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Disability Travel Information Publications
Document TitlePeer ReviewedPublishedUpdated
Dubai: A Welcoming City for People with DisabilitiesN/A2023/10/10
How Tourism Can Include the DisabledYes2023/02/08
Accessible Tourism Summit Highlights Need of 1 Billion People with DisabilitiesN/A2022/01/122022/07/11
Becoming rentABLE: Accessible Short-term Rental AccommodationN/A2021/12/072022/10/19
Paralympian to Lead Malawi Expedition Combating Disability StigmaN/A2020/02/222021/02/09
Amtrak Everyday Rail Travel DiscountsN/A2018/09/062021/08/09
Smart Hoteliers are Building a Healthier FutureN/A2018/04/232018/09/22
Virtual Tours Removes Travel Limitations - Beyond Our BoundariesN/A2018/03/302019/12/10
Advice on Traveling with a CatheterN/A2017/07/172023/09/21
Hotel Industry On Right Track to Full AccessibilityN/A2016/12/20
UN Says Accessible Tourism Benefits EveryoneN/A2016/09/282018/04/23
Saigon Buddy Tours - Accessible Motorbike Tour of Ho Chi Minh CityN/A2016/04/162016/11/05
Accomable Launches U.S. Headquarters in Austin, TexasN/A2016/04/012020/02/07
Impact of Age on Wellness Travel PreferencesN/A2016/03/16
Accessible Japan: General OverviewN/A2015/12/192021/07/09
List of Accessible World Travel DestinationsN/A2015/12/112023/09/16
Disability Travel Generates $17B. Per YearN/A2015/08/032016/05/13
WheelLife: Accessible US Guidebook for Wheelchair UsersN/A2015/06/292021/08/11
Disability Travel: AfricaN/A2015/03/07
ABTA Accessible Travel GuidanceN/A2015/01/17
Easter Seals Canada Wins New Accessible Tourism AwardN/A2014/11/16
Accessible Costa Rica for Travelers with DisabilitiesN/A2014/11/022020/12/02
AARP Travel: Celebration Vacations for SeniorsN/A2014/07/222021/11/22
Non Accessible Tourism Costing Economy BillionsN/A2014/07/172023/09/16
Traveling with Vision Disabilities Poses Unique ChallengesN/A2014/04/26
Traveling with a Disability is Possible... and Amazing!N/A2013/03/282024/01/08
Certified Accessible Travel Advocate ProgramN/A2012/04/102021/09/26
YOOLA Travel Service for Persons with DisabilityN/A2012/01/122021/10/28
Solo Senior Travel Savings and Benefits for 2012N/A2011/11/102013/06/04
Accessible Travel Packages to Popular Destinations Around the WorldN/A2011/02/08
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Notification CardsN/A2010/12/212011/03/18
Travel Guide for Persons with DisabilitiesN/A2010/12/082011/03/18
Travelers with Medical Conditions Fear Increased TSA Security ProceduresN/A2010/12/042013/06/12
Travel and Medications - Tips for Maintaining a Healthy RoutineN/A2010/11/15
Grand European Tours Presents Travel Trends for Boomers and BeyondN/A2010/09/30
Accessible Travel Checklist When Traveling with a DisabilityN/A2010/08/262016/06/13
Travel Tips for People with Crohn's, IBS, IBDN/A2010/07/012023/01/15
Accessible Travel Tips: Traveling with a Disability or Health ConditionN/A2010/07/012015/01/23
Wheelchair Travel TipsN/A2010/07/01
Dangs India - The Land of Ecstasy and EthnicityN/A2010/06/012010/07/01
Summer Vacation With Seniors or Disabled Means Additional Planning for CaregiversN/A2010/05/262019/09/06
Choosing a Special Needs ExcursionN/A2010/05/12
Excursions and Tours for Special Needs GroupsN/A2010/05/03
Accessible Travel Vacations GuideN/A2010/04/29
Group Travel for Persons with Special NeedsN/A2010/04/122010/07/09
Improved Booking Experience for Travelers with DisabilitiesN/A2010/02/162016/06/13
Radiation from Airport Body ScannersN/A2010/01/062010/06/24
Finding Last Minute Airfares and Discount Flight DealsN/A2009/12/222019/04/17
Disabled Explorers to Traverse Great Deserts of the Southwest in 2010N/A2009/12/15
Disabled Travelers - Providing Accessible Travel InformationN/A2009/10/312015/03/18
Mobility International USA: Travel for HumanityN/A2009/10/222016/11/18
Accessible Journeys: Accessible Vacations for People with DisabilitiesN/A2009/10/182016/03/17
Travel Information Access Improvements for DisabledN/A2009/09/012010/07/09
Traveling with Oxygen Travel TipsN/A2009/08/292019/09/06
Free U.S. Federal Parks and Recreation Access Pass for Persons with DisabilitiesN/A2009/07/152023/10/05
Traveling by Air with a Commode or Shower ChairN/A2009/07/122023/09/27
New Zealand Accessible Holiday AccommodationN/A2009/06/032016/03/18
Wheelchair Travel Tips and Hints for Accessible AdventuresN/A2009/01/272010/09/25
Online Travel Agency Bookings for Cheaper VacationsN/A2009/01/092011/08/26
The Many Health Benefits of TravelN/A2009/01/092021/02/03
Disability Friendly TimesharesN/A2009/01/072012/09/17
All Inclusive Vacation ResortsN/A2009/01/012013/08/21
Holidaymakers with Disabilities Should Check Travel InsuranceN/A2008/12/302011/05/10
Traveling with Medical DisabilitiesN/A2008/12/30
John Roberts Disability Travel ChallengeN/A2008/12/302010/06/27
Concerns when Traveling with a DisabilityN/A2008/12/30
Great Train Travel VacationsN/A2008/12/302014/03/14
Benefits of Travel InsuranceN/A2008/12/292017/07/29
Children with Disabilities and TravelingN/A2008/12/29
Accessible Vacation TipsN/A2008/12/292011/08/26
Tips to Make Traveling with a Disability EasierN/A2008/12/242020/07/06
RV Travel for the Disabled AdventurerN/A2008/12/242010/06/24
Accessible Wheelchair TravelN/A2008/12/242012/04/01
Scott Rains - World Traveler Disabled Travel AdvocateN/A2008/12/242010/07/09
Tips for Traveling with TeensN/A2008/12/142011/08/26
Five Star Taste - Three Star BudgetN/A2008/12/112013/08/21
Fun, Accommodation and Inclusion During Holiday SeasonN/A2008/12/082018/10/08

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