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Disability Air Travel: Information for Seniors & Disabled Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Air Travel category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Disability Air Travel: Information for Seniors & Disabled Publications

2018-01-20 : Delta Introduces Enhanced Requirements for Customers Traveling with Service or Support Animals : Effective March 1st 2018 Delta Air Lines introduces new requirements for people traveling with service or support animals.

2017-10-17 : United Airlines Obtains EZ Access® Certification For New Self-Service Kiosks to Better Ensure Accessibility for All Customers : United Airlines incorporates EZ Access technologies into self-service kiosks to better ensure they are accessible to all travelers including travelers with sensory or mobility impairments.

2017-01-12 : Training to Improve Access to Air Travel for People with Disabilities : U.S. Department of Transportation releases new training materials for airlines and passengers with disabilities on areas receiving greatest number of air travel disability complaints.

2016-12-16 : Agreement Reached on Providing Accessible Bathrooms on Single-aisle Aircraft : Individuals with disabilities will finally have access to lavatories on more flights.

2016-12-12 : Making Air Travel More Accessible for Passengers with Hidden Disabilities - CAA Guidelines : New CAA guidance sets out how UK airports should support people with hidden disabilities, helping improve travel for those with conditions including dementia, autism, mental health problems, hearing loss and visual impairment.

2016-11-07 : New Rule Requires US Airlines to Report Wheelchair and Scooter Transport and Damage : U.S. Department of Transport final rule may relieve some air travel challenges for passengers with disabilities.

2016-03-07 : Expanding Choices for Travelers with Disabilities - Detroit Metro Airport : Detroit Metropolitan Airport will be offering more options to travelers with disabilities when they are picked up or dropped off at the airport.

2015-12-06 : Miami International Airport Program for Special Needs Passengers : MIAair program is designed to give individuals with autism related disorders and hearing loss confidence to enjoy air travel.

2015-02-12 : Major Airline Travel Tips for Travelers with Disabilities : Since each airline is different we have listed differing policies where travelers with disabilities are concerned.

2012-06-19 : Passenger Rights and Unfair Refusals Still a Problem for Air Travelers with Disability : Disabled and reduced mobility air travelers still face problems of refusals and unfair demands when attempting to travel.

2011-11-30 : Closed Captioning Now Available for Live Television On Continental Airlines : Closed captioning is now available for live television content onboard Continental Airlines aircraft for passengers with hearing disabilities.

2011-11-14 : U.S. Air Carrier Access Act - 25th Anniversary : DOT the Air Transport Association and the National Council on Disability NCD celebrate 25th anniversary of the Air Carrier Access Act that banned discrimination in air travel on the basis of disability.

2011-07-12 : Airport Guide for Persons with Disability : The Disabled Airport Guide is aimed at helping people with disability while traveling through airports.

2010-09-20 : Tips for Flying Abroad for Travelers With Special Needs : Overseas flight travel information for slow walkers and individuals with special needs.

2010-06-27 : Cause and Treatment of Jet Lag : Article looks at the causes of jet lag and provides treatment advice for getting over jet lag when traveling.

2008-12-29 : Air Travel Accessibility Issues and Stories : Air travel is not without its horror stories for disabled travelers.

2008-12-24 : Travel Tips when Flying with Young Children : Hints and tips to keep kids amused when flying with children including things to take on the plane.

2008-12-24 : Accessible Air Travel Tips for Passengers with Disability : Accessible air travel tips for passengers with disabilities, and their carers.

2008-12-06 : Airlines - An End to Discrimination : Discusses the discrimination by airlines against disabled passengers and the new legislation coming in against it.

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