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Accessible Journeys: Accessible Vacations for People with Disabilities

  • Synopsis: Published: 2009-10-18 (Revised/Updated 2016-03-17) - Accessible Journeys provides travelers with a travel planner that assists in important planning decisions through every phase while managing the details of the entire vacation. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Thomas C. Weiss at Disabled World.

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Quote: "Once the goodwill deposit is received by Accessible Journeys, they create a personalized travel plan for the person or people who are going on vacation, as well as a travel itinerary."

Accessible Journeys has been presenting vacation options for people with disabilities since 1985; it has been their only job. The vacations they present are for slow walkers, people who use wheelchairs, as well as their family members and friends. The travel services they provide include accessible vacation planning, group tours, group cruises, individual cruises, Licensed Travel Companions, as well as a variety of travel resources and barrier-free vacations.

The vacations provided by Accessible Journeys harmonize people's abilities with the resources they need, for both slow walkers and wheelchair users who wish to travel and visit historical and cultural sites around the world. They welcome family members, friends, and single travelers on the wheelchair-accessible group tours and cruises they provide. As a private alternative, Accessible Journeys has created vacations for travelers who desire to adventure on their own and at their own desired pace. The company has twenty-four years of experience in working with and providing magnificent vacation experiences for people with disabilities; they know wheelchair travel on a first-hand basis. Accessible Journeys is able to provide travel experiences to people with no surprises.

The wheelchair-accessible travel planning offered by this company is a private alternative for people who use wheelchairs and their family members and friends. Through the company's private network, people on vacation are able to use accessible hotels and travel routes that have been meticulously researched and selected by representatives who are aware of what accessibility means. The vacation options available are offered with no surprises no matter where you want to go in the world.

Among the many services provided by Accessible Journeys are:

  • Luggage Assistance
  • Daily Full Breakfast
  • Pre-purchased Tickets
  • English Speaking Guides
  • Personal Care Attendants
  • Travel Insurance Protection
  • Guaranteed Accessible hotels
  • Chauffeur Driven Private Cars
  • Foreign Currency Travel Packs
  • Chauffeur Driven Accessible Vans
  • Foreign Language Assistance 24/7
  • Travel Medical Equipment Rentals
  • Overseas Travel With No Surprises
  • Overseas Mobile Telephone Rentals
  • Accessible Van Rentals with GPS navigation
  • Pre-purchased foreign rail and air tickets
  • Real-time Assistance for illness, or mishap
  • Meet and greet services at Airports and Trains
  • Accessible Airport and Train Station Transfers
  • Flexibility & highest level of accessibility possible

Every accessible lifestyle vacation through Accessible Journeys is custom-designed for the individual; it includes all of the accommodations the person will need, as well as accessible transportation, private drivers and guides that they need to enjoy a great vacation. Accessible Journeys also makes world-wide cell phones available, as well as foreign currency exchange and overseas mobility equipment. The company takes planning an accessible vacation seriously because it is an investment; they devote a considerable number of resources to ensuring that the person's investments in both time and money are amply rewarded. Accessible Journeys provides travelers with a travel planner that assists in important planning decisions through every phase while managing the details of the entire vacation.

Yes - But What About The Details

Prior to beginning work on a custom travel plan, Accessible Journeys asks for a, 'Goodwill Deposit,' of $250.00 for each person who will participate in the vacation plan. People who are leaving on vacation within eight weeks will find that a goodwill deposit does not apply. People who are not leaving within eight weeks will have this goodwill deposit returned if they decline the initial proposal by Accessible Journeys, or after their travel program and they have no unpaid expenses.

Once the goodwill deposit is received by Accessible Journeys, they create a personalized travel plan for the person or people who are going on vacation, as well as a travel itinerary. The vacation plan includes all of the services and accommodation that both the people traveling and Accessible Journeys agree to in the vacation. If the people traveling accept the proposal, they become an Accessible Journeys client; if they do not accept the proposal, the goodwill deposit is refunded. If the travel proposal is accepted, the goodwill deposit is applied to expenses such as telecommunications, postal fees, wire transfers and additional expenses related to the person or persons travel planning. Travel plans can be absolutely filled with activities, or as leisurely as the people involved desire.

The planning involved with accessible travel commonly takes weeks, sometimes even months to complete. Depending upon the complexity of the person's vacation, the itineraries that Accessible Journeys creates may require a hundred or more communications and dozens of hours in order to make things work perfectly. The fee that Accessible Journeys charges is in proportion with the level of detail that is required to develop the vacation. Accessible Journeys accepts PayPal, Visa and Mastercard payments for the goodwill deposit; the security of these payments is guaranteed.

Accessible Journeys is the largest group cruise operator in the world. They have extensive experience in ship inspection and attention to details that make them the best place to reserve an accessible cruise. The company is also extremely experienced with providing accessible shore excursions and wheelchair travel accommodations.

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