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Synopsis: If you love to travel and explore new places with some simple preparation and planning you can travel with a catheter. If you are traveling to a country with poor water quality, you can bring ready-to-use hydrophilic catheters. Whatever you do, do not avoid drinks. You need to stay hydrated to avoid infection.


If you are new to using a catheter, the prospect of traveling (especially flying) can be an scary one. It is reasonable that you might want to just stay at home and avoid the whole ordeal. But there's no need to be fearful! If you love to travel and explore new places, a catheter will not hold you back.

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With some simple preparation and planning, you can travel with a catheter.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Keep it clean!

A UTI will ruin any vacation.

The accessibility of sterile areas to catheterize (like a clean restroom), and the general risk of bacteria in unfamiliar settings can create problems if you're unprepared.

Use hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes as the first line of defense to keep your hands as clean as possible and sterilize any surfaces you will need in order to catheterize.

Always Be Prepared

You should bring enough for two days of additional supplies and pack the supplies in your carry-on bag. Keeping catheter supplies in your carry-on bag is a good insurance in case the airline loses a bag, or you need to cath before you get to your checked luggage.

Supplies you should pack:

Navigating Security

Some simple preparation will have you sailing through security.

Call the airline 72 hours before the flight so they can be aware and give you any specific details about traveling with your catheter.

Travelers requiring special accommodations or worried about the security screening process may ask a TSA officer or supervisor for a passenger support specialist who can provide on-the-spot assistance.

As you know, you must divvy liquids to 3.4oz to get through security, but medications are exempt. It will make your experience easier if you divide lubricant into a smaller bottle.

Long Flight Strategies

Traveling Abroad

If you are traveling to a country with poor water quality, you can bring ready-to-use hydrophilic catheters. Simply wash your hands before and after.

Are you unsure if the water is high quality? If you can safely drink the water, you can use it for your catheter.

I have an intermittent catheter, are there other options?

Many patients with a long voyage while using urinary catheters will choose to opt for a different type of catheter in order to streamline this experience. For extremely long routes, patients can inquire about an Indwelling Foley catheter so there is no need to continually catheterize during their trip.

The need to catheterize less frequently can lessen the chances of encountering less-than-ideal hygiene conditions while catheterizing, which limits the risk of infection. Some patients will even opt for a closed catheter system for travel, as this will considerably lower the risk of infection when catheterizing.

While convenient, the insurance and Medicare guidelines for this system are very stringent and patients should adequately research and discuss this option with a catheter provider.

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