ensuring Sochi 2014 will remain firmly on track to be an inspirational event in five years time."

Jean-Claude Killy, Chairman of the IOC Coordination Commission for Sochi 2014, said:

"Since our last visit, the Sochi 2014 project has made good progress and a lot of exciting initiatives are now underway. We had the opportunity to not just meet with Dimitry Chernychenko and his team but also held very productive discussions with Prime Minister Putin, Deputy Prime Ministers Zhukov and Kozak, and Victor Kolodyazhny of Olympstroy. This once again underlined to us the strong support of the Russian Government and people for the Sochi Olympic Winter Games." He continued, "I am happy to say that we feel that Sochi continues to be on track, although, as I've said before, there is no time to lose and Sochi 2014 and its partners must continue to work diligently and remain focused on delivering great Olympic Winter Games in 2014."

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