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Travel Orlando by Scooter

  • Published: 2008-12-29 (Revised/Updated 2015-03-07) : Author: Jo Roberts
  • Synopsis: Scooter touring makes your Orlando vacation easier by allowing you to see the sites or travel through theme parks.

Scooter touring makes your Orlando vacation easier by allowing you to see the sites or travel through theme parks, shopping malls, cruise ships, really any tourist destination, using mobility scooters or Electronic Convenience Vehicles (ECVs).

If you've ever taken an Orlando theme park vacation with family or friends, you know first-hand how grueling the days spent on your feet traversing the miles of paths that weave through attractions can be on your body, your mind and even your sanity!

Companions to keep on track, souvenirs to tow and an ever decreasing number of vacation days push all of us to see everything possible as quickly as possible. And even when we don't, we still return home feeling like... we need another vacation.

But many theme park travelers now embrace a travel craze that's scooting across the country's most frequented cities to help them maximize their Orlando experience, scooter touring.

So, what is scooter touring

Scooter touring makes your Orlando vacation easier by allowing you to see the sites or travel through theme parks, shopping malls, cruise ships, really any tourist destination, using mobility scooters or Electronic Convenience Vehicles (ECVs). Once the domain of the mobility-impaired, vacationers no longer see these three-wheeled personal transporters as just a necessity for those needing walking assistance. Instead, individuals and groups interested in more quickly and enjoyably navigating destinations choose scooter touring to see more of Central Florida by minimizing the time wasted traveling between attractions or convention hall exhibits.

Plus, scooter touring offers adults of all ages and walking abilities an opportunity to spare the "wear and tear" on feet, legs and joints incurred by a day traversing theme parks, trade shows, cultural events or cruise ship decks so that they may more fully enjoy the nightlife offered by Orlando's numerous attractions and resorts. Now that's a way to maximize your vacation time!

If you're a scooter touring novice, you're likely wondering what you should look for when selecting the perfect rental ECV. Here are 10 tips to inform your selection and help ensure you have the best scooter touring experience possible:

1. Select a scooter rental company that specializes in scooter touring, not medical device rentals. Scooter touring specialists deal with families of all sizes, shapes and abilities, as well as individuals and conventioneers. Scooter Vacations is one Orlando-based company that does just that.

2. Select a scooter that you can use all places you go, whether that's inside area theme parks, at malls or grocery stores, within Orlando's numerous museums, theaters or other cultural attractions. Please beware that if you rent a scooter at a theme park you can only use that scooter within the particular park at which you rented it.

3. Select a scooter that you can fold up, take apart or otherwise quickly and easily fit into your rental car trunk or other means of transportation. Many rental models are too large or too heavy to fit into personally operated vehicles (POVs) and require motorized lifts to load onto shuttle buses and other transit vehicles.

4. Select a scooter that is priced competitively on a feature-by-feature basis. It's only a deal if you get the same features or more from a less expensive vendor as you do from a higher-priced vendor's scooters.

5. Select a scooter that's clean and well-maintained. To take full advantage of your scooter touring adventure, you'll be using your scooter frequently, so don't risk ruining your vacation fun by renting a "junker" that may breakdown or an unwashed unit that you're not comfortable riding.

6. Select a scooter rental company that offers multiple scooter options. Many rental companies only provide one clinical ECV model, which may not be the best model for you. Take the time to shop around and find a company whose fleet features two or more different models so you choose your best option.

7. Select a scooter rental company that provides professional service. If it's your first time renting a mobility scooter you may have questions, so look for a company with a live, helpful voice on the other end. Plus, delivery personnel should be clean, well-mannered and willing to demonstrate operation basics if needed.

8. Select a scooter rental company that offers free delivery and pick-up. Vacationing can prove difficult enough without making a side trip to pick up additional rental items. Plus, you can find companies out there willing to provide this service without surcharges.

9. Select a scooter from a company that's willing to bring you a replacement if something goes wrong, even if you're inside a Disney, Universal or SeaWorld park. Not all ECV rental companies will do this, so choose wisely. No one wants to abandon their family fun in order to exchange a defective rental scooter off-site.

10. And, most importantly, select a scooter that's easy to drive and designed for fun! Whether you're a family looking for convenience, an individual requiring mobility assistance or just someone wanting to up the "fun factor," choose something sporty that makes you feel young and active--that's the point of taking a theme park vacation!

Are you ready to jump your vacation adventure into high gear? Then choose scooter touring and make your next visit to Orlando your best visit yet!

For more information about Scooter Vacations and the Orlando scooter touring trend, please visit, email or call 1-866-77 VISIT.

Reference: Jo Roberts has visited the Walt Disney World Resort's and Universal Studios' theme parks more times than she can count. She's also racked up her fair share of miles walking convention center corridors at some of the US's largest event facilities. You can contact her at

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