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Disability Air Travel Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
FAA Reauthorization Act Advances Accessible Air Travel for Wheelchair UsersAnnouncement2024/05/16
How Airline Pricing Really WorksResearch Study Analysis2023/10/21
Airline Seat Design Allows Disabled Passengers to Fly in Own Wheelchair2020/03/192021/02/09
Improving Air Travel Accessibility and Inclusion2019/11/14
Airlines to Improve Travel for Passengers with Disabilities2019/06/10
Delta Introduces Enhanced Requirements for Customers Traveling with Service or Support Animals2018/01/20
United Airlines Obtains EZ Access® Certification For New Self-Service Kiosks to Better Ensure Accessibility for All Customers2017/10/17
Training to Improve Access to Air Travel for People with DisabilitiesAnnouncement / Notification2017/01/122023/10/09
Agreement Reached on Providing Accessible Bathrooms on Single-aisle Aircraft2016/12/16
CAA Guidelines for Making Air Travel More Accessible for Passengers with Hidden DisabilitiesAnnouncement / Notification2016/12/122024/02/29
New Rule Requires US Airlines to Report Wheelchair and Scooter Transport and DamageAnnouncement2016/11/072024/04/29
Expanding Choices for Travelers with Disabilities - Detroit Metro Airport2016/03/07
Miami International Airport Special Needs Passengers2015/12/062020/12/01
Major Airlines Travel Information for Travelers with DisabilitiesInformative2015/02/122024/03/29
Passenger Rights Still a Problem for Air Travelers with Disability2012/06/192022/01/27
Closed Captioning Now Available for Live Television On Continental Airlines2011/11/302012/07/26
U.S. Air Carrier Access Act - 25th Anniversary2011/11/142013/06/06
Parkat Free Airport Guide for Persons with Disability2011/07/122022/02/15
Tips for Flying Abroad for Travelers With Special Needs2010/09/20
Cause and Treatment of Jet Lag2010/06/272010/09/02
Air Travel Accessibility Issues and Stories2008/12/292010/06/24
Travel Tips For Flying With Young ChildrenInformative2008/12/242023/10/26
Accessible Air Travel Tips for Passengers with Disability2008/12/242017/01/11
Airlines - An End to Discrimination2008/12/062008/12/24

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