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Travel by Car or Public Transport in London

  • Publish Date : 2008/12/29 - (Rev. 2016/06/11)
  • Author : Mairead Foley
  • Contact : Novacarhire.com


Merits of car rental or taking public transport when traveling to and around London England.

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London, and indeed the rest of England, has a fairly comprehensive public transport system. So you might be wondering why you'd bother with a car rental at all. Our guide goes through the benefits of each.

Car or Public Transport

If you're traveling out of Heathrow Airport and into the local English countryside you can choose between public transport or the freedom of a rental car.

Public Transport; if you're looking to travel exclusively on public transport you will reap a few benefits such as:

Being able to relax during your trips; be it enjoying the view as you travel, watch a DVD on your laptop or read a newspaper.

Don't have to worry about parking or buying fuel.

Probably ends up being cheaper, especially on days when you are simply looking around a city.

You are happy in the knowledge you are traveling Green.

If you, or someone you are traveling with, has a disability it's easier to get accessible public transport than it is to get accessible rental cars.

Car Rental; having your own car has many benefits:

Complete control of where you go; roads go everywhere but rail tracks and bus routes don't. You can go whenever you are ready to go and you aren't waiting on someone else's time table (and that's when it's running on time). Especially on Sundays when public transport tends to have a reduced schedule.

As you are traveling direct you won't have to use several different forms of transport in the same journey to your chosen destination.

Increased comfort, with your own seat and no competition for leg room.

Privacy - don't have to be listening to other peoples screaming children who are running up and down the length of the train.

Many of the attractions that you'll want to visit in the countryside won't have a dedicated public transport option traveling to them.

If you buy souvenirs you can pop them in the boot and don't have to carry them around with you everywhere.

So in a word, car hire is better because of 'flexibility' and public transport is better because it can be cheaper.

Reference: Mairead Foley writes forĀ Novacarhire.com where you can book car hire at airports, ferry ports, rail stations, cities and towns all over the world.

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